[ Politics ] Open Question : Why would anyone want to vote for Hillary Clinton No. 2 (AKA Joe Biden)?

The policies of Joe Biden are EXACTLY the same as those of Hillary 1. Opposes Medicare for all and universal healthcare 2. Opposes legalization of marijuana 3. Voted for DOMA 4. Voted for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq based on dubious intelligence 5. Voted to illegally bomb Serbia 6. Voted to allow states to overturn Roe v. Wade 7. Vote to not allow school busing for desegregation 8. Voted to increase penalties for drug offenses that was almost selectively applied to blacks 9. Against same sex marriage and LGBT rights (defense of marriage act, DOMA) 10. Voted to INCREASE the number of crimes subject to the death penalty 11. Voted against regulation of credit card companies, one of which happened to be his LARGEST SINGLE DONOR 12. After receiving donations from Coca-Cola, co-sponsored legislation to help soft-drink companies skirt antitrust laws 13. Supported the TTP 14. Push for harsh penalties for personal drug use 15. Pushed the 2005 bankruptcy bill, making it harder for people to get rid of medical and student debts as well as undermining regulations helpful for the poor. 16. Diminishes the student debt crises, climate crises and other issues for younger voters 17. Suports cuts to social security and medicare 18. Supported Republicans like Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, which helped change the outcome of the 2018 election 19. Supported segregation by anti-busing (surprised Obama picked him as VP) 20. Wants to keep religion in politics Why would you want to vote for him?