How much does it cost to hire a Hireling?

In Dungeon World, you can hire NPCs to accompany the party and provide assistance. These NPCs vary in loyalty and skill. However, I don’t see any chart or table detailing how much the NPCs are expected to charge per-session for their services. What is a fair/reasonable/balanced price? Does it scale off the skill of the NPC?

Baldur’s gate: hire someone as “mercenary”

In Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 (underlying dnd 2e, forgotten realms), you can add certain members to your party, and remove them freely. When you remove them, they keep the items they wear (which you can strip the moment before), and take no gold with them. I’m trying to roleplay a little, and this is absurd. So, what would be a fair amount of gold to give to a party member for being in a party for some time?

Some thoughts/additional points:

  • I read somewhere that this might be relevant to the amount of battles done. Let it be known that in this case, the amount of battles is maximum: everyday has many dangerous battles.

  • Splitting the party gold is one idea. It still might be unfair if the other characters have used gold to buy more expensive items than the npc leaving.

  • A specific amount of gold per days spent in party would be another idea. I’ve read that this would be dependent on level?

I am hoping that there would actually be some rule about this that I am not aware of.

Hacker for Hire services? [closed]

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Who would I need to hire for this? Website that supports upload feature & google docs integration?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask these questions so feel free to remove this if it violates any guidelines. I’ve got no experience in web design/development or anything so I’m a bit lost here.

I want to build a website that has an upload feature where people can upload docs and those docs could be uploaded instantaneously into a platform like google docs that allows annotations. Of course, I want it to look pretty as well.

So for this, do I have to hire a separate web designer & developer and if not them who else could do something like this?

Thanks for any answers!

Content Creation ~ Hire Me for Small Writing Jobs for $10

Do you need someone to perform small writing jobs? I have experience writing articles and blog content on a variety of topics since 2011. I am US-based and all content will be written in English. You may choose the topic (should be subject matter suitable for a general audience) and state your requirements (EX: article or blog post, minimum 500 words, maximum 1500 words). I am flexible and can customize this order but the customer could expect, for example, 2 well written 500-word articles in 2 weeks (14 days). Let’s discuss your needs. Feel free to contact me BEFORE you order this service.

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Looking to hire a long term writer and content producer

I am looking for someone to help provide content for a network of about 40 websites. Each website will be a "cars for sale" type website for a particular state in the US. For example one website will be for cars for sale in TX, CA, NY, ect.

I need each site to have some unique content so I am looking to hire someone who can produce about 5 to 10 pages of content for each site. Most of it will all be pretty simple. I will use a site that is very similar to metro vibez dot com so each…

Looking to hire a long term writer and content producer