Price Tag for hiring a monster as mercenary?

I’m designing a game where players could hire "any" monster as a missionary and fight for him/her.

The only restriction is probably the alignments. After all, a CE monster will NEVER work for a LG character! Or rather, a LG character will never "hire" a CE monster! (All he/she want is kill the xxxx out of him/her/it!). And vice versa.

That’s all good! The only thing I can’t figure out is the "price"!

Apparently it should be based on their CR, but I really can’t figure out the math.

I want the player to hire higher-CR monsters as much opportunity as possible, but I don’t want it to be "too expensive"!

Otherwise the players could just hire whole bunch of low-CR monsters and zerg through everything, what’s the point of hiring any expensive high-CR monsters!?

And if it’s too "cheap", any "challenge" I put forth for them will be "too easy and meaningless"!

I know I could exploit the Leadership feat to put a "cap" on it, but at higher Leadership, the amount of low-level followers are in high double-digits and are in very good fit for the definition "Zerging"!

So I’m really at the end of my rope here, and I can’t find any alternative rules online talking about this. (Most of the things I found is "xxx discount on Amazon"! ~>3<~)

Could somebody PLEASE be so kind and help me out and guide me to the right way!?

Much appreciated!

How to protect my code from “insider” threats when hiring my first employee?

I quit my job to start my own SaaS product. I’m now looking to hire my first employee (another developer).

I will be taking appropriate legal precautions to protect my IP, but I’m wondering what other reasonable actions that I can take to further protect my code / data. The last thing that I want happen is what happened to Tesla where someone dumped the source code onto iCloud and ran off with it to a competitor.

I know that it is practically impossible to prevent this 100% from happening and that I need to make sure that I hire quality people and offer meaningful pay and have the appropriate legal documents signed. Apart from this, what else can I do to protect myself from inside threats? I am pouring in my entire life’s savings into this and I will be devastated to lose what I spent the better part of 2 years coding.

Here’s what I’ve thought of so far:

  • Buy a work laptop for them
  • Encrypt the hard drive (like with Bitlocker)
  • Disable all USB ports
  • Create a non-admin / limited user account with no install permissions and just the IDEs (e.g. Visual Studio) installed. I use Windows 10 for most development with the exception of a Mac for the iOS portion of the app development.
  • Install some kind of employee logging software.
  • Disable access to file hosting websites.
  • Somehow detect and stop when a certain folder is being uploaded or copied somewhere?
  • Somehow make the git repository only accessible from that machine.
  • Install some kind of remote admin management system? Azure Active Directory or something?

This must be a common problem for businesses but I must be searching for the wrong thing because I can’t seem to find a guide anywhere on this issue.

We are hiring !!!

We are hiring !!!

We are new on this market, but that does not stop us from wishing to be the best.

We are looking for: programmers, whmcs experts, system administrators, web-designers.We also have linux and windows servers.

The program is 8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Experience is not necessary, but it provide an advantage.The salary starts from 1200 € and, of course, it can increase depending on the involvement and experience of each one.

For more detailes you can contact us…

We are hiring !!!

Hiring a VA – One Month

I am hiring VAs.

Skills needed :


  1. SEO (On-page, Off-page)
  2. WordPress, Setting up themes ,
  3. WordPress, Posting content.
  4. Content Creation (Re-write) (Optional)
  5. Link Building – PBN Building, Comments, Forums , outreach , Guest post etc

E-commerce VA

  1. Research market on selected products, Research additional products.
  2. Woocommerce Product Adding , Configuring.
  3. Facebook Ads, Google AdWords
  4. Instagram

8 hrs daily work. Weekly…

Hiring a VA – One Month

Hiring F/T 2 Indian WP & 2 Indian eCommerce&WooCommerce Devs – Salary – Rs. 24K/Mo

I am looking for TALENTED & EXPEREINECED INDIAN 2 WordPress developers & 2 WooCommerce & eCommerce developers at a monthly salary of Rs. 24,000 INR / month for each of the developers for my UK client working 8 hours/day, 7 days/week as per the office timings of UK.

I can pay you weekly through escrow after daily submission of work and upon satisfactory findings of the work only then I will release the escrow every week not before.

My client will throw a development challenge…

Hiring F/T 2 Indian WP & 2 Indian eCommerce&WooCommerce Devs – Salary – Rs. 24K/Mo

As a private individual, what might I learn from hiring a pentester for my home network?

It’s far from unusual for companies to hire external pentesters to probe their systems in order to expose vulnerabilities. Finding companies that cater to this market isn’t difficult, and a few candidates are at the other end of just a web search.

However, it seems most or all of those companies cater to the business-to-business market, not individuals.

As an individual, assuming that I can find a reputable company that is willing to work with me, and that I am willing to pay the cost for their services, what could I expect to learn about my home IT security by hiring a pentesting company? Am I likely to learn anything that can’t be found out simply by hooking up my network to the Internet for a few minutes and monitoring the resulting firewall logs, and looking for software updates?