Do schools save your search history on their computers they issue out? [duplicate]

So I received a laptop from the school and I was wondering if your logged into your own home network but signed into the computer (not in like a google account but like when your first turn on the computer you got to enter the username and password however the login for the computer is universal meaning to say it’s the same log in for all the students) if they could still receive the search history on the computer even if you were on a home network but logged into the computer with the universal login without physically having the computer in their possession and if so is it stored somewhere so they can go back and look at it? If you know the answer please let me know covid has gotten me going a little bit nuts

What is the history of the offline networked mapping tool called Gametable?

Gametable was designed as a networked virtual table top for role playing use. It was comparable to tools such as MapTool, Roll20, Battlegrounds, and others. It’s popularity lay in the utter simplicity of use, virtually no learning curve, and decent if simple tool set.

But after the early 2010’s it fell out of popularity and practically disappeared from search results and reviews.

Thus, what is the history of the offline networked mapping tool called Gametable, as described in the Gametable tutorial link below?

What’s the publication history for the Kiasyd Bloodline?

The Kiasyd are a Lasombra Bloodline with Fae blood in them, which makes them a rather interesting take of vampire in general. However, trying to figure out the background for them is a little complicated, since bloodlines are not in the standard books for the 2nd edition and even the Revised edition doesn’t even mention them in the core book.

When and where was the Kiasyd Bloodline introduced as a sub-splat and in which books it appears subsequently till the 20th Anniversary Edition? Note that novels are out of the scope of this question.

Afaik, it has not yet appeared in 5th edition, but to future-proof, this edition is specifically cut.

Can I view the format history of a usb key?

Is there a way to view when changes were made to a USB key, such as when the USB key was formatted and/or when some files were transferred?

I have seen this previous stackexchange question File system history on USB drives, but it wasnt clear if anywhere on the USB key a log will be available.

NB. I only have the USB key at hand.

checking configuration history of Turing machine using PDA

I am trying to understand the technique of using configuration history in proofs.

To prove that: $ \{<M>|M\,\,\,is\,\,\,a\,\,\,TM\,\,\,and\,\,\,L(M)=\sum^* \}\notin RE$

given $ <M,w>$ we have built a Turing machine that accepts all words except M accepting configuration on w. (and then simple reduction)

To prove that: $ \{<P>|P is\,\,\, a\,\,\, PDA\,\,\, and\,\,\, L(P)=\sum^*\}\notin RE$

we showed the same proof, only that we built a PDA that accepts all the words except the accepting configuration of M on w.

Does PDA’s ability to determine whether input is an accepting configuration of M on w actually means that I can simulate M’s run on w with a PDA? Or testing whether configuration is an accepting configuration is different from a simulation

Can my company track my web history when Opera VPN is active?

Today I brought my personal laptop to the office. My laptop connects to the personnel wi-fi automatically (not actual intranet). To mention, my work ID and password are needed to connect this network. I was working on Google Chrome and i wanted to look at something that is not work related, so i opened Opera Browser. And i saw that NSFW url on the tab (it was cached at home and it seems i forgot to close it) I closed the browser as i saw it even before any content was loaded. And now, i am worried about this situation.

The thing is, after i returned home, i opened Opera and i saw Opera VPN was active. And history was clean in working hours (Well, i can’t tell for sure because i am pretty worried so i can’t think straight. And i cleaned the whole history)

Long story short, it was a personal computer (not a work computer). It was on a company network with validation. Opera VPN was open.

1) Is it possible that my visit didn’t get logged in history as i mentioned above ? (due to fact that VPN was trying to start up and i closed the browser immediately)

2) Can Opera attempt to send that request without VPN as i open browser when VPN starts up?

3) Do you think it was logged by my employer?

4) What should i do in this situation? (It was a total mistake, i didn’t attempt to visit any NSFW website at work, i just forgot to close it and i didn’t stay there even a second. I even didn’t get to see if website was blocked or not)

P.S. I am working in a finance sector, so there is full security

[ History ] Open Question : Are these protesters in britain trying to overturn our way of life, history and heritage?

this black lives matter group? i don’t know much about them, but i heard they are full of anarchists who want to destroy britain, and our history and way of life?  i saw that they are trying to get the statue of winston churchill taken down and i felt deep outrage, churchill was this countries war hero and a british hero….i was also outraged that some prat defiled his statue. i can understand them wanting to remove slave traders statues and remove street names named after slave traders, but thats as far as it goes and as far as it should be taken……those who defiled churchill statue should be prosecuted and stopped from protesting ever again. are these groups, black lives matter etc trying to ruin this country and erase its history and overturn the way of life here?

Where has my History proficiency come from?

I’m new to DnD. I was typing up my character sheet (I’ve decided to do this every now and then as my annotations become more messy), and in the process I didn’t spot any reason for me to have the History proficiency I have.

It’s likely that I just made a mistake when making the sheet, but maybe I didn’t…

I’m a Dragonborn Paladin with an Outlander background and my subclass (Oath) is Redemption. According to this wiki, the race or subclass doesn’t give me any skill proficiency, while the background gives me Athletics & Survival and the class gives me a choice of two from Athletics, Insight, Intimidation, Medicine, Persuasion & Religion; I chose Medicine & Persuasion. So the 4 skills I have from my background and class are Athletics, Survival, Medicine & Persuasion… none of those are History (which I have in addition).

I also noticed an “origin” feature for my background, from which there are 10 origins: Forester, Trapper, Homesteader, Guide, Exile or outcast, Bounty hunter, Pilgrim, Tribal nomad, Hunter-gatherer, and Tribal marauder. The wiki doesn’t give any information on those, and I haven’t got one written on my sheet.

I’m currently Level 4; I don’t believe a level feature has given me an extra skill proficiency so far.

Where might I be getting this proficiency from?
Does my “origin” have anything to do with it?
What are the possible ways of getting a History proficiency?
Have I/my DM simply make a mistake when creating my character?

Lathander & Amaunator history: what is the Deliverance?

I am DMing a homebrew campaign and I am developing a subplot related to the cleric’s background. This subplot involves the gods Lathander and Amaunator, I am mainly interested in the Dawn Cataclism and in how Lathander acts to the greater good without considering the consequences (as written in Faith and Pantheons, 3rd Ed., pag 37).

I have read some materials and answers about the past of the two gods (Three-Faced Sun heresy, Risen Sun heresy, Post-Spellplague Era and Post-Second Sundering): but I found nowhere any info about the Deliverance, mentioned again in Faith and Pantheons (pag 38) and in the Forgotten Realms Wiki page of Amaunator. I searched also on the Sword Coast Adventurers’ Guide but there is scarce information about the Faerun pantheon.

My thought is that the Deliverance is some sort of omen that anticipated the facts of the Post-Spellplague Era, but I would like to have confirmation of it. Does anyone have updates or information about it?

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