How to roll dice based off rolling a die [on hold]

I am playing a wonderful homebrew campaign running D&D 5E, and I have just rerolled as a wizard. One of my spells, Prismatic Spray, requires that I roll 1d8 for each creature, and based off that result, the target gets one of 8 effects afflicted upon them. I am trying to find a macro, or find a way to make a macro, that rolls dice off the result of a die roll, since 6 out of the 8 effects require further die rolls.

For example, if I cast this spell, and roll a 1 on the d8, I need to then roll 10d6. And I would have to repeat this process for every creature hit by the spell. I am trying to make this as easy as possible on both myself, my GM, and my team so that we don’t end up just waiting for me to roll die, and I don’t lose out on a great spell.

What will i do؟ [on hold]

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Eliminating noise from Cinema Display [on hold]

I’ve a 30″ Apple Cinema Display that, when brightness is at minimum, makes a weak noise. Usually, the noise is unnoticeable, but suddenly it gets a bit louder, which is obnoxious.

Gently slamming the side of the screen makes the noise go away, at least for a while, but obviously this Donald Duck method is not a sane, long term solution.

I assume the proper solution involves a hardware guy opening the display. My question is: Do I need to replace a part to fix this, or can I be so lucky that just doing cleaning etc. is enough?

If the prior, what part likely causes the noise? Please provide a part number or link if possible.