Can Phantasmal Force knock and hold someone prone?

Phantasmal Force states:

You create a phantasmal object, creature, or other visible phenomenon of your choice that is no larger than a 10-foot cube and that is perceivable only to the target for the duration. […]

The phantasm includes sound, temperature, and other stimuli, also evident only to the creature. […]

While a target is affected by the spell, the target treats the phantasm as if it were real. The target rationalizes any illogical outcomes from interacting with the phantasm. […] An affected target is so convinced of the phantasm’s reality that it can even take damage from the illusion. A phantasm created to appear as a creature can attack the target. Similarly, a phantasm created to appear as fire, a pool of acid, or lava can burn the target. […]

So, let’s say I create phantasmal red hot chains that come out of the ground, gripping each limb and dragging him down. If the target fails its intelligence save, would it now be prone and taking 1d6 damage?

Can I Hold a Dispel Magic spell to counter Counterspell? [duplicate]

Recently, when fighting wizards and spell casters, I’ve taken to a little trick of using my Action to Hold Action. With this Held Action I have readied a Dispel Magic with a trigger of a spell being cast. Basically a poor man’s counter spell.

As far as I can see, that’s within the remit of holding an action. Great!

It got me thinking though, that if a wizard casts Counterspell as their reaction, but I have a Dispel Magic ready on a trigger of “if I see a Counterspell” does one trump the other?

Can the PCs get hold of a Piwafwi or a Piwafwi of Fire Resistance in Out of the Abyss?

In Out of the Abyss, Appendix B: Magic Items, two magic items are listed (p. 222); the Piwafwi (which is basically just a drow made Cloak of Elvenkind) and the Piwafwi of Fire Resistance (the same but with fire resistance while attuned).

However, I cannot find these items anywhere in the adventure available for the characters to take for themselves. On p. 149, there is an NPC who has one:

That is the only reference to a Piwafwi of any kind being present in the adventure. So unless the party wants to mug this NPC (or if they die and the party loot the body), there are no piwafwi available for the PCs.

Am I missing something, or are there really no Piwafwi (besides the one belonging to that NPC) or Piwafwi of Fire Resistance available throughout that adventure?

Can a character hold a magic two-handed weapon in one hand just to leverage the weapon’s boons?

Let’s say that there’s a magic greatsword that provides some sort of a useful boon: say, it gives you advantages on all of your saving throws vs. spells.

Should I allow a character to simply hold that weapon in one of their free hands just for the sake of leveraging that boon. This character has no intention whatsoever of ever using the magic greatsword as a weapon, and in fact almost never has any intention of making a melee weapon attack since they are a spellcaster.

That the character does not even have proficiency with greatswords is another interesting, if completely tangential, fact.

How long can a Wizard hold their breath?

For a 5e campaign, I have created the character Diogenes, a Human Wizard from the school of transmutation. Diogenes, in real life, is said to have possibly died due to holding his breath for too long.

I want to end my character in the same way, but (of course) with more pizazz. Without death (but unconsciousness is OK), what is the longest that a character could survive without breathing? I am speaking of a feat that only requires oneself, and no aid, but which might involve items or methods to extend the duration.

Can you hold a shield without donning it?

Shields take an action to “don”, i.e. start to receive the benefit of the shield (2 AC for basic shields, other effects for magical shields).

Can you pick up a shield and hold it without “donning” it? If you could, I would expect you would not have to use an action to pick it up (free object interaction) but would also not get any benefit from the shield until you did use an action to “don” it.

The use case is that JC says shields are a valid target for disarming. In that case, the shield would drop to the ground, and the answer to this question would determine what the shield’s owner could then do (if, for example, they did not want anyone else to get their shield but didn’t have the time to use their Action on donning it again).