Have iOS device store directory and access it from app [on hold]

I have a relatively large directory of files that an iOS app I am writing accesses for images and other things. The main issue I have is that when I go to rebuild the app (which happens frequently) it has to reload this large directory onto the device.

Is there a way to get around this? Could these options work:

  • just have Xcode not worry about re-building this one directory?
  • store the directory on the device (perhaps in Files app), and then have the app access the Files app?
  • Make a document based app that just stores the data files and then have my app access them (is that possible? group apps?)

Are any of these possible? Is there anything else that could work?

I am trying to get some opinions on whether or not this is possible, and which route that would entail.

Should you break out a class’ static variables into a utility class? [on hold]

In a Java project, we have a class with some public static final variables to avoid magic strings. When it was one or two, no big deal, but now we are up to 30 or so. These are public and used throughout the code… My question is if there is a style guide or suggestion of when these should be thrown into their own Utility class? Surely if I had 1000 of these, it would be more readable in a utility class, right?

Ideally, I’m looking for some style guide somewhere that would be more concrete than “just do whatever feels right” but I’m not sure where to look.

Help with data science roadmap for predictions [on hold]

I have to predict roads and their max speeds for excavators in an open-pit mine, but I’m lost as hell. I’ll have to do it this year, so I have about 7-8 months to learn everything I need. The problem is I don’t know where to start. I’ve watched some lectures about deep learning, and they start at a quite high level, I don’t even know how and why the non-linear function they apply works. I don’t know how to reduce the gazillion variables and filter all the data that will be available to me (from real mines, taken with a lot of sensors). So I’d like to know a series of steps that I should go through in order to learn what I have to learn (which is data science I guess, including deep learning for predictions). I don’t know if I have to know a lot about statistics or how well should I remember linear algebra, but right now what I know is:

  • Programming in general, I use mostly Java, but I’ve used Python at a very basic level. Not an issue to learn it though, I think (to use tensorflow in the future).
  • Thinking about statistics, the best reference I can think of is the OpenIntro Statistics book, which I read and kind of remember. I might have to google some things, but I don’t think I’ll have to take a whole course on statistics.

That’s pretty much it lol. I know nothing about Big Data, nor Data Mining, let alone Machine Learning, and I definitely not know which one to learn first.

Any advice (and books/videotutorials) is appreciated. Thanks.

How to create a Web Service for Android [on hold]

i have a rather small issue i need to clarify. i made an app during the last couple weeks that implements a map and uses coordinates to bring out nearby enterprises etc. My supervisor has asked me to implement a web service in order to bring that data instead of storing it locally but i have no idea where to begin. i am not looking for codes or anything, i want to know what thing i should learn and work with in order to make it happen. Thank you for your time.

Youtube Iframe not working on safari in using Iphone x series and plus [on hold]

I have a few problems on our app related to playing youtube video on safari.

Our App is running on the way of Webview, which means it is not native app.

If I click a image redirecting to the new landing page which has a video, the video dosen’t work on specific devices such as Iphone X series, Iphone 6plus, Iphone 7plus, and Iphone 8plus except Xr.

(the video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/df_q_EpzBS0)

I tested many cases like changing the properties, layout of iframe tag because, I guess, that devices have different resolution from any other Iphone devices. But it didn’t work.

I got an error message([Error] Failed to load resource: The network connection was lost. (videoplayback, line 0)). I really wanna know how to fix this problem.

plz, let me know any information about the size or resolution of video if I have to change the video or any help.

Thank you.

Rebol programming – How do I overwrite the contents of a text area? [on hold]

Hi I’m new to Rebol and I’m trying to write a script that opens a csv file and displays the contents in a text area. The problem I have is that I do not know how to refresh the text area with new values. How do I do this?

Here’s my script so far:

REBOL [     Title: "csv viewer"     author: "..."     version: 1.0     purpose: {         load a csv file and display the contents         }     ]  block: copy []  view layout[     h1 "Display csv file content"     a: area "..."     btn "load" [         file_name: request-file         csv: read to-file file_name         print csv         a csv  ;this is where I try to overwrite the previous text value     ] ] 

Too much drama not enough D&D! Canceling the game [on hold]

This is going to be a long one to explain and it’s more about the players than the game but any input would be appreciated.

I am the newest player in my D&D group. I came into a group of great players that really made the game enjoyable. I had never played before that and now I love it. We meet every week, and it is the highlight of my week. About three months ago one of the players needed to leave for personal reasons, something we were all fine with. He (Randy) has been showing up occasionally to hangout and watch, again cool with that too. Randy is really good friends with one of the others the one who hosts our games at his house.

The host texted everyone in the group chat and asked if we would like to have a board/card game night in place of D&D two weeks from now. I texted in the chat that I would prefer to continue with the campaign, but would be willing to do to something different if everyone else agreed. Two of the others Jeff included mentioned that they would also prefer to continue.

Randy suddenly chimes in and say to correct him if he is wrong then proceeds to claim that we all agreed to have a game night instead of D&D once in a while. Jeff goes on to tell him that we had previously talked about another night, at least that is what three of us remember. No one in the entire conversation said a definite no to a game night, Jeff was simply trying to state that it wasn’t remembered the same way.

Both of these men being stubborn, go back and forth in the group chat for a while until finally Jeff says that we can discuss it on face to face at D&D.

D&D was still scheduled that week.

Four hours later the host puts in the group chat that he is not having D&D at his house THIS week, he is hosting a game night if anyone wants to come.

My issue with this is that he contributed nothing to the conversation other than offering what to do then making the decision when he heard what the others wanted to do. He is not the DM either, the DM was not part of the discussion.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel like the host is using the fact that he is the “host” as a way of getting what he wants. This is not the first time he has manipulated things to get what he wants.

Should I offer to host D&D at my house and let the host have his game night?
I would hate to make people choose sides though.

Managing permissions [on hold]

I am working in a Django API. For the user permissions management I have being thinking about ditch Django default permissions and instead use more general ones. The reason for this approach is that various of the functionlities in the API will affect different database tables, for example: I have a route that creates a record of a transaction, this modifies three tables(a, b and c). Now, there is other route that allow to view only two of those tables (a and b), this action has the name “view_transaction_A” but there is also “view_transaction_B” with more details (a, b and c).

My question is: Should I use general permissions like “can_view_transaction_A” instead of having to assign different permissions depending on which tables are being affected?

Creative and standard methods of getting rid of Fog [on hold]

I have a game to run tomorrow with Drow who will be using the Darkness and Faerie Fire spells, so I’ve spent a lot of time getting my head straight on the rules of Unseen Combat. When reading through the rpg.stackexchange I realized Fog Cloud would be a good solution if the PC’s start getting slaughtered, to normalize the advantage/disadvantage situation before I screw up and get a TPK. But I’m not up to date on all the 5e spells, how many work against Fog?

  • Also if anyone thinks they could help with clarifying this question, feel free to edit it, I would appreciate it.