Holding a longbow (or other 2H weapon) and attacking with a shortsword (or other 1H weapon)?

I have a question about how the rules handle holding a two-handed weapon and then drawing and attacking with a one-handed weapon. You are able to drop a weapon (or in the case of a two-handed weapon, let go of it with one of your hands) without expending your free object interaction (according to this clarification). According to the PHB, you can then use your free object interaction to draw a weapon, let’s say a Shortsword in this case.

PHB Page 190. You can also interact with one object or feature of the environment for free, during either your move or your action. For example, you could open a door during your move as you stride toward a foe, or you could draw your weapon as part of the same action you use to attack.

The PHB Errata also says that two-handed weapons require two hands to use, but not to simply hold.

PHB Errata. Two-Handed (p. 147). This property is relevant only when you attack with the weapon, not when you simply hold it.

So, my question is, can I perform this sequence of events during my turn?

  1. Let go of my longbow with one hand without consuming a free object interaction or action, leaving it to be held in one hand.
  2. With my free hand, draw a shortsword as a free object interaction.
  3. Use my action to attack with the shortsword.

And if so, in the following round, can I do the following?

  1. Sheathe the shortsword as part of my free object interaction.
  2. Use my action to Attack with the bow, now having my other hand free to “use” the weapon as specified by the two-handed property.

This comes up as a result of this question’s answer. It seems to be that you can let go of your bow to do something such as cast a spell with somatic gestures using the now-free hand, so I was naturally wondering if you could do other such things with your free hand.

Do I really need a transit visa for UK even when I am holding a valid resident permit from an EEA country (Belgium) and valid US visa on my passport?

Today I had a terrible experience with British Airways. My family (my wife and 8-year old son) was not allowed to check in to a British Airways flight scheduled from Brussels (Belgium) to Heathrow (UK) this morning. It’s the first leg of their journey, followed by a connecting British airways flight from Heathrow to Bangalore, India (their final destination).

The issue was whether my family would need a transit visa for layover of 2 hours at the London Heathrow airport without changing the terminal (Terminal 5). The lady at the British airways Check-In assistance desk @Brussels airport kept arguing that we must have a transit visa to pass through UK Border control. I tried to convince her that my family wouldn’t need to cross border control since they wouldn’t need to change terminal/airport. In addition, my family had valid US visas on their passports and valid resident permits from an EEA country (the plastic cards with chip issued by Belgium authority/commune). This means my family is exempted of a transit visa and wouldn’t need a Direct Airside Transit visa (DATV) or a Visitor in Transit visa.


But the lady at the British Airways Check-in desk failed to understand this. Instead she was forcing us to buy another airlines ticket from an adjacent counter. After much persuasion, the lady at the British Airways Check-in desk agreed to check in my wife but denied check-in for my son. This was because my wife had a valid resident permit card (plastic card) with a chip while my son had his valid resident permit in paper format (issued by the Belgian commune and legally accepted everywhere) and not in plastic with a chip. For me, it was very strange.

I was very much aware of the visa guidelines as outlined by www.Gov.UK and therefore I tried to explain the same to the lady at the British Airways check-in assistance desk @Brussels airport. But it was in vein as she or her duty manager did not allow my family to check in at the end.

British Airways is simply playing patriotic with an excuse from a country (UK) that does not know which side they belong to. It may be legally acceptable, but morally it isn’t for any international traveler. I don’t know how long British Airways would be able to sustain with this kind of unfriendly attitude.

Today I went through a loss of around 1400 euros (worth of ticket), mental peace, and had to go through a lot of stress, agony and frustration. I wish no international traveler should go through this ever. I demand a compensation from British Airways in form of refund for the tickets.

AutoKey question: How can I hold down a simulated keypress while holding down the key combination?

My laptop’s Escape key recently got broken so I temporarily mapped it to Super + X using AutoKey via keyboard.fake_keypress("<escape>"). However, I found that this doesn’t hold down the Escape button but instead presses it once only. How do I script it to where as long as I’m holding down the key combination Super + X, the Escape button is also simulated held down. When I release, it also gets simulated released.

What if you get denied entry into the US while holding a residence permit for studies in Europe?

I am a student visa holder in Europe with a US B1/B2 visa. I am originally from Sri Lanka and I was wondering that if I travel to US and in the unlikely scenario that I get denied entry by the CBP, where will I be sent off to? Back to Sri Lanka or back to Europe where I hold residence permit for studies?

Google holding my adwords hostage!

I need some help… Google denied all my ads because they said there was malicious or unwanted software. I called them after I saw this and informed them that I did not have any malware or unwanted software on my website. They said they would look into the issue and get back with me within 24 hours. That was on Thursday 10/18/18. I called back on Friday after 30 hours and they said they are still checking into it. Finally, on the next Monday, they tell me it's not malicious or unwanted…

Google holding my adwords hostage!

Uk Transit visa for Persian citizen holding German resident permit

I am a Persian national citizen with Persian passport, but I live in Germany and have German resident permit,(which is in Schengen Zone)I’m traveling home(Persia)for Christmas from Stuttgart through London Heathrow and my flight will arrive 20.25 in Heathrow and my next flight is on next day 8.10 am from Gatwick. I would like to know if I need transit visa for passing throw Uk to go Gatwick Airport for my other flight? Thank you

What is the term for the design pattern/micro-interaction where you speed up an action by holding a button?

I think most of us are familiar with the interaction of holding onto a button and watching a particular value increment or cycle through at a constant speed.

However, I think it is common practice for many devices and applications these days to also incorporate a secondary interaction when you hold onto a button, which is to speed up when you hold onto it for a set amount of time.

What is the term used to describe this design pattern or interaction? Are there other variations of this interaction that exists (i.e. other than just speeding up)?