Can I communicate with (and see through the eyes of) my familiar when it’s carrying me in my Bag of Holding?

So, I play a Warforged Warlock (Hexblade, Pact of the Tome). I have an Owl familiar (standard variety), which, by RAW, can carry 15 lbs times its Str score (3), or 45 lbs [halved for tiny creatures, so 22 lbs carrying capacity – thanks, @Someone_Evil].

I just received a Bag of Holding (weighs 15 lbs), into which I can fit (3x3x7 feet is less than the 64 sq ft volume, and I don’t weigh 500 lbs). I don’t need to breathe. All good so far.

According to the descriptions for the Handy Haversack and Portable Hole, the Bag of Holding creates “an extradimensional space” (and not a private demiplane).

Can I communicate with (and see through the eyes of) my familiar when it’s carrying me in my Bag of Holding?

Any other issues noted?

If something is halfway in a bag of holding… what happens to it?

If I put something in the bag of holding and get attacked, and drop it, so it’s laying half in and half out of the bag.. what happens to the item?

Meaning if I’m putting a long piece of lumber inside the bag of holding, and drop it before I finish putting the lumber inside, does the lumber get bisected? Or does it just hang out there. Is there a spot in the center that’s in limbo, not in the portal, but not out of it?

Set quote item product custom weight no holding through shipping

I am trying to set a custom product weight based on a set product custom option. I’ve tried multiple things like a plugin, before/after events, actual events like sales_quote_add_item etc.

I am able to set the product weight during these processes, but once I get to calculating shipping it seems to load the original product weight, not the weight from the quote_item table.

At this point I’ve removed everything except the sales_quote_add_item code. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance.

What is the probability of two boys holding the same rope?

Two boys A and B find the jumble of $ n$ ropes lying on the floor. Each takes hold of one loose end randomly. If the probability that they are both holding the same ropes is $ \frac{1}{101}$ then the number of ropes is equal to?

My Attempt:

If they have to be holding a single rope, that means just choosing one rope out of $ n$ should ensure that they are holding the same rope.

So, there is only $ 1$ way of choosing a rope out of $ n$ .

But, since the boys can be standing on either of the ropes, therefore that makes the total possibilities ( or ropes ) increase to 2n.

So, the answer should be

$ $ \frac{1}{2n}$ $

Equating this with given information does not yield an integer value of $ n$ . So, what is wrong in my approach?

I have seen solutions stating that the answer should be

$ $ \frac{1}{2n-1}$ $

But I don’t understand its explanation.

Any help would be appreciated.

How to increase time of holding buttons to take screen shot on Samsung Note 8

I have looked around online and not found an answer since the question seems too specific! My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I find that even a quick accidental press of volume down and power button causes a screenshot (this seems to happen a lot more often than one would expect). Is there any way to increase the time one would need to hold the buttons down in order to take the screenshot? Thanks!

Can I touch something with a hand that is holding a shield?

This question might seem kind of stupid (and it might be), but let me explain. In real life, a shield isn’t specifically held, but rather strapped to someone’s arm, and although it renders the arm (and with it the hand) of the wielder mostly useless, but you could still touch something with it, hence my question. Can you touch something with a hand that is holding a shield?

To hopefully clarify this a bit, lets say we have a Paladin, his name is Brian. Brian is holding a Shield and a Longsword, and he wants to use lay on hands on his buddy Bob the Fighter. However, Lay on Hands requires Brian to touch Bob, but Brian doesn’t want to have to put either his sword or his shield away (for any of various reasons, but let’s ignore that), would Brian be able to touch Bob with his shield-hand?

Holding B1 -B2 Visa and already applied F1

My son university is in Texas and our family holding B1/B2 visa now my son will apply for F1 visa.

Our issue is that we have already planned Bahamas cruise from Miami on 16th August and my son college is in Texas will open by 21st August.

Now the real issue is if my son enters US with F-1 visa the I-20 form need to be stamped prior to exit USA and which may not possible. seeking possible suggestion.

Does Two-Weapon fighting work if you aren’t holding both weapons when you take the Attack action?

I have a question regarding two-weapon fighting (5e). My player group had a discussion about this, and answers on the internet seem to yield different interpretations.

Suppose the first (light) weapon is already drawn. Can you throw your first weapon, then draw your second (light) weapon in your other hand, and using your bonus action attack with that weapon? If so, does this allow you to get the bonus damage from dueling on both attacks?

Two-Weapon Fighting in the PHB reads:

When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon that you’re holding in one hand, you can use a Bonus Action to attack with a different light melee weapon that you’re holding in the other hand. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative.

If either weapon has the Thrown property, you can throw the weapon, instead of making a melee attack with it.

Does this have to be interpreted as:

  1. Hold a weapon in each hand -> attack with one weapon -> able to use bonus action to use the other weapon.

Or can it be interpreted as:

  1. Hold weapon in one hand -> attack with it -> able to use bonus action if, at any point, you wield a different weapon in your other hand.

If the second interpretation is correct, do you get the bonus damage from the dueling fighting style on both attacks, if you draw your second weapon after you attacked with the first one?