Apply for working holiday visa with Australia residence

I’m an Italian currently in Australia with a 485 visa. I’m waiting the 189 invitation, however my current visa will most likely expire before that. I’m planning to fly to Bali and apply for a working holiday visa (never applied before). I’ve lived in Australia for 3 years now and my current residence is in Australia. When I apply for the working holiday visa, they will ask me my current location and my current residence… Since they don’t accept onshore application, do you think this will be a problem? Will it slow down the processing time? I can’t afford to stay in Bali for weeks and all the other Italians I met got their working holiday visas in few minutes after the application (applying from Italy)…

How hard is finding a job as a part-time software developer on a working holiday speaking English in a Nordic country?

I have an idea of going a year of working holiday in a Nordic country where I understand very little of their language. However the English proficiency there is generally high.

My profession is software development, and my main goal of going working holiday is to learn and train for some sports which require a season of training and are not doable back in my home, most notably ice swimming, while getting a part-time developer job to supplement my travelling cost.

How hard is finding a part-time developer job on working holiday speaking mainly English in a Nordic country? Should I go for it or should I choose an English-speaking country such as Ireland instead?

UK – Spousal Visa Travelling to Mexico for Holiday

I’d like to clarify some information regarding entry to Mexico as tourist. I would greatly appreciate if you could provide assistance to me.

I hold a Philippine Passport, however I have been living in the UK for years now under Spousal Visa/Leave to Remain (Residence and Work Permitted).

On their site and some forums, confirmed if you have “ANY VALID VISA” from countries like UK, you don’t need Mexican visa. I just not sure if Spousal or Leave to Remain is included?

Would I still need to acquire a Mexican Visa?

Thank you for your response.