In Search/Spotlight, can you exclude files within $HOME/Library?

I am trying to make some Smart Folders to compensate for the woefully useless Recents folder but I am having some problems trying to filter out things I don’t want to appear.

One of them is excluding anything that is anywhere within the $ HOME/Library directory or some approximation of that. I looked into the additional file attributes that are usable as search criteria that can be used in making a Smart Folder (in other words, the list that comes up when you click “other” in the search criteria menu) for things like “path”, “has parent directory”, or anything similar which would indicate the file/folder is buried in $ HOME/Library somewhere. “Name” only pertains to actual file name and “Document Container” only pertains to the immediate parent directory. I cannot find any attribute whatsoever which might have the full path shown.

Is there a work-around for this, or perhaps, is there a file attribute that has this info that I am simply not seeing that is available?

Anyone know iff