Monitor SSL traffic at home

There is an underage guest in my house for whom I will be legally responsible for the next few months and I’m concerned about some of his interactions online from some of the public postings I’ve seen on various Instagram accounts and other activities I’ve picked up. I want to gather information and validate my suspicions before confronting him.

I want to monitor all traffic that goes to his phone and computer. It’s been a long while since my ethical hacking classes. How can I sniff his https traffic? Things like Instagram (most concerned about) along with Apple iMessage and such. I know about Wireshark and such but my current switch isn’t allowing me to forward all traffic to my PC (and it needs to get upgraded anyway) so I’m replacing it with ubiquity. (I chose this for single vendor networking and video surveillance).

I know he is communicating through direct messaging, but I want to sniff those and see the contents of the messages. I just want to gather a few things before I confront him.

Which technique would be better for this? Would simple packet sniffing be enough, or would I need to execute some man in the middle techniques to be skirt around the x.509 protocols?

I know that the ubiquity gear has some nice DPI, but I’m really interested in the contents. Is there something in that gear that will assist with this. Can I use the USG as a proxy server?

main menu disappears only on home page

I have a site online and for some reason my menu on my homepage disappears. On all other pages, it shows. The weird thing is that on my localhost (local machine) it shows correctly but not on the production site and it also shows if I use private browsing. What am I missing here? I am using Drupal 7 and bootstrap 3 theme with a subtheme called paper.

There is a css line that I cannot allocate:

body.front { display:none;} 

The inspector shows that it originates from where is that and who set it? small screen shot of the css that I see

resizing doesn’t fix the issue either. Who can help me with this?

What’s the safest way to make home server available from outside the network?

I have an old laptop that I decided to use as a server, with some samba shares and whatnot (making available some dvd rips and the like), and I’d like to be able to access the files in it from not only inside my home network, but also the outside network.

I read about port knocking, and that seemed like a decent idea ā€” until I realized that because the server would be behind a router it might not be the best idea unless I get a new router that allows for it specifically. Then I read a bit more, and realized it might not be as safe as I’d originally gathered.

While investigating if my router allowed for port knocking, though, I came upon the notion of the DMZ ā€” ’cause my router lets me configure that and all. My understanding of this, though, is that I’d need to make the whole server available to the world, and I’m not entirely sure how complicated it’d be to set up proper protection on a server in a router’s DMZ, to later SSH into it from the outside.

Finally, while trying to get some answers out there, I also crossed paths with the idea of maybe getting a RaspberryPi and making it a VPN server so I can VPN into my home network. However, once again, not sure how vulnerable to exploitation that’d be.

I have a limited knowledge of security principles, not being a pro or anything, hence the doubt on this. My knowledge of iptables, for instance, is very limited, so I wouldn’t know how to properly protect the router if I put it in the DMZ.

Is one of the three methods mentioned above generally preferred, in terms of safety? And what methods of securing it are generally recommended too? Bonus points: is one of them easier to set up too?

can my 15-year-old brother leave the UK to go back to his home country without being accompanied by the stated accompanied person in his UK visa?

my younger brother who is 15 is going to visit me in the UK with my dad as the adult accompanying him. But my dad is only going for two weeks and my brother will go back 2 weeks after him. They are coming from Indonesia.

My question is, will they let him board the plane to go back to Indonesia? Since there will be no immigration exiting the UK, I presume that there won’t be any problem?

I will be sending him off to the airport until he gets on the plane. Please advise. Thanks

Connect to my home PC from my Work PC where remote RDP is blocked [on hold]

I have a home PC where I enabled remote desktop connection, It’s working (I’m able to connect via my smartphone using external network), but on my Work PC which use the company Network I wasn’t able to connect via RDP since as usual many Protocols/Ports are blocked on corporate Networks, The only thing I think of is something over the web/HTTP since we have a private HTTP Proxy that we use to connect to internet.

Does anyone know a solution that might help ?

What I’ve tried :

  • Windows 7 Remote Desktop connection as a client
  • Chrome remote Desktop (their new Web app also)

Computer unable to boot to windows 7 Home Premium, and instead opens up Startup Repair

Every time I boot my dell PC it opens Startup Repair and can’t repair the computer.I am don’t know ho to fix it. I get the following Problem Signatures:

Problem Event name: StartupRepairOffline

Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385

Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385

Problem Signature 03: unknown

Problem Signature 04: 21200281

Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover

Problem Signature 06: 12

Problem Signature 07: NoRootCause

OS Version: 6.1.6700.

Roughly how much would it cost to hire a team of dwarves to build a home in the mountainside

Since I began dnd I had an idea to try to hire dwarven miners to build it into the cliff side. I am not expecting it to be huge and extravagant but it needs to be big enough for 4 people, one of whom has a large beast companion. This is just something I would be looking for in the future but if the cost is less than I expected Iā€™m going to build it now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.