Including a specific ‘Home’ link when a sites ‘Home’ is equivalent to another function

I am designing a blog site where the Home page is a list of blog posts.

In this situation is there any research into the validity of using a Home navigation link which takes you to the list of blog posts and not including a Blog navigation item?

I think this would be acceptable as if the user is on the Home page they can see what it contains and if they have navigated to a post, they know Home will take them back to where they came from and hopefully have remembered that Home contains a list of posts. But keen to see if there is any contrary research.

Alternatives I’m considering are to not include a specific Home link and just use Blog (using a logo to return to Home) but I’d be concerned that this doesn’t indicate strongly enough how to go-home unless the logo looks stylistically like a button.

Steve Krug is keen to use the Site ID as a return to Home link, which is fair, but also recommends (but doesn’t insist) on having a Home link in the navigation. I see Facebook do include a home link on the main nav and this links to news feed on the left navigation. Amazon, don’t seem to include a home link anymore.

Or finally to include both a Home and Blog link, but I don’t like the duplication as I think it can cause confusion if a user from the Home page clicks Blog and see’s the same content. Also, I can only indicate one active page, so having two links seems the wrong approach.

Home brew and trying to work within the system

Now sadly my test data is limited and erring to the extremes, so i’m looking for a bit of opinion.

I’m looking to create some enemies with unique anti magic spells, specifically a third level spell that can exhaust between one 1st level spell, to four 4th level spell slots. So the question is pretty simple, is this spell too strong for it to be a 3rd level? At around what spell level would such an effect be “fair”?

Current versions of the creatures have them at DC 14-15, with about 60-70 health. They have no resistances or immunity. Party can generally kill 1 enemy a turn if they focus fire, 2-3 rounds if they split the damage between multiple targets.

I have a few other versions of this idea. Mostly trying to figure out if this works better as a spell, or an X/per day action.

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