What are the mechanics governing the Home Sweet Home award?

A while ago (last spring) I played a 5e AL adventure and received a story award named ‘Home Sweet Home’ form the DDAL module ‘Battle of Elmwood’.

As written by T. J. L.,

Characters that successfully completed this adventure earn the story reward “Home Sweet Home”. […]

This character has been given a plot of land in Elmwood by the Elmwood Council to use as their permanent residence. This plot of land can be either sized for a comfortably large house in the main area of the town of Elmwood OR about an acre of bare land out in the farmlands for some crops or a ranch, a barn, and a farmhouse. Future Elmwood adventures will have more information about how to upgrade this residence.

What rules govern it? IE, what does it cost to actually build a house? can I add a forge? does it already have a house?

Firewall for my devices (iPad, iPhone, surface) on a shared home WiFi network?

I am renting a room and using shared home WiFi network. The owner has setup a Netgear WiFi range extender for me. I have another roommate on the same network along with the owners. I use Nord VPN. Since a few months I have been getting weird emails…someone opens accounts (like Snapchat, SoundCloud, Pinterest etc.) in my name constantly. I close one account and two more gets opened. I accessed those accounts and they had photos and stuff, so someone had been using them. I noticed that date of birth in one account was a date of significance to me (not my dob) and year in the username was a significant year related to that date. So it is confirmed that I’m hacked. On top of that yesterday I accessed my new website hosting service and made some changes to start a website, today this person opened an account for hiring employees. I believe someone can access (Hack into) my devices through home WiFi. Is there a way to monitor who is accessing and stop it in real time like a firewall. I use iPad and surface pro. Any advice to secure my devices?

Is it possible to have a UTM hardware device for home use without any ongoing fees i.e. subscription/licence fees?

I would like to buy a hardware UTM for home use (up to 5 devices). I appreciate this product maybe overkill for my scenario as this type of product appears to be aimed for business/higher device networks however I want to experiment and learn more about this device/system. For this reason, it is not justified to spend a large amount of money on a device I don’t actually need, I just want to learn about it (I simply learn better getting my “hands dirty” if you will).

My research has not found definitive information that the solution I want is actually available. Here is what I believe to be true so far;

  • UTM’s being aimed at business users are monitized with a initial cost to buy the hardware and then charging a licence fee for additional/useful features in a business envionment for an ongoing fee – licence fee.
    • UTM’s can be either hardware or software based depending on the provider -UTM’s can be purchased via resellers on e-commerce sites such as E-bay however it is not always clear if the sale cost of these models is a one-off/flat cost or if you would still need to purchase/renew a licence with the provider for it to work?

My best soloution so far; Sophos offer a free UTM which appears to be well suited for my basic needs of experimentation. Now this is a software based UTM and needs to be installed on a dedicated computer or a VM. The VM option is good to start with so I can learn about the configuration options etc however I want as much data caputred from my home network as possible therefore want the UTM monitoring the network all day every day. I prefer not to leave a PC/VM running on power all day due to cost and physical space limitations. I would like to run the UTM from a dedicated hardware applicance made specifically for this purpose – these are small, convenient, lower power consumption than using my spare PC.

Coming back to my question;

Assuming most/all dedicated hardware UTM applicances require an ongoing fee, then I guess my soloution would be to have the ability to install a free software based UTM (e.g Sophos free home UTM) on a hardware UTM applicance (either recipricol to the software provider so Sophos in this case or from any manufacturer subject to meeting the minimum system requirements of the software) purchased from a reseller (e.g. Ebay).

If this option is feasable then I would achieve my goal of;

  1. having a dedicated UTM hardware applicance
  2. paid money as a “one-off” cost in this case for the hardware only with no further/ongoing/licence fees

For further clairty, I would like to provide an analogy of what I’d like to do; I can buy a PC from a reseller site like Ebay for a one-off cost. I can then keep the existing Operating system of Windows if it remains free alternatively I can install a different OS (that meets the system spec) which maybe a free version of Linux. The PC is too large, inconvenient, power hungry for what it is to be used for, so instead I buy a small device such as a laptop.

Not able to understand this problem ( home page – latest posts) not showing properly

Hi i am working on my friend’s site it is using gwangi theme (https://community.gwangi-theme.com/) and my website is https://www.tamilpeoples.ml/

it is working fine in localhost (xampp) but after i upload it to my hosting server only home page shows extra contents below footer. ( if i de activate 4 plugins) it is working fine but without these plugins functions are not working. somebody help plz

[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Can I get a VA home loan with a credit score of 600?

I’m in the national guard I have been for 5 years I graduated college 6 months ago and got a job where I make 60,000 a year I have been renting an apartment by myself for 700$ / months and probably pay 200 I’m utilities It looks like owning a house maybe cheaper or just much as I’m paying plus I’ll own it one day PS I don’t wanna hear about my credit score I’m working on it 

How can I stop an authorized user from consuming all the bandwidth on my home network?

Me and my neighbours share a home network managed by me, paid for by the land lord.

This person overloads the bandwidth on the regular, jitter spikes up to the 300s,down speed fluctuates, overall shit time.

Can’t get rid of them/ block them from the network, inspite having admin access.

Is it possible to restrict their access to bandwidth/stop them from screwing the internet up for the other users?

Note:I have a second router at my disposal, Accountant by trade, little network knowledge but highly motivated.