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I have made a box that I have allowed my players to find, it is the Mystical Box of locks, Mark 4. They were given one key to the box, let’s call this the red key. The Red key opens the red lock. pretty easy right? Inside they found the remaining three keys, for simplicity let’s call these the Orange, Yellow, and Green key. the magic of this item is when the Orange key is used it opens up the orange compartment, while if both Red and orange keys are used it opens a third compartment. my problem comes from this:

if I start back at the beginning with one key and one lock, it opens one compartment, while 2 keys give me 3 compartments (red, orange, and red/orange), 3 keys give me 7 compartments (R, O, Y, R/O, R/Y, O/Y, R/O/Y) and the 4 keys give me 15. every new tier I get double + 1 of the previous. so logically 5 keys should yield 31 compartments, but when I mapped it out I only came up with 30. at 6 keys I should have 63 compartments but only can figure out 60 combinations. the mythical box that I have hinted at has 7 keys. if the pattern follows what it should it would be 127 compartments but I have 121 mapped. did I F up somewhere or is there some formula that I am missing?

help me Inter-web Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

for anyone wondering the dimensions of the box are 24′ x 18′ x 12′ or 3 cubic feet, (I’m an idiot. but I’m not stupid :))

Which class has access to the best ‘stay at home’ adventuring methods?

Assuming a 20th level character, which class would allow them to remotely assist a party of adventurers without ever leaving a well-warded personal sanctum? In 3.5e/PF, there existed a plethora of spells mostly based around the Wizard to support this kind of ‘off-site meddling’ but I know less about 5E and what Wizards and their ilk can accomplish there (especially at higher levels).

For the purposes of this question, assume the following;

  • The character is completely unwilling to leave their sanctum unless they have some inherent way to cheat death that is 100% reliable (paying a powerful cleric to resurrect you after X time doesn’t count for our paranoid and suspicious protagonist).
  • Class features that are mobile (such as Familiars or Animal Companions) can leave the sanctum, as can summoned or bound creatures.
  • They have intentionally chosen their class and even found some way of acquiring reasonable magic items towards this goal – they are a purpose-built ‘remote assistance’ character.

‘Best’ is not simply damage-per-round but overall quality of assistance – a battery of divinations doesn’t directly do damage but does allow the party to bypass encounters, effectively doing all the damage of the enemy hp of that encounter. Remote healing is not damage but can keep party members alive to do more damage, so on. In this case I am not looking at any specific character level for the party being assisted, but rather at spells, techniques, or class features that would apply to the widest range of parties successfully. Consider this less ‘bob stays at home and still helps the party’ but more ‘Mordenkainen’s Magical Assist (MMA) Incorporated’.

Experiences in Parenting – The Day I Brought My Newborn Home

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How to encrypt /home directories in Ubuntu 20.04 with an alternative to eCryptfs?

I have a specific use case in which there are multiple users and I only need the Home folder for each encrypted using something like eCryptfs – https://www.howtogeek.com/116032/how-to-encrypt-your-home-folder-after-installing-ubuntu/ – but it is buggy and under-maintained and many have reported does not work with Ubuntu 18.04+ and even sometimes stuck in a login loop. Any alternative to eCryptfs? Thanks

Using lulu on osx in home business setup. Any reason for external router base firewall?

I have Lulu setup under osx on my Mac. So say an errant program, curl, if it tries to access outside address is stopped.

Would an external router based firewall bring any extra level of protection? I surmise that it will not be fine-grained enough to stop a particular process.

I believe that outgoing request are more risky than incoming request as I do not have any programming listening for request. e.g. No web server enabled.

What use would external router based firewall bring?