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What is the best way to forward visitors to my homepage to an external site but leave the backlinks accessible?

Maybe not distinctly a Drupal question, I have an older Drupal 7 site that I want to leave up for backlinks, but any new visitors I want to redirect to a new external website. So would redirect to but is still accessible.

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Weird issue killing CMS homepage everyday (Magento 2.3.0)

So I am having a weird issue…

Everyday at different times, the CMS Homepage goes blank.

I have set up alerting to tell me when it happens.

The fix has been to SSH in and run cache:flush and indexer:reindex.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this?

I have setup Splunk logging to try and narrow down what might be causing it.

Setup: Magento 2.3.0 on AWS with Redis on ElasiCache.