How do I use a node as the homepage?

I feel like I’m misunderstanding something at a fundamental level when trying to author my drupal site. Two content types, both created by me, are available – faq and page. The faq type is a basic question + answer type, and will be pulled into an FAQ list block which I created. The page type is for a generic authored page, and has a body property of type entity_reference_revision which allows content to be authored using Bootstrap Paragraphs.

Some sources online say that you just have to check the “Promote to front page” box to get a node to be the front page. Others say that you have to provide a URL path for the node. I’ve tried both, and neither causes the site’s front page to display the authored page I’ve created.

Instead, on the front page, I see a list of the items that have been promoted to the front page.

How can I get my authored node to replace the content of front page, so that if I navigate to the root route (/), I see the authored page?