hostgator has stole my money


I've recently purchased a hostıng package on hostgator.

My user ID on their system is 3686353

After i've complete the payment, they have sent me an email which says that i need to verify my account. They were requesting the photos of my credit card photo and my identity card. I've sent the documents 5 minutes later after their email

It has been a day and they did not complete the verify thing and they do not refund my payment

hostgator took over 100$ from me and they do not…

hostgator has stole my money

Is HostGator storing my password in plaintext?

I want to bring this up to HostGator, but want to verify my suspicions before making a big fuss.

I asked a customer care representative to help me add an SSL certificate to a site I host with them. When he was done, I received this e-mail with all my login information, and my entire password in plain text (I left the first letter visible as evidence). I set up this password over a year ago, and it was a big surprise to find out they sent it back to me, unprompted, in plaintext:

enter image description here

I immediately brought this up to the representative, who repeatedly tried to convince me that it was OK. I decided to drop it after a few minutes, because I think I should bring it up to someone higher up. Before I do so, is it safe to assume that my password is stored in their database as plain text? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to address this issue with the provider?

enter image description here