For an email signature, what is the “ideal” CDN image hosting provider? [closed]

Email signatures typically have an image of a logo or a profile picture. My question is, what is your recommended image hosting URL/service? Are some URL’s trusted over others?

I am not sure where to host these images hence the question.

I guess some ISP’s and email clients determine the "trustworthiness" of an image URL?

All experience greatly appreciated!

Uncaught Error: Class ‘Redis’ errors on a site I’ve transfered to new hosting

I’ve been given a site that I need to install on my server. The site was made by someone else and it seems to have redis installed.

I get errors such as (paths altered/truncated in the error msg for privacy reasons):

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Redis’ not found in wp-content\object-cache.php:732 Stack trace: #0 wp-content\object-cache.php(171): WP_Object_Cache->__construct() #1 wp-includes\load.php(638): wp_cache_init() #2 wp-settings.php(131): wp_start_object_cache() #3 wp-config.php(94): require_once(‘\path\…’) #4 wp-load.php(37): require_once(‘\path\gree…’) #5 wp-blog-header.php(13): require_once(‘\path\…’) #6 index.php(17): require(‘\path\…’) #7 {main} thrown in wp-content\object-cache.php on line 732

What’s really odd is that they didn’t give me the WP codebase, just the wp-content folders with theme, plugins, uploads.

So the entire wp codebase, wp-config etc are all defaults that I’ve just obtained from the current latest version at

So if the wp-config is as default, how can some redis like system be coming into play? I’ve never had this issue before and transferred 101 pre-build WP sites between servers.

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Dangers of hosting .onion from my house?

so i have a pure html web page which is static, and i want to host it in an other pc , i am going to use kali linux as operation system and did not decide for web server which one do you suggest ? is there any better option for OS? i am not going to connect this pc to my personal router since i am afraid to breached instead i am going to usb tethering with my phone , this is my personal phone.

can some one help me to know what i am going to face? for internet connection i am afraid breach from my phone , i really do know much about these things i would really appreciate if some one help me to host an onion safely. thanks.

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