What Class or Class combination will raise the largest controlled undead (skeletal) army in 48 hours?

I am planning on making a Necromancer type with the largest undead army available in 5e D&D. He has 48 hours to build it. I have an existing strategy but would like to hear your ideas.


  • Hardcover books only, no 3rd party or UA.

  • You cannot polymorph into a Beholder… (It breaks the story) You have to be a standard race caster.

  • No outside help. You are solo.

  • No prep beyond the 48 hours you have to create the army.

  • Assume you are at a graveyard with access to enough bodies.

  • Lv 20 character, no epic boons unless you have a way to get them through a feat.

  • Prefer no magic items, however if you have one that really makes a huge difference let us know.

  • We are looking to specifically raise Skeletons. No generals required unless it increases the overall army size.

  • All spell slots are available to go towards the army.

  • Buffing the army is not necessary, but if you have a way to do it without diminishing its size, I’d love to hear it.

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What is the lowest level at which a human could run a marathon in under two hours?

Inspired by What is the lowest level at which a human can beat the 100m world record (or: the presumed human limit) without using magic?, which I read just after finishing the Athens Marathon last November. Earlier in 2019, Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge ran the marathon distance (42.195 km, about 26.2 miles) somewhat an order of magnitude faster than me in an amazing time of just under 2 hours, during the Ineos 1:59 Challenge.

Most D&D optimization attempts are aimed at short periods/distances (focused on combat situations), so for a change I’d like my (human) athlete to perform a feat of endurance: break the marathon distance record. What is the minimum level at which this can be achieved? A level 12 Monk has a base speed of 30ft + 40ft (assuming they’re unarmed) = 70ft, which, extrapolating the ‘Movement and Distance’ table on page 162 of my 3.5e Player’s Handbook translates to a Hustle speed of 14 miles an hour. A second hour of hustling incurs 1 point of nonlethal damage, and makes the character fatigued (I know how that feels) but doesn’t influence movement speed, so this monk should cross the finish line after 1:52 and a bit.

Since, unlike Usain Bolt, Eliud Kipchoge got some help from others (pacemakers, nutrition provided by a horseback bike rider, pacing lasers) during this record attempt, our human athlete character is allowed to invoke the help of their fellow party members, but magic is still out of the question; otherwise, you could just hire a bunch of Sorcerers, located at specific intervals on the track, each casting Expeditious Retreats for a continuous 30ft/round bonus.

Assume D&D 3.5e rules, and any officially rule book is allowed (I only have the Core Rulebooks, which for instance (AFAICT) don’t contain a feat which increases movement). When in doubt, the contest rules in the linked question apply (except for the assistance of up to five party members, which are the same level as the athlete).

DNS A Record going back and forth, 48 hours after changing

I’m moving a website but keeping the email setting for now, so I changed the A Record on the current ISP to the new IP provided by the new ISP. And it has been more than 48 hours the domain is still flipping back and forth between the two IPs.

I’ve kept an eye on it on https://www.whatsmydns.net/ but there’s no real progress in the last 24 hours – sometimes I get only 4 servers showing the old IP sometimes I get 12.

Contacted both ISPs, both suggested just to wait longer, but this is very worrying.

Also did another check and found this result http://tinyurl.com/uk45xz9

The old IPS is TSOHost – previously Vidahost, so don’t know if that’s the problem.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

During a long rest if someone is fully rested, can they keep watch longer than 2 hours?

So I am currently running a game with 3 PCs, 2 of which are Elves and 1 a Human. I am just trying to calculate the most efficient way to run watch shifts during long rests since both of the elves only need 4 hour meditation to be considered fully rested.

In the PHB pg 168 in the section about long rests it states that (emphasis mine):

A long rest is a period of extended downtime, at least 8 hours long, during which a character sleeps or performs light activity: reading, talking, eating, or standing watch for no more than 2 hours.

Now my question is, once a character is considered fully rested and no longer needs the “long rest” are they able to keep effective watch for longer than a period of 2 hours? So say that the elves both finish their 4 hours, can they now keep a vigilant watch for the other 4 hours the human PC needs to rest?

What are the consequences for a Warforged that does not spend 6 hours in its inactive state?

In the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron (p. 68-69 – the version quoted here is as it appears in UA: Eberron Races), a Warforged has the two following traits:

Sentry’s Rest. When you take a long rest, you must spend at least six hours in an inactive, motionless state, rather than sleeping. […]

Warforged Resilience. […] You don’t need to sleep and don’t suffer the effects of exhaustion due to lack of rest, […]

(Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, emphasis mine)

While Sentry’s Rest states the rest must be taken, Warforged Resilience seems to indicate there is no penalty for not doing so.

What are the actual consequences for a Warforged that does not go inactive during a long rest?

I have just 4 hours a month to security check a cloud based application – How to use my time?

I’ve been tasked with looking after an application deployed to azure. I have been allocated 4 hours a month.

I essentially have half a workday to secure this application / keep it secure. What is an efficient use of my time?

Should I concentrate on:

  • Making sure all the components are up to date?
  • Checking all the logs to make sure nothing is looking dodgy?
  • Attempting to “hack” the application myself?
  • Documenting the system in detail from a security perspective?
  • Researching current vulnerabilities in this/related tech?
  • Ensuring backups etc are working correctly?
  • Disaster recovery stuff?
  • Creating policy around “being hacked”?
  • Auditing the source code with some tool to search for bad patterns?

Or some combination/something else?

I’m looking for experience based answers, preferably from someone that does this kind of security maintenance. If there is any kind of existing best-practice/guideline that would also really help.

The technology stack is:

  • SQL Server Database (Azure SQL)
  • C# Web API
  • Angular Front End

There are several additional components, but I’m not really looking for tech specific answers, more a strategy on how to approach this.