cms for html

hey all
i wonder what is the best cms for html or for web design in general

i am a php developer , so i know a bit of html but i work mainly with notepad++
i also made my own script , kinda like a cms but then just for my needs

mainly i use my own script to implent a lot of php code with a easy to vieuw system ( all in folders and with classes to call most used functions )

so that is not what i am looking for today
i am at this moment looking for a system or cms that makes it easy to…

cms for html

Is it a risk if an html code from a textbox is rendered on the next page but searched string is not shown on the url?

I found a website in which the results are rendered on the next page. From “/search” address, the data is forwarded to “/result” without any trailing characters(searched item) on the address. But the html code from the first page is rendered on the next page, and yes javascript execution can be executed. Is this still a security risk even though the searched string is not on the address url?

How to safely display html emails?

I’m building a webmail application using php at the moment. I’m getting the email content from gmail using Imap and wanted to display the email as close as I can to how gmail shows it. Is it safe to display the raw html body from the email or is there additional steps I should take to ensure my application is secure from attacks?

I also looked at this question “how-to-safely-display-html-emails-like-gmail-does-it” but its from 5 years ago and couldn’t find any recent sources on the topic.

HTML Form Help – Newbie!


I'm currently trying to create an interactive PDF form for work. This is completely out of my realm as it's just a project I decided to work on in my spare time. Essentially what I'm trying to say is I know VERY little HTML so I'm hoping someone could help point me in the right direction on this one.

I've been using Adobe LiveCycle Designer to create my form. I have quite a bit of the scripting done just by trial and error, however there is 1 (probably simple) thing I can't figure…

HTML Form Help – Newbie!

Does input type=”file” selection support url ( upload from web ) ? -html

I wonder can I use the option of input type=”file” in html to upload from url ( web/ftp etc. ) ? Is there option to it? To more explain, I want to select zip file with url and uoload it to website.Which operating systems support it? How can do it on linux,mac and windows 10? I talking about the option on the link:

<input type="file">: How to Use This HTML Value

How to get different html tags from the content using regex?

I am trying to get different html tags from a single post and display them as nested accordion. I have quite accomplished. the only problem I have is that. When I try to show all the p tags content inside span but it shows only the first paragraph for each nested menu content.

Any solution will be most appreciated. Thanks

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var acc = document.getElementsByClassName(“accordion”); var i; var abc = document.getElementsByClassName(“accordion1”); var a; for (i = 0; i

How to prevent parsing of a should-be-parsed HTML element from server?

I have a website built with MediaWiki CMS which I host on a CentOS based Apache “shared server environment” (SiteGround).

This website contains a ContactPage contact form in which the subject field is hardcoded to the form wrapper via PHP;
This is odd, because all other fields aren’t hardcoded like this and are actually optional and injected into the wrapper from the form’s default template which I pasted into the main customization file of the CMS (LocalSettings.php);
By the way, All of these optional fields are HTMLForm template-engine fields.

If someone wants to remove the subject field from backend whatever reason, it would be a logistical pain, because, for example, after every automatic upgrade, it will have to be removed again, probably manually, from ContactPage extension relevant PHP source code (unlike all other fields which are optional from the very stable file LocalSettings.php).

My problem

I want to remove the aforementioned subject field and the only very stable ways I have with the current architecture of MediaWiki, are CSS and JS;
But this is problematic because a user can easily turn off both (most users won’t do that, but still).

My question

How to prevent parsing of a should-be-parsed HTML element from server?

As this is an Apache “shared server environment” and I don’t have full access to the server, rather only to .htaccess files, is there any “nasty trick” I could do in .htaccess to prevent the parsing of the should-be-parsed subject field by some criteria (say, its HTML attribute or CSS class or whatever other applicable criteria)?

HTML Editor..


I've been out of the game for quite some time. I used to use X-Site Pro2 for all my web developing needs, and it was just fine for me. I can no longer find it anywhere due to the fact that's its no longer supported.

What do you guys/gals use for HTML design?

I'm not a total noob with HTML I took a few classes in college but my major was networking so I did not focus on it very much and forgot most of it.