Water Elemental grappling a Huge creature, does it take damage from Whelm’s second paragraph?

If a Water Elemental were to use the grappling rules to grapple a Huge creature (since it is Large), would that creature then take damage from this:

At the start of each of the elemental’s turns, each target grappled by it takes 13 (2d8 + 4) bludgeoning damage.

Or does this damage only work against the one Large or two Medium- creatures that get stuck by Whelm?

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Gigantic Steed class ability gives all the benefits of a Huge mount?

As per title, I’m wondering whether the Gigantic Steed ability of the Mammoth Rider grants your mount all the benefits of a size increase, namely +8 Str. In fact, the text of the ability is:

A mammoth rider’s steed increases to Huge size. […] It also gains a +2 size bonus to its Strength and Constitution.

And then the bonuses to Str and Con increase over time with the Mammoth Rider class. So, for example, a standard Mastodon companion has a base str of 24, so by becoming Huge its str goes up to 26 (and then there are all the size modifiers to CMB, CMD, AC, Attack, etc). Am I correct?

Finally, I recall that a size increase from large to huge means +8 str, but I can’t find any confirmation in the books. Right now all I have is Animal Growth’s text and the fact that PCGen gives it a +8 str. Is there any standard reference for the matter?

Postgresql: Refreshing materialized view fails with “No space left on device” and a huge spike in disk usage

I have a materialized view that refreshes every five minutes. The SQL aggregates the data among many tables with over 800k rows in each.

However, the when using the "REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW CONCURRENTLY tableName", the query runs for about an hour and then complains: ERROR: could not write block 39760692 of temporary file: No space left on device

It should be noted that this 39760692 changes every time I execute the query.

The disk size is about 960 GB and the database size is about 30 GB. So the disk has a free space of about 930 GB.

I noticed that when running the refresh query, there is a huge spike in the disk usage of about 12GB per minute and then finally the query errors out with no space error when it hits the 960 GB mark. Immediately, the disk usage is back to 30GB from the abnormal growth.

I even tried the REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW tableName (without concurrently) and seeing the same behavior.

I’m not sure what can be done here to diagnose the problem.


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Is there supposed to be a huge difference in power between demon princes and archdevils?

The Book of Vile Darkness for 3e introduces statblocks for both demon princes and archdevils, and with a couple exceptions, they all have HDs in the mid-to-high 30s.

Then Fiendish Codex I comes along and says “nah, in 3.5 all the demon lords–princes included–have hit dice in the mid 20s. If you want to make them epic so that your epic-level players can enjoy a tough fight, though, here are some tips on how to do that.”

Obviously with fewer HDs, the demon lords have lower hit points, attack bonuses, and saves. So, okay. It seems like 3.5 just doesn’t want them to be quite as strong. Maybe 3.5 just squashes things down a little compared to 3e–it’s been a while since Deities and Demigods, so it’s possible that if the entities in that book were “updated to 3.5 standards”, they’d be weaker, too.

But then, in Fiendish Codex II, it basically says “these are only aspects for archdevils, because the real things are way stronger. If you want to make actual stats for archdevils, here are some tips on how to improve these aspects.”

And then the 3.5 archdevil aspects are at the same power level as 3.5 demon lords (if not slightly stronger), with basically the same guidelines to create “real archdevils” as the first book had to create “improved demon lords”!

So… What’s the deal with that? In the DnD canon, are archdevils just way stronger than demon princes? Did this happen at some point in the settings’ timelines between 3e and 3.5, or has it always been the case? Or did the bookwriters just change their minds midway through 2006 and decide to backpedal on giving nonepic archfiends, but never go back and change the now-weakened demon lords?

Best Way to loop through huge mongodb collection every minute?

I need to loop through mongodb collection EVERY MINUTE which will be huge in future, I have to loop through each object and then use some if else conditions and then perform an http post request inside IF condition. I am planning to use https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-cron this library for the purpose that will run a task every minute. In this task, i will get a mongodb collection, loop through all the objects using ForEach loop and then do some actions using if else conditions. Is this approach okay or there is better/efficient way?