Does Ranger Monster Hunter’s Slayer’s Counter works on saves to maintain concentration?

From the Sage Advice Compendium:

Does a Monster Slayer ranger’s Supernatural Defense feature apply if a creature damages the ranger, thus causing the ranger to make a Constitution saving throw to maintain concentration on a spell? Yes.

Since the Supernatural defense works for concentration, does the Slayer Counters works as well?

Is it possible for a single-class Eldritch Knight to learn Hex, or Hunter’s Mark, etc?

I am trying to build a singly-classed Fighter with ready access to a bonus damage on hit spell like Hex or Hunter’s Mark, but I’m not seeing many options for that combination.

While Eldritch Knight gives access to Wizard spells, Wizards don’t have access to either Hex or Hunter’s Mark. Nor does Magic Initiate (which would be easy to pick up with the Fighter’s ASI progression) allow a purloined Hex to be cast with Eldritch Knight spell slots — at least per my reading of the feat and this answer here, it’s once per long rest regardless of whether or not you have spell slots.

Is there some other way for an Eldritch Knight to learn some sort of damage boosting concentration spell along with their other spells?

If a player casts Hunter’s Mark and the target dies and combat ends, is the spell still functioning for a later combat? [duplicate]

I’m a new DM and new to this forum!

I’m running a game and one of my players is playing a ranger, we’re all still pretty new to the game and ran into a question about how one of her spells, Hunter’s Mark works.

Here’s what happened. We had a short combat in which the player cast Hunter’s Mark on one of the guards. He and the other guards were all eventually killed and combat ended. The players then proceeded to finish sneaking into the house they were trying to break into. A few minutes later, the group ran into another set of guards. So here’s where my question comes into play. Is her former Hunter’s Mark still active?

I thought no, since she did not mark a new Hunter’s Mark target "on a subsequent turn of yours," since the original combat had ended and we had therefore left turns. She thought it was still working, since the duration of the spell is one hour, and that hadn’t passed yet.

Thanks for your insight!

How does Monster Slayer’s Hunter’s Sense work with illusions?

Would he receive information about the creature’s vulnerabilities based on what it appears to be, would he receive no information about the creature as if it were hidden from Divination magic or would he just understand that this is an illusion based on "magically" part of the ability description?

(…you gain the ability to peer at a creature and magically discern how best to hurt it…)

Can you tell if someone transfers Hunter’s Mark or Hex if the original target is reduced to 0HP?

The spells hunter’s mark and hex both have this clause:

If the target drops to 0 hit points before this spell ends, you can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn of yours to [mark/curse] a new creature.

Both of these spells have spellcasting components that would be observable to another creature when the spell is cast. If I want to mark or curse someone, anyone nearby will know.

If the original target is reduced to 0HP, is it observable in any way should the caster choose to transfer their mark/curse to another creature? Or is this essentially untraceable after the initial casting?

Obviously for this question, I am ignoring a sorcerer’s Subtle Spell metamagic. We can also assume that this is not from stealth; the caster is not trying to hide what they are doing, this is more about whether or not there is anything to hide beyond the initial casting.


  • Is a creature aware that a Hex or Hunter's Mark spell has been cast on it? (but related to the initial casting from stealth)
  • Are Hunter's Mark and similar spells noticeable to the target? (duplicate of the above, still about the original casting)
  • Does moving the curse from the Hex spell to a new target have any spell components? (regarding if this transferring part has components)

Using Hunters mark, Zephyr Strike and Dread Ambusher in same round would this work?

I have a 3rd level gloom stalker and I have an idea. I have doubts that this will will work according to RAW and I just want to make sure.

A little background. Five highway bandits in a wooded area robbed a friend of the party and I know where to find them or at least a real good idea.

My basic idea is

1)Cast Hunters Mark to target a bandit before combat starts- I haven’t read anything saying that this starts combat

2)Start combat and make me attack which benefits from Hunters Mark. The rest of the party is going to try to stay hidden

3)Cast Zephyr Strike which ends Hunters Mark

4) attack with Dread Ambusher

5)Run if need be. I know they have ranged weapons and I want to make use of cover

I am a little unclear if I cast a spell in between attacks. As a side note I am trying a melee based ranger and have pole arm mastery

Is a creature aware that a Hex or Hunter’s Mark spell has been cast on it?

Both spells have a verbal component when casting them, but they can both be cast from 90 feet away, possibly from stealth or while the creature is distracted, so it may not notice the casting.

I’m sure the creature would feel the disadvantage to the chosen ability from Hex (would feel/be clumsier if Dexterity is chosen, or short of breath and tired if Constitution is chosen, etc), but might not know the cause. And would an actual mark appear on the target if Hunter’s Mark is cast on it?

Would they maybe need to pass an Arcana check (or passive check, maybe) to discern/notice what’s affecting them?

Can I move Hunter’s Mark to a new target while in Wild Shape?

Following up on:

  • Are the attack of a Wild Shaped druid considered weapon attacks?, and
  • Can you move the Hunter's Mark spell on the same turn that the affected creature dies?


My druid/ranger has Hunter’s Mark active on target one. Target one dies while I’m wildshaped in, let’s say, a dire wolf. On my next turn I want to move the mark to target two. Can I do that while still being a beast?

The spell mentions:

If the target drops to 0 hit points before this spell ends, you can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn of yours to mark a new creature.