How do I add hyperlinks and images to the template(A1), to use the below could and use mail merge to send out my mails?

function getRowsData(sheet, range, columnHeadersRowIndex) {   columnHeadersRowIndex = columnHeadersRowIndex || range.getRowIndex() - 1;   var numColumns = range.getEndColumn() - range.getColumn() + 1;   var headersRange = sheet.getRange(columnHeadersRowIndex, range.getColumn(), 1, numColumns);   var headers = headersRange.getValues()[0];   return getObjects(range.getValues(), normalizeHeaders(headers)); }   function getObjects(data, keys) {   var objects = [];   for (var i = 0; i < data.length; ++i) {     var object = {};     var hasData = false;     for (var j = 0; j < data[i].length; ++j) {       var cellData = data[i][j];       if (isCellEmpty(cellData)) {         continue;       }       object[keys[j]] = cellData;       hasData = true;     }     if (hasData) {       objects.push(object);     }   }   return objects; }   function normalizeHeaders(headers) {   var keys = [];   for (var i = 0; i < headers.length; ++i) {     var key = normalizeHeader(headers[i]);     if (key.length > 0) {       keys.push(key);     }   }   return keys; }  function normalizeHeader(header) {   var key = '';   var upperCase = false;   for (var i = 0; i < header.length; ++i) {     var letter = header[i];     if (letter == ' ' && key.length > 0) {       upperCase = true;       continue;     }     if (!isAlnum(letter)) {       continue;     }     if (key.length == 0 && isDigit(letter)) {       continue; // first character must be a letter     }     if (upperCase) {       upperCase = false;       key += letter.toUpperCase();     } else {       key += letter.toLowerCase();     }   }   return key; }   function isCellEmpty(cellData) {   return typeof(cellData) == 'string' && cellData == ''; }   function isAlnum(char) {   return char >= 'A' && char <= 'Z' ||     char >= 'a' && char <= 'z' ||     isDigit(char); }   function isDigit(char) {   return char >= '0' && char <= '9'; }   function sendEmails() {   var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();   var dataSheet = ss.getSheets()[0];   var dataRange = dataSheet.getRange(2, 1, dataSheet.getMaxRows() - 1, 4);    var templateSheet = ss.getSheets()[1];   var emailTemplate = templateSheet.getRange("A1").getValue();   var emailTemplate2 = templateSheet.getRange("A2").getValue();     var objects = getRowsData(dataSheet, dataRange);    // For every row object, create a personalized email from a template and send   // it to the appropriate person.   for (var i = 0; i < objects.length; ++i) {     // Get a row object     var rowData = objects[i];     var file = DriveApp.getFilesByName('2019_MA_BenefitsGuide.pdf')     var file1 = DriveApp.getFilesByName('List of Acceptable Documents.pdf')      var emailText = fillInTemplateFromObject(emailTemplate, rowData);     var emailText2 = fillInTemplateFromObject(emailTemplate2, rowData);     var emailSubject = 'Mail Merge Test';      MailApp.sendEmail(rowData.emailAddress,                       emailSubject,                        emailText,                        {attachments: [,]} );    } }  function fillInTemplateFromObject(template, data) {   var email = template;   // Search for all the variables to be replaced, for instance $  {"Column name"}   var templateVars = template.match(/$  \{\"[^\"]+\"\}/g);    // Replace variables from the template with the actual values from the data object.    for (var i = 0; i < templateVars.length; ++i) {      var variableData = data[normalizeHeader(templateVars[i])];     email = email.replace(templateVars[i], variableData || '');   }    return email; } 

How do I add hyperlinks and images to the template(A1), to use the below could and use mail merge to send out my emails?

Hyperlinks in Excel are changing when uploading to SharePoint document library

I uploaded Excel files from an external drive to SharePoint document library. The hyperlinks in the Excel spreadsheet works fine in my local, I can open the links. However, when I uploaded it in SharePoint and click on the link it gave me this error:

Unable to open. The internet site reports could not be found (http/1.0 404) 

I checked the hyperlink and it is changed from “file://\Apps\share1\file.docx ” to “http://servername/share/” Any ideas please to resolve the issue?

Issue with hyperlinks with Office Web App Previews in Chrome and Firefox

I have a powerpoint file in my SharePoint 2013 site which has hyperlinks in it. I am able to see the powerpoint preview in OWA (Office Web Apps).

However when I click the hyperlink in the OWA preview pane, the tab is opening and closing immediately, this is happening in both Chrome & Firefox browsers (latest versions). Surprisingly Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is working fine without any issue.

The hyperlinks are not relative links, they are full hyperlinks to other files within the same sharepoint site. When I type-in (or copy) the same link manually, it is working fine even in chrome & firefox browsers.

For me it seems, there seems to be some issue with the OWA and hyperlinks in document previews. But I am not able to fully understand the exact cause and resolution. Anyone please help me.

Regards, Kishore

Google Sheet – Convert hyperlinks to buttons

In Google Sheets, I have a column of active hyperlinks. When you hover over one of them, a tool tip appears that contains an “open link” icon that you can click on to open a new tab that loads the url.

In each cell, instead of showing the entire URL, I’d like to replace that text with a “view” button that can be clicked immediately, without having to wait for the hover-delayed tool-tip with the “open link” icon.

Keep in mind, that each URL is different (in this column) and I’m looking for a solution where I can highlight all of them and convert each to a button that opens its respective url in a new browser-tab.

Is this feature available?

Excel Shortcut Copying from a cell to Update Hyperlinks in Mass

I have a spreadsheet with two columns: A & B. In column “A”, I have product IDs. In column “B” I have the same product IDs listed (in the same order). I want each product ID in column “A” to link to a word doc saved on my computer. The word docs saved on my computer are titled with the product ID (exact). To save time, I hyperlinked the entire column “A” to link to the same word doc. Then, I want to copy the product ID from column “B” into the existing column “A” hyperlink and overwrite the generic/copied product ID that is already there. Overall goal, to click on the product ID in column “A” and have it open the corresponding word doc. I have been copying the product ID from column “B”, right clicking on the product ID in column “A”, edit hyperlink, paste product ID over the generic product ID in the hyperlink field. Doing this over 300 times is not a night of fun for me! Help!

Google Sheets: auto-format an entire column to be hyperlinks upon import

Here’s my process: export CSV from CRM > import to Google Sheets > do work.

In ColA are unique IDs (all integers e.g. 808938269) of accounts in my CRM. I would like to appended a generic [URL] string (e.g.…) to link back to the account record in the CRM.

I was trying to Frankenstein this old post but have hit a wall with the onEdit function -vs- the “just do it upon import” functionality I’m trying to achieve.

Can you help? Thanks.

Can I influence how ConEmu identifies line numbers when using hyperlinks to launch an external editor?

I’ve able to configure ConEmu to open a file in an external editor when I click on a file name hyperlink in the console. Typical use is clicking on a path in a Python error stack trace. I’d like it to not only open the file but also jump to the line number on which the error occurred.

Looking at the guidance in ConEmu’s settings it states that I can use a few macros when setting the command used to launch the external editor, e.g. %1 should substitute for line number, %2 for column number etc. What doesn’t seem to be configurable is how ConEmu parses the line/column number and provides it to these macros. Is this something the user has any influence over?