iTunes does not play non-Apple Music songs which were synchronized with iCloud Music Library on Windows

I’m facing the following scenario: I live in a country where a certain album from a band I like isn’t available on most (if not all) streaming services. I own a physical copy of the album, and I have imported it to my computer and storage clouds.

When evaluating Apple Music, I noticed that on the Mac I’m able to upload songs to the cloud (iCloud Music Library). I thought “this is it, Apple Music is going to be great!”.

However, on my Windows PC, while I’m able to download the songs, I’m not able to play them using iTunes specifically. Every other music player works just fine for the same file iTunes should have no issues reproducing. The songs show up on the library, together with all other musics and playlists I have access, but then when I click the play button over the song, iTunes just get stuck on 0:00. If I try to play another song, then it will play it just fine, as long as it is not a song downloaded from iCloud Music Library.

So why iCloud Music Library exists, if the player doesn’t allow me to play it? Or is this a bug? I noticed that the first song of the album is playing just fine, but all the other songs are not.

I’ve checked the iTunes folder permissions for the current user, and I have full access to it.

iCloud Sync activity log

Trying to figure out how to see activity happening while iCloud Files is syncing. The macOS Console application shows messages from cloudd, but nothing very useful:

enter image description here

The Activity Monitor does not show cloudd nor other process transferring much data either.

I’m looking for log files under /var/log or ~/Library/Logs, but cannot find anything.

Is there any log file that could be used with tail to see iCloud sync activity in real time?

iPhone thief phished iCloud password. Can they decrypt iPhone contents?

Long story short, a close friend had their iPhone stolen a few months ago. Just yesterday they got a text saying their phone was found with a link claiming to show the phone’s location. Unfortunately, this person fell for the phish and ended up submitting their iCloud credentials. I assume that the thieves now have the ability to reset the phone.

The main worry here though, is whether the thieves are able to decrypt the contents of the phone? Is it possible for them to extract the data from the phone knowing the iCloud password?

How to restore messages when Messages in iCloud is enabled?

How can I restore deleted messages when Messages in iCloud is enabled?

Historically one would just restore the iPhone to an earlier iCloud Backup however I have attempted to do that but since Messages in iCloud is enabled the deleted messages are not restored.

Paying for increased iCloud storage and having regular iCloud Backups one would hope that there is some way to restore these deleted messages even with Messages in iCloud enabled?

“Missing” file disappeared from Garageband iOS and from my iCloud and my phone…?

I was working on a song on Garageband on my phone, saved it on my phone, went to find it and it had suddenly disappeared!

I was unhappy about this but luckily, it was easy-ish to remake so I did that. I saved it as the exact name as the original file but it said that name was already a file. From this, I know it wasn’t deleted. I even checked my Recently Deleted file, I searched in the Files app. I used iTunes for Windows, iCloud for Windows, lots of File Transfer apps and…

No luck.

I really want to get the original file back as I wasn’t happy with the remade version and I haven’t much time to get a lot of songs done.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Why is it happening? Is the file gone for good? (I hope not.) How do I get the file back?

I’m using an iPhone 6 on iOS 12.0.1. I don’t use a Mac. I’m a Windows person.

Thanks 🙂

macOS Calendar pulls but doesn’t push? iCloud and iPhone push and pull.

My iCloud Calendar appears to be working (from any web browser). My iOS Calendar appears to be working (from my iPhone). My macOS Calendar appears to be pushing changes to iCloud, but not pulling changes from iCloud:

  • If I create, edit, or delete an event on, it immediately appears on my iPhone, but not on my Mac.
  • If I create, edit, or delete an event on my iPhone, it immediately appears on, but not on my Mac.
  • If I create, edit, or delete an event on my Mac, it immediately appears on, and on my iPhone.


  • If I click Menubar / View / Refresh Calendars, changes still aren’t pulled to my Mac.
  • If I change Menubar / Preference / Accounts, Refresh Calendars from “Push” to “Every minute”, and wait a minute, changes still aren’t pulled to my Mac
  • Only if I quit macOS Calendar app and relaunch the app, then changes are pulled to my Mac.

This problem only appeared after replacing a 2011 “High Sierra” MacBook Pro with a 2018 “Mojave” Macbook Air. I’ve tried signing in/out of iCloud everywhere. I’ve wiped and rebuilt the machine. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Apple, to no avail. Any help, please?

  • macOS 10.14.2 Mojave
  • iOS 12.1.1