Problem setting modified date for iCloud directories

I wrote a shell script to change the modification date (using touch) of a set of directories to be the same as the date of the most recently modified file in the directory. (To make it easier to sort projects by date.)

This works perfectly for directories that are not stored on iCloud. But for iCloud directories, the date is changed and then immediately changes back to today’s date.

Any suggestions as to why this happens and how to get round it?

ICloud keeps prompting for password after password reset, unable to log out

I am helping a relative with her Mac computer. I am trying to update the ICloud password, and I believe I have done so successfully, I was able to confirm the password change and the login attempt with the iPhone connected to the ICloud and provided the number code ICloud asked me for.

Now I got the dreaded ICloud password login loop problem. The most common solution seems to be to log out from ICloud and then login again. When doing so, the ICloud program warns me that I need to setup a separate password to log in with the computer after I’ve logged out with ICloud, this is laughable because this computer has always always been logged in with a separate password.’ But ok, let’s set the password that is already set. But in order to proceed I also need to provide the ICloud password, the password I just reset and confirmed with the 6 (or 8 or whatever) digit code is not valid in this particular tab.


What do I do? I just want to provide the password I just created to ICloud so that this stupid password dialogue disapears, what kind of magic tricks do I need to conjure to appease the elder gods of Apple?

Thanks for your time

Messages in iCloud not exhibiting expected behavior

So I have Messages in iCloud enabled on my iMac – High Sierra, 10.13.6. My iPhone – version 12.2 and iPad – version 12.1.4. The issue id like to solve is this – on the iPhone an iPad when I delete a message, I get the warning / confirmation that if I delete a message it will delete across all devices, do I want to delete? When I answer yes, the message will delete from the iPhone and iPad but not the iMac. When I go to delete a message on my iMac, I get no prompt / confirmation, the message will just delete. I have sent numerous logs to apple, enabled a pin code for them to rest my iCloud account and sent them some sort of profile info, but they have been unable to get my messages to sync when deleting across all the devices. I have also disabled and re-enabled iMessages in the cloud on all devices with no luck.

Can anyone help me to get the iMessages deleting across all devices? I am almost certain it did work properly at some point, but started this after an update. Sorry to not be more specific on what I did with apple, but I did not write down all the info – but they have collected a lot of info and I do not remember for 100% sure when it started to act up. This has been ongoing for awhile now and they just won’t respond any longer. Tks much!

icloud access is grayed out on iphone5. Trying to do a factory reset but unable to turn off “Find my iphone” because I can’t access icloud

It’s a Catch-22. icloud access is greyed out. After a dozen failed remedies, I tried to use “Find my iphone” to erase my phone (and restore from backup) but nothing happened after an hour. It also says device offline (it’s not).

Had tried to reset from the menu but, “Verification Failed. There was an error connecting to icloud.” So I went to restore from backup and got another message, “Find my iphone must be turned off before iphone can be restored,” (which requires icloud access.)

Can Apple simply delete my icloud account?

iPhone backup switches to “This Computer” in iTunes and I want it to back up to iCloud

When I open iTunes and click on my phone icon, all of my settings look good except for backups which is set to “This Computer.” I check off iCloud and click “Apply” and it instantly switches back to “This Computer.” I’m signed into iCloud on the phone and the computer with the same account. I have plenty of space in iCloud as well so that shouldn’t be a problem. Why does it switch and how can I get it to stick to iCloud?

iTunes screen after clicking apply to apply the settings.

Where is the iCloud data on a third-party iOS app stored?

I would like to see the data stored by a third-party iOS apps via iCloud. I tried to access the following filepath on my Mac:

~/Library/Mobile Documents/APP-IDENTIFIER/

However, under the app-specific directory there is no file but an empty directory named Documents. That said, there should be a file at other part, since the iCloud data must be stored and synced elsewhere.

So where is the iCloud data that the third-party apps use on iCloud stored, and how can I access it?