List icon color in Site Contents

I have a collection of lists that were just created in SharePoint Online. When I’m in the Site Contents overview they have different colored icons. Some are gold and some are gray.

Colored List icons

Looking at the URL image source gives two URLs:

Gold icon: _layouts/15/images/itgen.gif?rev=47 Gray icon: _layouts/15/images/itgen.png?rev=47 

They only seem to differ via the the file extension, PNG or GIF.

Is there any logic to these colorings or are they just randomly assigned?

LOCK SER w Hide Window, Hide Taskbar Icon +Option to PW Lock/Hide Window/Hide Icon On ALL GSA prgms?

Hi, Sven. :)
I recently began locking SER on my local machine when I’m away. Someone mentioned this feature recently and it just seems like a good idea. 8-)
(please see GSA SECURITY question by zexsara in pakistan on August 17 )
I was wondering if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to implement any of these ideas:
-[ ] OPTION to also Hide SER Main Window Checkbox on Lock Enter  PW Window in SER
-[ ] OPTION to also Hide SER Taskbar Icon  Checkbox on Lock Enter  PW Window in SER
Also wondering about these:
-[ ] OPTION to also  Lock ALL GSA SEO Programs thru SER on Lock Enter  PW Window
That could PW lock (with above two features also optional if checked)  other GSA SEO products opened/running until unlocked thru SER.
Do you think this might be useful?

Home folder icons are black-and-white symbolic icons with the Adwaita icon theme

How can I get the standard colored Gnome Adwaita folder icons when I select the Adwaita icon theme?

When I select Adwaita (default) as my icon set in GnomeTweaks, all of the icons displayed in Nautilus in my home folder are black-and-white symbolic icons.

I reinstalled the adwaita-icon-theme package, but this did not solve the problem.

There is only one places folder inside my Adwaita icon theme.

find /usr/share/icons/Adwaita -name places /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/scalable/places 

I looked in /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/scalable/places, and I see the same black-and-white symbolic icons:

ls -1 /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/scalable/places folder-documents-symbolic.svg folder-download-symbolic.svg folder-music-symbolic.svg folder-pictures-symbolic.svg folder-publicshare-symbolic.svg folder-remote-symbolic.svg folder-saved-search-symbolic.svg folder-symbolic.svg folder-templates-symbolic.svg folder-videos-symbolic.svg network-server-symbolic.svg network-workgroup-symbolic.svg start-here-symbolic.svg user-bookmarks-symbolic.svg user-desktop-symbolic.svg user-home-symbolic.svg user-trash-symbolic.svg 

(I am using Ubuntu 19.04, and I have the gnome-session package installed).

Here is a screenshot of my home folder:

Screenshot of home folder showing black-and-white symbolic folder icons

How do I change an Application’s Icon in TWM

I do not use the Ubuntu desktop or Gnome or GDM3. I do use X and TWM.

Ubuntu 18.04.4.

Some application icons are HUGE. For example, evince, (I know, gnome).

I replace all the evince.png icons with the 16×16 icon. (backed up first). Evince now has the desired size icon.

It looks like evince used the 256×256 icon. But, replacing just that one did not seem to work. (Maybe I forgot .cache?)

Is the icon to be used coded in the application?

Tom Dean

Desktop Icon to launch multiple terminals gets “there was an error creating the child process for this terminal”

I have a script of this sort, let’s call it

#!/bin/bash gnome-terminal -e 'command1' gnome-terminal -e 'command2' 

When I run it like this ./, everything works fine.

However, I created a desktop icon using this and used sh path/to/ as the command. When I double click on the desktop icon, a terminal open with this error

Failed to execute child process “roslaunch” (No such file or directory)

I’m assuming it cannot find roslaunch but why?

Ubuntu 19.04 desktop “home” folder icon: unable to modify

When I right click on the desktop “home” icon -which by defaut shows a house-, then I shift the icon on Properties>Basic tab by double-clicking the icon and selecting another one.

Here it changes, but the desktop one remains unchanged.

In earlier ubuntus (so far 14, 16 and 18) this used to work flawless.

Any idea? Regards in advance…