Easy way to bulk change folder icons in Mac

In order to change the icon of one MAC folder, all we need to do is:

  • Open the image
  • Copy the image from the menu (“Edit” -> “Copy”)
  • Right Click on the folder and click “Get Info”
  • Click the icon at the top-left
  • “Edit” -> “Paste” from the menu

At this point I want to bulk change the icons for all my (sub)folders (let’s say in one specific master folder). How is that possible ideally with a script or an existing software? Some extra notes and questions below:

  • Please note that the images are saved in the subfolders and they are unique.
  • In Windows you can simply change the hidden file of each folder called desktop.ini Can we use an .ico file for that? That would come handy in case there are images in the folder (jpeg and png) and only one icon (ico)

How to recover icons off right side of filled Desktop? (Requirements follow)

How do I recover these icons without 1) Sorting and thus changing the order of the existing icons on the desktop (some were removed making more room), and 2) without comparing the files in the desktop folder to what appears on the desktop, one by one, to find what’s missing. (The screen is already at the maximum resolution, and the existing driver doesn’t have any visible options to extend the screen. I don’t know what’s involved in modifying my system to have a scrollable screen.

Thanks for any help.

Windows 8.

Windows task bar icons open command prompt

I’ve taken many measures to debloat windows 10 and nuke telemetry and at some point, all of this has caused the task bar icons for settings to break.

If I try to right click my network icon and open “Network & Internet Settings” or the audio icon and “Open sounds settings”, a command prompt window opens.

I would prefer to disable the windows 10 settings app entirely and only use control panel but that doesn’t seem like an option.

I tried to see if event viewer was showing errors but nothing seems to happen there either.

using office fabric ui icons on an SPFX extension

I want to add an icon to one of my buttons on my SPFX list extension. in the JSON I can amend this for an url for an icon to my CDN, but how about if I just want to use office fabric ui, any ideas…

“items”: { “COMMAND_1”: { “title”: { “default”: “Print” }, “iconImageUrl”: “icons/request.png”, “type”: “command” },

above is where you would enter the url if you were going to use a CDN for the icon. any ideas ?

How do I change the icons in mmenu in drupal 7?

I’m new to the drupal community, so I’m sorry if I make an mistakes in posting this question. I want to change the menu-item icons for the Mobile sliding menu module. I realize that my question is similar to this one, but I believe I’m having a slightly different issue. I am very frustrated and would appreciate any help!

I have set up the icomoon library and changed the CSS file according to the documentation. Unlike the original, I have not added custom icon classes to the menu items and I can’t figure out how to do so. I have not changed the original mmenu module, I have only changed aesthetics in my theme css.

Each menu link has a inside. If I change this class through the inspector, the icon changes as expected (for example, .icon-office), however, I can’t seem to find an easy way to change it through drupal (see image below).

enter image description here

The only part of the mmenu module that I can find that refers to the “icon-list2” class is in the mmenu.module file in drupal>sites>all>modules>mmenu (see image below)

I’m not sure if there is something I need to modify in the mmenu.module, but I have a hard time seeing what I should change and I’ve always thought that it is bad practice to hack the main module.

Thank you so much in advanced. You can view the website at www.plattsburghrodandgun.com, but please make sure that you are viewing it with a screen size that is a maximum of 1,000px (I am using superfish for my desktop menu).

Free Icons

Hi guys,

Here is link to search engine of thousands of free icons, which I use for my own banners design


Here are another one, but not the same as above