How to add icons in text in SharePoint Online Communication site?

I have a page in my communication site in which, I want to add my contact information.

I want to insert icons for it, which should appear before the text.


I want to add phone number icon and then type my phone number.

Similar to this one:

Contact Info Icons

So how to insert icons with text in Modern Experience ?

Thank you !!

Why are Progressive Web App Icons circular compared to their App counterparts

Working on a PWA (progressive web app) and coming up with the app icon for it. There aren’t many others around since it’s pretty new but it seems a lot of PWAs use a circular icon to differentiate from the native app.

Is there a particular reason they are choosing a circular icon compared to the many other options? Is this a standard or a guideline(coming from google it wouldn’t be a surprise)?

enter image description here

Adding functionality to GNOME desktop icons

I am using GNOME 3.32.1 on Ubuntu 19.04. I cannot drag desktop icons to Nautilus folders. I cannot double click desktop icons to open them in their default applications. I cannot (automatically) organize desktop icons. In short, GNOME desktop icons are non-functional other than to represent files in the desktop folder.

Is there a painless way to add basic integration (drag and drop, click to launch, etc.) of GNOME 3.3X desktop icons with Nautilus?

How to create folders to use icons already available with set icon?

I installed the Papirus theme on Xubuntu. My Desktop, Music, Video, and other home folders have their own icons set automatically when changing the theme.

Looking through the icons folder, where I installed Papirus, I can see there’s a folder icon for development. Is there a way I can make is so that it is used for the folder I create, automatically? If not, how can I make it be used for the development folder? Thanks!

Separate Icons for Open Applications and Favourites

Is it possible somehow to separate the icons for favourite apps and open apps?

Right now I have them all in the vertical taskbar to the left, so it happens very often that I want to switch app and instead click on a closed app, and it’s a huge hassle to wait for it to open and close.

I don’t want to get rid of favourites completely, but it would be nice if there was a setup to keep them in separate places on the screen, or maybe let the open apps icons float to the top of the bar, so that they are not so easily misclicked.

Ubuntu Desktop Icons Displaying incorrectly

When my laptop goes to sleep and I sign back in, sometimes the desktop icons get messed up. I’ve attached a picture. Also heres some info on my version.

>> lsb_release -a  No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Release:    18.04 Codename:   bionic 

In the image here you can see the icons are duplicated and too large in some places. Is there some setting I can change so that this doesn’t happen?