Older Mac (2012) Fails to Boot, any ideas?

Guys I’m running out of steam here… how do I copy files from a hard drive in recovery mode to an external hard drive on an older mac.

First few things I did: boot into recovery mode and run the normal first aid, and it failed, so I reset the ram by holding down command and option p r and that didn’t work.

It breaks down into 3 errors:

  • incorrect number of thread records

  • incorrect number of extended attributes

  • incorrect number of access control lists

I ran a bunch of commands to fake the mounting of the disk so that it would appear non-greyed out in the disk utilities in recovery mode, from there I was able to confirm that all of the files were still there by parsing through the image. However I was unable to extract those files, due to in part never running said mount command on the hard drive in question, I think this is why? Also should be noted that I cannot make a copy of the disk image for a specific folder (user folder) after I run my diskutil verfy and repairs…

I was able to run fsck_hfs -drfy /dev/disk0s2 many times, it did nothing

however fsck_hfs -drfy /dev/disk20 gave me the information I needed but couldn’t act upon. I noticed that when it was trying to repair there were a few threads that were continuously failing and by running. By seeing the threads that are failing to run I was able to do a search on the file systems and figure out that the corrupted files were inside the .Spotlight-V100 folder.

Thread ids relating to corrupted files

14608902 14608932 14608904 14608919 14608919 14608939 14608909 14608971 14608938 14609018 14608944 14608923 14608941 

by running this command I can find where those files live find / -inum 14608902

in this folder: /Volumes/Macintosh HD/.Spotlight-V100/../../..

From here I tried running -rm and it failed to run this, saying everything was read only.

I also tried running -cp <path> <extrenal hard drive> to copy all of the contents of the files that I was still seeing however, I would simply get a Directory not found error.

So I thought it might have been due in part to permissions so I ran a -chmod 755 on all of the root folders of botht the external hard drive and the one I was trying to pull all of the data from.

I can boot into recovery mode and single user mode, however I cannot boot into safe mode. Also just to confirm the -diskutil mount /dev/disk20 failed as well.

So I have a hard drive where I know the issues are, have run a lot of utilities on them, can confirm the files exist but cannot for the life of me extract the files off of it or delete the corrupted files. Any thoughts?

Where can I leave my ideas for Google?

Where can I leave my ideas for Google? I have 1000 ideas to improve Google. Apps say I can send feedback. But, they do not respond. What do I do? What is going on?

Some ideas my… here!

Google Blogger

  • Add support for edit post or pages all with Markdown!
  • Import HTML, CSS, JS e and no XHTML!
  • Add libraries js: jspdf, jquery…
  • Dns with RegistroBR or ‘Brasil register DNS as .com, .br, .com.br, .gov and others things …’
  • Report on access or history to comments you do not want if you do not have access to your account.
  • Add suport to notify about fake news.
  • Support CMS WordPress or other CMS.
  • Support NodeJS.
  • Test Application Electron.
  • Support Python.
  • Add Courses for EAD “Distance learning”.
  • Frameworks: Boostrap, Skeleton CSS…
  • Libraries: Jquery UI, Dragaable.js, Paper.js

Ps: I know about Google’s servers. I wanted something like an improved Github Pages. Or, better “Blogger Pages” with test online of software. To make life easier for people.

Google Maps

  • Resource “Dead Point”. This is “Information over the wrong address that was provided. “


  • Add Paypal with Youtube or Card “Visa/Mastercard/Hypercard…”

Google Profile Blogger

  • Add new interface, because she’s ugly.

Missing rows after a succesful import of a CSV file. Any ideas of why’s this happening?

I’ve been having this issue ALL day long. Each time I try to import a CSV file in Magento, everything goes quite well, no errors, no changes needed, then I get the “Import Succesful” notification.

But once I go to the Product Catalog I’m missing items. The number of missing items vary, I just triple checked the info on each file uploaded against downloaded item attributes, and at this moment I can’t find a way to stop this.

Any suggestions?


Personal problem ideas [on hold]

Whats your best personal problem ideas? I have found several in the rulebook, which I really like. But I cannot think of any by myself (the one to be interesting, and balanced to roleplay on every or almost every session).

Do you have any ideas or maybe you’ve heard about some interesting?

“You are reckless and take stupid risks with yourself and your ship, even when it isn’t necessary”

“You have sworn an oath never to rest until you have apprehended the nemesis of your friend or your family”

“You are possessed by something from the Dark between the Stars. It sometimes takes over, giving you seizures or memory loss.”

Ideas for re-launching an existing company

I'm the president of a small Internet security company here in New Jersey. We've been around for a number of years, but haven't done much with the press and marketing of our products. We've been out of the consciousness of people in our industry. We've been focusing on our customers and organic growth through referrals.

Now we wish to reach out to the press in our industry and start to bring in new business.

The problem is how what to say to press people in our industry to explain the…

Ideas for re-launching an existing company

iMac Late 2013 with MacOS 10.14.3 not recognizing my printer, any help and or ideas?

First of all I am not sure this is the right place/space to ask for help about this, if not please let me know and I suggest me any other place to move this into.

As title says I am unable to add my printer (Canon MG7720) to my MacOs and I can’t find anything helpful over Internet. Currently the printer is connected through the USB cable (directly into the iMac, I’d it connected to a USB Hub and I was blaming it but it was not the case). Before have the printer connected to the USB I was having issues also with the AirPrint feature since I was able to add the printer and use it one time only from there it never worked again 🙁 does any have an idea in what could be wrong or what I am missing here?

Design or model ideas for Product with different attributes like price

I am trying to model my Product class. Initially I came up with the following:

public class Product {     public int ID {get;set;}     public string Name {get;set;}     public decimal price {get; set;}     public List<Feature> features {get;set;} }  public class Feature {      public string name {get;set;}      public string value {get;set;} } 

eg: product json

{      id: 1,      name: 'Iphone',      price: 2500.00,      features: [          {              name: 'color',              value: 'black'          },          {              name: 'screen size',              value: '6-inch'          }      ] } 

It looks good until a scenario comes where the prices differ according to features. For example, lets say price for iPhone black is 2500.00 and iPhone white is 2700.00. I could of course create two products e.g., iPhone-black and iPhone-white each with their respective prices.

But I want to have only one product with options to let the user choose, so I decided to make price a feature too like:

public class Product {     public int ID {get;set;}     public string Name {get;set;}     public List<Feature[]> features {get;set;} } 

example json:

{      id: 1,      name: 'Iphone',      features: [          [              {                  name: 'color',                  value: 'black'              },              {                  name: 'screen size',                  value: '6-inch'              },              {                  name: 'price',                  value: 2500.00              }          ],          [              {                  name: 'color',                  value: 'white'              },              {                  name: 'screen size',                  value: '6-inch'              },              {                  name: 'price',                  value: 2700.00              }          ]      ] } 

I am wondering if its a good way?

What Are the Ideas Behind Variations of the Coin Change Problem?

Problem: given a set of n coins of unique face values, and a value change, find number of ways of making change for change.

Assuming we can use a denomination more than once, here’s the pseudocode I came up with

1. NUM-WAYS(denom[], n, change) 2.   dp = [change + 1][n + 1] 3.   for i = 0 to n 4      dp[i][0] = 1 5.   xs = denom.sorted  6.   for i = 1 to change 7.     for j = 1 to n 8.       if xs[j - 1] > i 9.         dp[i][j] = dp[i][j - 1] 10.      else 11.        dp[i - xs[j - 1]][j] + dp[i][j - 1]  12.  return dp[change][n] 

The above algorithm is clear to me. However, if we are only allowed to use a denomination once, then line 11 changes to dp[i - xs[j - 1]][j - 1] + dp[i][j - 1], as if we are not allowed to use the current denomination at all. I’m failing to wrap my head around this. Can you explain this?

Here’re some test runs:

Change: 3, denominations: [8, 3, 1, 2] 11111 01111 01222 01233  // use once Change: 3, denominations: [8, 3, 1, 2] 11111 01111 00111 00122  Change: 4, denominations: [3, 1, 2] 1111 0111 0122 0123 0134  // use once Change: 4, denominations: [3, 1, 2] 1111 0111 0011 0012 0001 

Need some ideas to achieve data marketplace through hyperledger

I am trying to create a data marketplace where a party can transact with other parties, agree on the set of terms and sell data from one to another.

Here data security is of utmost concern. A party makes data available on the hyperledger, this data should be secured and no one should get hold of it. If an interested party wants this data, they have to transact with data owner party and agree on the set of terms. Only then the interested party will get the data. And now only two parties should have hold of this data. Everyone else should not get hold of it.

I would like to know what components of hyperledger can be used here. I have an idea of private data concept in hyperledger, but not sure how and where it would fit.

Would love to hear some comments from experts regarding this.