Image on category page ecommerce

My site is pretty typical where you click on a category and it takes you to the page. There are a few sentences describing the category at the top followed by all the products. Products have their name and a small thumbnail type picture. Would it have any seo benefit to put a high quality image that represents the category on the page? Like above or below the items?

How to run GCESysprep on an image restored from a snapshot

I followed the directions for cloning a Windows Server Virtual Machine as described in the following thread and everything seemed to go fine. I even tried both options for fixing the Boot Config Data EasyBCD and bcdboot.exe. However, if I try to create a reusable image with GCESysprep the new image will not boot any more.

Normally GCESysprep works ok, but it does not seem to work on an image restored from a snapshot. Is there a step that that I may be skipping?

Note, the same instructions are also posted on ServerFault here.

How to track the usage of image

We are running an image content system where we allow the option to download the image freely by any user.

Now I want to do the following things for those images:

  1. Track down the usage of the image online and offline
  2. Want control to delete the image remotely

Are these thing possible by any means?

Change background image dynamically in IE

I’m trying to get a page to display different background image based on Holiday.

When I used the DevTools in IE and pasted the following in #s4-workspace in css, nothing happened. But it worked when I pasted it under .ms-backgroundImage

background-image: url("bgimage.jpeg"); 

Below code works in Chrome and Edge but not in IE11.

if (dtTodayHol >= holSD && dtTodayHol <= holED) {     document.getElementsByClassName('ms-backgroundImage')[0].style.backgroundImage = "url('" + holBG + "')"; } 

Also tried it on #s4-workspace, same result:

    document.getElementById('s4-workspace').style.backgroundImage = "url('" + holBG + "')"; 

and also tried below but didn’t work in Chrome, Edge, or IE:

.style.background = "#ffffff url('" + holBG + "') no-repeat cover" 

All browsers are giving the same dates:

  • dtTodayHol = Tue May 21 2019 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
  • holSD = Mon May 20 2019 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
  • holED = Mon May 27 2019 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

“no such file or directory” when mounting, built using the golang:alpine Docker image

I created a fork of the’s docker-transmission image, adding support for Google Cloud Storage.

I used the Ernest (chiaen)’s docker-gcsfuse project to build gcsfuse, namely, extracting parts of his Dockerfile and added to my own one. gcsfuse is built using the golang:alpine image.

The image builts successfully (including gcsfuse; the Dockerfile instructs to just copy gcsfuse to /usr/local/bin). However, gcsfuse refuses to mount, and the logs outputs Mount: stat /donwloads: no such file or directory, enev if the directory /download actually exists, and the right permissions were set already (set at /etc/cont-init.d/20-config). I even tried to run from the shell, but still fails.

Is there a missing package or parameter in order to get gcsfuse working in my (Alpine) Docker image?

If you want to reproduce, you may bould your own local copy of the image following the instructions at in my repo (you need to upload your json key to the VM) (amitie10g/transmission is also available at Docker Hub).

Logs are available here.

Thanks in advance.

How to control which application opens a jpg image stored on a smartphone connected to Windows 7 via USB?

In Windows 7, when I open a jpg image on local storage, it opens in the app specified by Windows’ file associations (stored in the Windows Registry).

When I open the same file when it is stored on a smartphone attached via USB, the image is always opened in Windows Photo Viewer.

Why is this, and how can it be changed?