Is there a difference between training with multiple objects in a single image and multiple objects in a different images?

I’m trying to generate data for my object detection network (which will be used for TensorFlow: ResNet).

What I’m currently curious about is this: if I have the same total amount of data (each data containing coordinates and class) is using an image with multiple objects better or would it be better to have single objects for each image?

For example, would it be better to have 5 images where each image has 10 objects (total of 50 data) or to have 50 images each with a single object (total of 50 data)?

(The numbers are for illustrative purposes only. I would be using a few thousands of data)

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Absolute URL for (MultiSite) link images

How I can I get WordPress to stop making link-image URLs relative?

I’m trying to add logos to the blog-roll widget, but WordPress makes the URLs of the images relative to the current blog.

For example, if the site is, the images in the blog-roll widget at the main blog work correctly, but the ones at are broken because instead of using something like /common/bloglogos/main.png (or even, it uses

I’ve tried various combinations of URLs and formats, but it always makes the images’ URLs relative to the current blog which is annoying because it would require uploading the images for all of the blogs to each of them instead of having them all in a central location which can be updated as necessary with just one change.

The URLs of the links themselves are fine, it’s just the URLs of the images of the links that are the problem.

Retrieve Images Not Working Via REST API

I am trying to retrieve Images using the REST API from iOS/Android.

The issue I’m running into is when the images are stored in the /sites/siteName directory, the REST call does not work. Let me explain further:

My REST call: //tenant/_api/web/GetFileByServerRelativeUrl('/sites/siteName/PublishingImages/image.jpg')/$ value

  • That call does not work. I get a Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException – The file /sites/siteName/PublishingImages/image.jpg does not exist.
  • The file does indeed exist because inside the web browser I can view the image using: //

The REST call that does work is:

  • //

    ('/News/PublishingImages/image.jpg')/$ value

    • That returns the image as expected.

I’m not a SharePoint developer so my knowledge is very light. But, I’m confused to as why those calls do not work.

Any help is very appreciated.


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Need help with space between text, buttons & images

Greetings people!

I am creating a website on WordPress DIVI theme, and I have an issue, shown in this screengrab video from my pc –

Why some places(not all as you can see), when I change the scale, space between text and images is changing and make it looks not so good and not the same proportions? Should it be, when you scale, dependant…

Need help with space between text, buttons & images