Thumbnail images missing in WP media library

I have built my own WordPress theme and applied it to my WordPress website.

The issue I am having is out of the blue, the thumbnail images from the media gallery have stopped loading in and now just appear as blank squares… (Please see image)

enter image description here

I think this happened after I went into the server and deleted everything out of the wp uploads folder as I wanted to start fresh and through this would be the quickest way to get rid of all of the images.

Since then, it seems to not be loading in any thumbnails of any new images I upload so I can’t see what is actually in the media library… Kind of annoying.

I have tried using the force Thumbnail regeneration plugin and this also didn’t work.

How can I get the images back, please? 🙁

Thank you

I use wordpress plugin Custom upload dir,But it not work for woocommerce CSV import images

I need to build store wordpress+woocommerce. and I use plugin: custom upload dir to custom the upload directory! whent I post product myself,the pulgin is work! which product images are upload the directory as custom upload dir custom. when I use CSV import the products,the CSV include the product images url Link and when I import the CSV,the product images auto download to /uploads/,not to the directory as custom upload dir custom.

Import images from RSS with Feeds module without Feeds Image Grabber

I’m passing all the sites from D7 to D8 and so far so good. But one of my sites gives me a couple of problems.

I was populating the RSS site in Drupal 7 using Feeds Image Grabber. Now, Feeds Image Grabber for Drupal 8 is not there. So how do I get RSS images then?

I read that maybe you can do it with the Feeds extensible parsers module.

Any advice?

Hover Images using HTML in webpart

Is there any code to add to make the image a bit bigger in my SP webpart?

I just want it to have a little effect when mouse over. Here’s my code

<p style="text-align: center;">     <span class="ms-rteFontFace-12 ms-rteFontSize-4 ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-0">For New Mass Upload Request</span></p> <p style="text-align: center;">Please click the button below.</p> <p style="text-align: center;">     <a href="/sites/pub/mdmrequests/Lists/New%20Mass%20Upload%20Requests/Item/newifs.aspx?List=33cf32a0-38b1-467f-8d57-01399a00338f&amp;Source=https%3a//;RootFolder=&amp;Web=cc3aea35-e893-45c1-92f4-b8c842103970">       <img class="ms-rteImage-0 ms-rtePosition-4" alt="images.png" src="/sites/pub/mdmrequests/requesttypeselection/SiteAssets/SitePages/Home/images.png" style="width: 160px; height: 60px;"/></a>&#160;</p> <p style="text-align: center;">&#160;</p> 

Why will some images pinch down to however small I want, and some won’t?

Why will some images pinch down to however small I want, and some won’t? I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab-S for referral to images when painting on rocks. When I begin, I have to freehand draw the image on the rock, so I measure the available area to get proportions correct. Some images I can “pinch down” to the exact height (ie. 2-1/2″) and they stay there, but some will spring back to at least halfway when I turn them loose. Please tell me how to solve this. I’ve tried reducing the resolution via Photoshop, but that doesn’t solve it. What is the common denominator to this problem, please?

do 2 images 3d photos for $5

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Sharing base64 images on facebook

I was reading FB instant game docs when I came across this snippet:

FBInstant.shareAsync({   intent: 'REQUEST',   image: myBase64Picture,   text: 'Hey I\'m stuck on this puzzle! Can you help me?',   data: { myReplayData: '...' }, }) 

Is this possible outside the context of FB instant games and through regular JS? I found this graph api code but it seems to be no longer supported by FB (making a POST to

Which software can take a batch of classified images and automatically learn from them to classify automatically furthe rimages?

I have a Lightroom library that contains some photos I classified myself and some other ones (in both cases, thousands) not yet classified.

I want to automatically classify images based on the tags I assigned to the images I already classified.

Most steps (I use Lightroom) are simple:

  • write XMP files
  • filter the files according to the tags
  • feed each set of images (one set per tag) to a software
  • use the output of the software to write new XMP files
  • instruct Lightroom to reload metadata from XMP files.

However, which (artificial intelligence) software can I use for the purpose?

The question is asked here in Photo because I’m asking about a ready or almost ready package, not about about which software/package to use when programming a new AI.