Customized Oil Immersed Pole Mounted Transformador

Our History
PINGCHAO Electric Co., Ltd is located in Yueqing ,Wenzhou City, Zhejiang,China. It is founded in 2016 year which integrates industrial manufacturing and exporting, mainly specialized in various kinds of components of switchgears, such as electric earthing switch, SF6 Load switch,RMU Break switch,GIS disconnector switch,MV Switchgear vacumm circuit breaker,electric chassis for VCB, high voltage valve device, guide rail, insulators and sensor with more than 10 series, 500 kinds of specifications, annual output of 100000 units.
Our Factory
It covers an area of 5000 square meters, 60 existing staff, 2 technicians, and total assets of RMB 100 million. We adhere to high starting point, high quality, high level of “three high” strategy and excellent management system, which help us to develop steadily.
Passed ISO9001:2000, with good quality, best price and on-time delivery, Pingchao gained praise in both domestic and international market.
For the future, Pingchao will never stop to pursue innovation and refinement as to create values for customers and the society at large, and strives to make it into a world-famous enterprise with modeled operation, scientific management and internationalized brand.
Our Product
RMU SF6 Load Switch and component,Vacumm Circuit Breaker ,SF6 GIS complete Set,VCB conductive parts,Earthing switch control Module,Earthing Switch,GIS disconnector switch,shuttle device,Auxiliary Switch,Contact box,Static contact,Heating device and charged Display
Product Application
We are specialized in spares of 12KV,24Kv,40.5KVSwitchgear and vacumm circiut breaker,which can fit with ABB,Schneider and siemens switchgear.
Production Market
Russia,Pakistan,Vietnam,bangladesh and middle east
Our service
Foucus on the quality before deliver,check the quality in each step when processing and Sever customer in 24 hours under working.                                Customized Oil Immersed Pole Mounted Transformador

A connected embedded submanifold, which is contained in an immersed submanifold, is connected in this submanifold?

I’m currently studying foliation theory, and to solve a problem I need the following to be true, but I can’t prove nor disprove, I just have a feeling it may be false in general: if I have a smooth manifold $ M,$ and a connected embedded submanifold $ P$ of $ M,$ which is contained in an immersed submanifold $ F$ of $ M,$ is $ P$ also connected in the immersed submanifold topology of $ F$ ?

At first I thought this was obviously true, but giving it a little more thinking, either I’m making some mistake or, if this is true, it is certainly not obvious. Here is what I did: $ F$ may have a finer topology than its subspace topology. If $ F$ was an embedded manifold, then the subspace topology of $ P$ in $ M$ would coincide with its the subspace topology as a subset of $ F,$ and then it would be connected in $ F$ . But with $ F$ being immersed, $ P$ with a topology induced by the immersed topology of $ F$ may have an open set which messes with its connectedness. Any ideas, or did I made some mistake? Thanks.