How to import json (pcap) data from TShark to Elasticsearch and Kibana [closed]

I am currently trying to setup my own little SIEM, but cannot seem to transfer the files how I want them.

I am capturing the data with tshark:

tshark -i eth0 -T ek > cap.pcap.json 

This outputs a json file that is suited for ElasticSearch.

I have (at least I think so) managed to upload the data to my ElasticSearch by using curl.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -XPOST "localhost:9200/_bulk?pretty" --data-binary @cap.pcap.json 

This seems to work, I get an output (json) at the console that shows me where the data is located in Elastic-Search (_index,_type,_version, _shards, …).

But here, I am stuck. I’d like to import the data to Kibana (full ELK-Stack is installed), but cannot seem to find the right setting anywhere…

At the Dashboard (kibana), it is possible to “Add Data to Kibana” for a SIEM, but I don’t find a JSON option, “merely” zeek and auditbeat (…). Can anyone help me or point me to a site where it is explained. I searched, but found just things like: And once you have it in Elastic-Search, it is in Kibana…


Cannot Import Zap AddOn in Owasp Zap latest version [closed]

I downloaded a Zap addon here :

Now I wanted to import it in my Owasp Zap but I get the following error :

It says : “cannot load specified addon : not before 2.3.0”

I tried to find owasp zap 2.3.0 but I did not find it

Can you help me install this addon on my ZAP (latest version) or find a version of ZAP that would accept it ?

The big problem is that this version is not in the list of available addon in ZAP it’d been easier

enter image description here

import interface in mystrings.d.ts

I want to add multiple languages to my spfx web part.

Now I want to import some interfaces to my mystrings.d.ts declaration file. But when I do that it breaks the definition and I get a lot of errors like:

enter image description here

My question is if it’s possible to import interfaces to my declaration file for my strings so that i don’t have to write these definitions on my own?

Import locale key from component

i have a few components where i export a string as identifier for each component. At the root of my webpart “webpartname.tsx” i dynamicly load different components and there i reuse the exportet identifier. Now i want to use the identifier as key in my locale files to translate the name (view) of the component. In english the displayname of component 1 is “dashboard” and in german the displayname is “√úbersicht”.

But when i try to import the key of my component into the “mystrings.d.ts” i get error in a few components.

enter image description here

enter image description here