Import root.cer, server.pfx and client.pfx certificates

I have to install these three certificates (root.cer, server.pfx and client.pfx) genereted by Qlik Sense in a Ubuntu machine.

My cenario:

The above link describes what I have to do for Windows, but I need the same result in Ubuntu. These steps works for Windows.

There are two diferents way to import, one for .cer and another for .pfx.

In Ubuntu should I consider “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” and “Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate” steps diferences?

My search found lots of commands and conversions, but Im really lost about it.

What steps should I do to install these certificates?

Error In Import: Attribute doesn’t belong to attribute_set in row(s)

I’m trying to import configurable product in magento 2 by CSV. using firegento extension.

For simple product, It is working fine. But for the configurable product it fails.

eg: in CSV file

Simple product row: attribute_set_code = Stem And steerer_diameter = 1-1/8"

Configurable Product Row: attribute_set_code = Stem And steerer_diameter =''"

So in this case Import show error for configurable product:

1: Begin data validation 2: Data validation failed. Please fix the following errors and upload the file again. 3: Attribute steerer_diameter doesn't belong to attribute_set in row(s): 1 4: Broken product SKU VARPRS008 in row(s): 1 5: Checked rows: 1, checked entities: 1, invalid rows: 1, total errors: 2 

About import configurable product by csv in Magento 2

I want import configurable product by csv in Magento 2.

My csv like this.

sku,product_type,configurable_variations,configurable_variation_labels 2100,configurable,"sku=2100-50,size=50|sku=2100-6062,size=6062|sku=2100-5658,size=5658",size=Size 

When run import, magento show OK, but it not show in product, type product not change from simple to configurable. How to import it? Please help me. Thanks all.

Magento 2.3.1 import images with external link still not working

trying to pull image from external url during import but get:

"1. Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions in row(s): 2" 

here is the link…

I only have two products to test.. I exported products… edited the CSV to add the above url to the base_image column.

I have tried with and without https:// I get the same errror.. I am on M2 2.3.1