Is CHARSET important for tables with INT only?

My server default CHARSET is UTF-8 (set in my.cnf). I create tables like

CREATE TABLE t1 ( ID int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, Title varchar(255), PRIMARY KEY(ID) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci KEY_BLOCK_SIZE=2 

but some tables have only int columns. Is it beneficial to use latin charset for them? Or is it better to have all tables with UTF-8 charset for consistency?

CREATE TABLE t2 ( ID int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, TagID int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(ID,TagID) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci KEY_BLOCK_SIZE=1 


CREATE TABLE t2 ( ID int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, TagID int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(ID,TagID) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci KEY_BLOCK_SIZE=1 

What foundational skills are most important to lead a new project as an Art Director? [closed]

Let’s say I was building a new 3D platformer and need to fill a role for an Art Director that will then go on to build a team.

Let’s assume both candidates have a diverse work history in the gaming industry. They have both worked on AAA games for PC and console. They are currently art directors of other mid size game studios. Both of them have experience managing teams effectively.

But there are some differences between them:

Candidate A spent most of their career developing technical abilities in modeling and texturing. They excel in developing strong asset pipelines and making sure the final deliverables match the concepts closely as possible and are of exceptional quality. They do not excel in creating concept art or in creative design. They rely on curating and mentoring other artists concepts to find a creative vision.

Candidate B spent most of their career developing concept art and has an incredibly strong creative ability. They excel in developing a strong creative vision for the project and are able to build character and environment concepts, artistic guides, storyboards etc. They do not excel in modeling or texturing or have a strong background in asset pipelines but are familiar enough with the process to lead artists to get the close to the concepts and deliver assets of good to great quality.

Which candidates foundational skills are more important to lead the project and why?

I’m aware that there are a lot of parameters that may affect the answer to this question, and am trying to better understand those as well.

How important is initial state for local search optimisation?

I have been enjoying Pascal van Hentenryck’s Discrete Optimisation course and we’re in Week 4 on the wonders of Local Search algorithms for combinatorial optimisation.

I’m wondering how important the initial configuration is to the quality of solution achievable in a fixed time or, somewhat equivalently, how quickly a solution of a given quality can be reached.

So if I have a good heuristic or intuition for how to arrange things in the first place, is it helpful to devote some processing time to setting that up or is it all dominated by the effect of the local search process?

For example, in the Cartesian Travelling Salesman Problem (where we’re working in a 2D plane and the cost of a journy is simply the straight-line distance) I might "feel" that a good route could roughly follow a clockwise sweep from the centre of the space. So I could use this to set my initial tour (i.e. order the nodes by their angle from the mean of all points). This intuition might be rubbish for certain instances and great for others, I was hoping to see a study where (let’s say random TSP) instances had been solved by following a heuristic first state as opposed to a completely random (but legal) first state.

Turn around Cell Phone Database – 3 Important Factors

As you are very much aware, there are truly many catalogs that you can browse on the web that will permit you to do a converse telephone query. Some look fancier than others, some give you more data, and some give you quality and security. In the event that you are in the chase for an opposite telephone query, there are the things that you have to consider. 
The main thing that you have to consider is the amount you are happy to spend. In the event that you  phone database are simply searching for land line telephone numbers, it should come at not cost to you. On the off chance that you are searching for unlisted and mobile phone numbers, it will include some significant pitfalls. This is because of PDAs not being openly enlisted, hence you need to pay for the administration. A normal registry should cost you around $4.00 every month which ought to incorporate boundless looks for a year.
On the off chance that you have an inclination that you don’t have to pay for the administration, you can take a stab at finding a free one. Be careful, a large portion of these catalogs just give you restricted data and are not refreshed consistently. To guarantee quality, the catalog ought to be refreshed consistently and give quality data. This implies you ought to get data on names, addresses, criminal records, warrant look, business look, neighborhood watches, and significantly more.
The exact opposite thing you need to search for in a converse assistance is the no hit, no charge strategy. This will permit you to look for your number and in the event that it isn’t in the registry, you basically don’t pay. It is a strategy that ought to consistently be remembered for the administration, and without it, you may not comprehend what you are accepting.

Why is it important for every table to have a primary key?

So I have some tables in Sql Server that are essentially a list of sales, things like:

ProductID  SalesOrderID ProductFamilyID  ProductCost ProductSource 

and so on. In this case, none of the columns are necessarily unique, so I can’t create a primary key from any combination of them. In fact, the only constraint that I really have on the table is that I need every row in the table to be a unique combination of the columns. So I’m assuming something like a unique index would be the way to go there.

The only primary key I could add is something like an autoincrement primary key. But what would be the actual use of that, database wise? What are the possible problems with not creating a primary key for a table like this?