what is the best way to copy live data to staging with most recent important data

I upgraded to 2.3.1 from 2.1.x copied the old site to new server and everything has been upgraded working!! I plan to change the DNS when ready. now i need to grab the most recent order and costumers info to go live. what are the most important data I can manually copy from live db? if there are 10-15 tables to copy data and dump would be ideal.

or is there way i can copy the whole site data and dump into the staging site???there has to be easier way? typical magento never make it easy…

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Why is the closest string problem so important?

The closest string problem has been baffling me. I don’t understand the concept completely, to iterate what I’ve read. The most occurring characters are replaced by a’s and the 2nd b’s and the third c’s.

More formally, given n length-m strings s1, s2, …, sn, the closest string problem seeks for a new length-m string s such that d(s,si) ≤ k for all i, where d denotes the Hamming distance, and where k is as small as possible.[2] A decision problem version of the closest string problem, which is NP-complete, instead takes k as another input and questions whether there is a string within Hamming distance k of all the input strings.1








The second group there seems that starting at the first row is a hamming distance of two and the 2nd row has a hamming distance of 1 and skipping the third one a hamming distance of one.

I’m confused, because why don’t they look at the strings horizontally and that two rows of strings are exactly the same.