Has Wi-Fi hacking gotten almost impossible?

I have read about Wi-Fi password cracking for a while and used different tools my self, such as:

  • Airodump for monitoring
  • Aicrack for getting key from cap files for WEP/WPA/WPA2
  • Reaver for WPS
  • Bully for WPS
  • Reaver and bully with PixieWPS for WPS

I have tried the tools on WEP, WPA and WPA2, where only WEP is able to get cracked. The weak point of routers was WPS, but reaver and bully seems outdated and I have not gotten them to work on a single router yet. WPA2 cannot be cracked as far as I have understood, and the only way to actually get a password from WPA/WPA2 is by having a word list, which in itself is an extremely bad solution. There is an incredibly low chance of a password being in a word list, and if we talk outside the USA, they are non existant. Since WPS cracking seems to be secured, WPA/WP2 not being able to be cracked without word lists and WPA3 on the way, would that mean that currently Wi-Fi with WPA/WPA2 protection is most likely impossible to hack?

I think Youtube is impossible

Hello, so I keep seeing people getting subscribers and views very easily and in very short time! Sometimes with great content and sometimes not:


But the thing is, there are hundreds of this type of channels and they get crazy views, I've been trying since 2016 and all i got in this period is just 100 subscribers!!! Like if you make videos of completely nothing just filming your front door and add different titles…

I think Youtube is impossible

Add Product to cart with required Options is impossible

I added a required customizable option (not sure about the name in English, in French it’s “Option personnalisable”).

On front, there is no problem until you try to add the product to the cart. At this moment it’s printing you this message :

“The product’s required option(s) weren’t entered. Make sure the options are entered and try again.”

I tryed to get where the problem was happening in the code, and I found the place where the error was triggered : vendor/magento/module-catalog/Model/Product/Option/Type/DefaultType.php l216. When I tried to print getttype($ value), it gave me a “null”.

I tried to go further in the core, but cannot find were the bug is happening.

Do you have any idea how I can resolve this error ?

Feel free to ask for more details Thank you

M2: Impossible reindex

Impossible reindex magento 2.1.11

In terminal I run:

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

The first 3 indexes reindex in a few seconds. Reindex stops on the 4th index and this is the end. I waited all night and stood still.

Reindex stops at:

Indexed category / product associations

  • I try reset all indexex
  • also I try fix issue with deadlock:


any other solution?

Custom file uploads seem impossible from a POST request?

Why are $ _Files and/or HTTPFoundation\FileBag invalid in custom module Controller?

I have noticed a very strange issue with accessing an individual file from the $ _FILES object or the Symfony derived \Symfony\Component\HTTPFoundation\FileBag from within a custom module controller.

The exact location of the issue seems to be in Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\HttpKernel -> handleRaw

Specifically, the file exists prior dispatching the KernelEvent::REQUEST but it does not after.

// request $  event = new GetResponseEvent($  this, $  request, $  type);  // THE FILE EXISTS HERE // file_exists( $  request->files->get(0)->getRealPath()) == TRUE  $  this->dispatcher->dispatch(KernelEvents::REQUEST, $  event);  // THE FILE DOES NOT EXISTS HERE // file_exists( $  request->files->get(0)->getRealPath()) == FALSE 

Here is the entire method for reference also including some code to move the file, which works as expected as long as it is before the event dispatch.

  /**  * Handles a request to convert it to a response.  *  * Exceptions are not caught.  *  * @param Request $  request A Request instance  * @param int     $  type    The type of the request (one of HttpKernelInterface::MASTER_REQUEST or HttpKernelInterface::SUB_REQUEST)  *  * @return Response A Response instance  *  * @throws \LogicException       If one of the listener does not behave as expected  * @throws NotFoundHttpException When controller cannot be found  */ private function handleRaw(Request $  request, $  type = self::MASTER_REQUEST) {     $  this->requestStack->push($  request);       $  directory = \Drupal::service('file_system')->realpath(file_default_scheme() . "://");      /* @var \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\UploadedFile $  uploadedFile*/     $  uploadedFile = $  request->files->get(0);      if (is_uploaded_file($  uploadedFile->getRealPath())){       $  success = $  uploadedFile->move($  directory);     }      // request     $  event = new GetResponseEvent($  this, $  request, $  type);     $  this->dispatcher->dispatch(KernelEvents::REQUEST, $  event);      if ($  event->hasResponse()) {         return $  this->filterResponse($  event->getResponse(), $  request, $  type);     }      // load controller     if (false === $  controller = $  this->resolver->getController($  request)) {         throw new NotFoundHttpException(sprintf('Unable to find the controller for path "%s". The route is wrongly configured.', $  request->getPathInfo()));     }      $  event = new FilterControllerEvent($  this, $  controller, $  request, $  type);     $  this->dispatcher->dispatch(KernelEvents::CONTROLLER, $  event);     $  controller = $  event->getController();      // controller arguments     $  arguments = $  this->argumentResolver->getArguments($  request, $  controller);      $  event = new FilterControllerArgumentsEvent($  this, $  controller, $  arguments, $  request, $  type);     $  this->dispatcher->dispatch(KernelEvents::CONTROLLER_ARGUMENTS, $  event);     $  controller = $  event->getController();     $  arguments = $  event->getArguments();      // call controller     $  response = call_user_func_array($  controller, $  arguments);      // view     if (!$  response instanceof Response) {         $  event = new GetResponseForControllerResultEvent($  this, $  request, $  type, $  response);         $  this->dispatcher->dispatch(KernelEvents::VIEW, $  event);          if ($  event->hasResponse()) {             $  response = $  event->getResponse();         }          if (!$  response instanceof Response) {             $  msg = sprintf('The controller must return a response (%s given).', $  this->varToString($  response));              // the user may have forgotten to return something             if (null === $  response) {                 $  msg .= ' Did you forget to add a return statement somewhere in your controller?';             }             throw new \LogicException($  msg);         }     }      return $  this->filterResponse($  response, $  request, $  type); } 

I am trying to write a custom GraphQL module mutation plugin that handles file uploads and unless I can get access to the file object from the POST request, I don’t think this will be possible.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I believe this may be a core issue or an upstream issue with Symfony or at the very least a side effect of the assumptions of how new requests are created.


Alitalia changed flight made our travel impossible

Alitalia changed the second flight of my connection, making it impossible for me to travel between Ajaccio (AJA) and Rome (FCO). The new scheduled flight leaves a day before we even take our first flight. Since our flight date has been changed and not cancelled, am I still eligible for a refund? Ive just now received the email announcing the change and the flight was supposed to take place next thursday. The flight info provided on Alitalia's website

Does disabling WiFi and mobile data make my phone impossible to hack online?

As I understand, a relatively outdated phone (Android 5, not updated for a few years) could be easily compromised by using security exploits through WiFi, mobile data, NFC or Bluetooth.

I’m about to participate to an event where other people might try to hack into my phone (I suppose there is a similar issue when going to the conferences such as DEF CON). Given that NFC and Bluetooth are already turned off, is there any chance for another person to hack into my phone if I keep WiFi and mobile data turned off as well?

Naturally, physical stealing of the phone is out of question, but the intruder can get within centimeters of the phone in a crowd.

If we introduced an illogical/logically impossible system into a hypercomputer, would it be able to fully “compute” it? [on hold]

Trivialism is a system that proposes that literally every proposition is true and false at the same time blatantly breaking the principle of no contradiction and triggering the principle of explosion (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trivialism)

I find this system very interesting and I would like to find a cosmological or physical theory/hypothesis/model that would be completely compatible with it. I will explain what I mean by “completely” in a little bit…

Almost all physical theories and cosmological models I’ve found avoid at all costs contradictions, and when some contradiction is found is either ignored or rejected. It has been a strong traditional claim and assumption in philosophy and science that inconsistencies cannot exist in reality, so all these models with inconsistencies are rejected or ignored by most of the people.

For example, physical laws break inside black holes (in the singularity). We would expect to have a lawless “place” inside black holes where everything could be allowed, but virtually no physics propose that. They propose that inside black holes, there are other, yet uknown, set of laws that could explain what happens inside, but because we cannot receive any information from the singularity, we cannot guess anything and we cannot build any set of laws that would plausibly be applied to black hole singularities.

Anyways, the only set of theories that I’ve found that would be compatible with trivialism, are those which propose that the universe is a computer, or rather, a hypercomputer, since trivialism would certainly have uncomputable things that could only be computed by a hypercomputer. I think these models would be compatible with trivialism because they would assume that the universe is a hypercomputer and it would be made of information or something similar. Since hypercomputers (as well as brains) can compute/conceive trivialist systems, a hypercomputer-universe, or something similar, could perfectly have a trivialist nature

But then, here is when the word “completely” takes place: Even though a hypercomputer, or our brains, can work with trivialist systems, there are things that would exist in a hypothetical completely trivialist universe that we could not compute/conceive. For example, in a trivialist system, a cricle intersecting a straight line in 3 points in Euclidean geometry, would be perfectly possible (in classical logic, would be logically impossible). But although we can think of a trivialist system or universe where this could be found on its nature, we cannot know/compute/conceive how would it be or look like. Since we cannot describe things that are logically impossible to describe (like such circle), we cannot imagine/compute/conceive how would that circle be, even if we can think of a trivialist system containing it. And even if we would be somehow capable of watching them from our universe, we would see nothing since these things would be logically impossible to describe and to exist (so no mental states would represent them, and thus, we would not see anything).

So this is the problem I am trying to solve. A hypercomputer/hypercomputational information-based model of a universe could produce a universe where its laws would be evidently “governed” by trivialism (just as in our universe, our laws are evidently, at least for the majority, “governed” by classical/quantum rules). But since no hypercomputational system could compute some things that are logically impossible to describe (like the example I wrote before) not all things that would be theoretically inside a trivialist universe could exist in a hypercomputer-universe (since in computational models of the universe or even in hypercomputational models of the universe, everything that would not be computed, would not exist).

So, is it there any physical/cosmological hypercomputational model that would also assume that things that would not be computed by the hypercomputer-universe would also certainly exist? Or maybe there are other different hypercomputational models where literally all things that trivialism would “describe” or propose, would exist and be true?…