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Any lead to improve my bluetooth speaker sound quality?

Using Ubuntu 19.04. I recently acquired a megaboom 3 portable bluetooth speaker, and for its size, the sound is stellar when connected to my phone.

However, when connected to my computer (bluetooth too), the sound is significantly less pleasant. It might be because it is recognized as bluetooth headphones instead of a bluetooth speaker (see screenshot) but I’m not sure.

Bluetooth speaker (TomTomBoom) recognized as Headphone

Any lead to improve the sound quality is welcome.

Toasts on big screens – how to improve noticeability

Our webapp uses toast notifications to inform the user about the results of their action. They are displayed in the bottom right corner.

The problem is that I use a big screen – 32 inch – and the notifications are almost unnoticeable unless I consciously focus on that area.

While on some views (password change) can straight up replace the form with success message, most of the time the user is meant to stay on the same page.

On another note while the app is responsive most actions are typically done on the user’s PC/notebook.

How can this be improved?

I see three options as of now:

bottom center

Directly below the content which is fine for large screens but might block the contents on small screens. But that is an unlikely case because even in repetitive/batch entry cases actions are too slow to cause those notifications to stack.

top right

The sight is top heavy so moving those notifications to the top moves them closer to content.

bottom left

Directly below the menu – while possible as of now this could block the menu and there might be more entries in the future.

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Is there a way to improve performance here using No Exists?

I have three tables. One table has information on users, such as their name, bio, age etc. The primary key is the Id field alone. Second table shows people users follow (user_following) and the third table is to store relations with people who follow me (user_followers).

I want to find information on those users who have been removed from both the tables.

Users can have large IDs and hence the ID column is varchar with the lenght being max 25 characters as of now.

My query is this:

select *  FROM followers_info finfo  LEFT JOIN user_followers uf      ON uf.follower_id = finfo.follower_id  LEFT JOIN user_following fing      ON fing.follower_id = finfo.follower_id  WHERE uf.follower_id IS NULL    AND fing.follower_id IS NULL 

Attached is the explain results of this query: enter image description here

Is there a way to improve the performance here?

How improve bandwidth chaining 4-5 or more VPNs

I have good ISP. Chain 4 VPNs get 13Mbit download 3.5Mbit upload 500ms. Chain 5 VPNs get 4Mbit download 2Mbit upload 800ms. Computer is great. Plenty of cores.

I know performance hit expected. I hop all around world but do not back track for latency in privacy friendly not eyes countries with top providers good jurisdiction. I dont use single VPN provider provided multi hop. Defeats purpose.

Other questions compare security with tor. That is not my question. Ask for tips to improve specs I gave. Or is this as good as it gets.