How can I improve combat so my players don’t always use the strategy of focusing fire on one enemy at a time until it’s dead?

I’m DMing a campaign on 5e with a group of four players. We’re all experienced in RPG in general but not specifically on 5e.

Players are Level 4. Wizard, Fighter, Rogue and Druid, Circle of the Moon.

My players have come to the conclusion that, given the mechanics of the game, is much more effective to focus all the fire power on a creature at a time and avoid spreading damage. Their logic is it really doesn’t matter if a creature has 1 or 80 HP left, as longs a it has over 0, he has all capacity to do damage. In effect, creatures are binary, they are either alive and therefore have full capacity to act, or death, in which case they don’t.

Unfortunately I agree with this assessment but I feel it makes the game less fun. Not because I’m looking for super realistic combat but because it limits the combat strategy to “drop them one at a time”.

As such, they tend to not distribute their efforts or engage separately but, instead, swarm into a single enemy, concentrate all the attacks and then move to the next. This feels to me like the more effective tactic but also the least “fun” and role playing way of doing combat.

Is my players interpretation wrong or am I handling the combat in the wrong way? What am I missing?

Improve algorithmic complexity

We have an array of N size. We have to perform Q queries on it, in which each Query contains and Index I for which we do:

for j=I+1 to N:   if A[j]<A[I]:     A[j]=0 

The Queries are not independent of each other so we need to use the changed Array everytime.

I have given a lot of thought but was able to come up only with brute force solution with complexity of O(Q*N). Can anyone tell a better solution?


Array- 4 3 4 3 2, Query-3 2 After Query 1(Index 3, element 3)- 4 3 4 3 0 After Query 2(Index 2,element 4)-4 3 4 0 0 

Is there any app/plugin to improve the speed of the Shopify Stores?

Hi All,

I am managing a new Shopify based e-commerce website with currently more than 20,000 products. The website has already started lagging as more and more products are being added on the websites. The website is getting slower with every passing day and images are one of the major reasons for the same. The images are already being optimized.
Is there any app or any plugin that can help to sort the problem?

So, it would be a great help if anyone can help me for the same. Here is the…

Is there any app/plugin to improve the speed of the Shopify Stores?

When does setting the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option actually improve performance?

My question is related to index rebuilding, mainly the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option.

BOL states that:

Even if other users are using the database and accessing separate disk addresses, the overall pattern of reads and writes are more efficient when SORT_IN_TEMPDB is specified than when it is not.

On the other hand, one of the users states:

When rebuilding an index you would need twice the space of the index + 20% for the sorting. So in general to rebuild every index in your db you only need 120% of your biggest index in your DB. If you use SORT_IN_TEMPDB, you only win 20%, you still need an aditional 100% in your data file. Further more, using sort in tempdb increases your IO load drastically, since instead of Writing the index one time to the datafile, you now write it one time to the tempdb and then write it to the data file. So that is not always ideal.

Would you like to share your own experience about this option? Have you ever had to use this option while rebuilding indexes? What was the performance result?

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