Damaging inanimate objects in battles to indirectly gain advantage in battles

  1. I was thinking of using Spell damage to knockdown a dead Tree trunk in order for it to land on two/three skeletons and therefore pinning them effectively in place.

  2. Assuming having 1 Torch lit only with an all-human party (and I am Chaotic Evil), I was thinking of aiming my spell on the Torch effectively putting it out and make my quick getaway.

Are these possible scenarios?

This is for the Table Top game Dungeons and Dragons (DnD-e5). (sorry about that)

How would you bring inanimate object to life as allies?

I’m a newer D&D 5e player, and I like to experiment in my sessions because I work with an experienced DM.

As the title says, I was wondering if there exists some way to bring inanimate objects to life and fight for you.

I know of “Animate Objects”, but have never used it. I’m also looking for more permanent solutions to this problems. Ideally I could have a sidetable as a minion or something silly like this.