How to increase monk’s chance to land a Stunning Strike?

My monk is a multi-class character (Monk 9/Paladin 8) in a homebrew 5e campaign and clearly does not have too many ki points as level 17 character. I also find it inconsiderate and boring when burning through ki points in just a few rounds to attempt to stun a monster (which is even more challenging with Legendary Resistances).

What spells, feats, skills, class features, etc. can help monk to successfully perform a stunning strike? (5e and Unearthed Arcana)

Some solutions I am aware of after extensive research:

  1. Increase monk’s wisdom ability score

    • Feats: Resilient, Observant, Prodigy (UA), etc.
    • Items: Tome of Understanding, Ioun Stone, Book of Exalted Deeds. Maybe more?
    • Spells: Wish. Maybe more? Any way to temporarily increase WIS?
  2. Negatively affect target’s Constitution Saving throw:

    • Spells: Bane, Bestow Curse, Contagion, Glyph of Warding (indirectly). Maybe more?
    • Class Abilities: Wizard’s Portent, Sorcerer’s Bend Luck. Maybe more?
    • Items: Nothing in 5e and UA?
    • Other: Inflict exhaustion condition level 3, make monster own a treasure from a Mummy Lord’s Lair. Maybe more?

Are there ways to increase the Ranged Attack damage of Aegis?

Are there ways to increase the Ranged Attack damage of Aegis?

This primarily has to do energy variant (Energy Blast) of the ranged attack along with its Empowered and Improved version, or is this it? KRyan clarified the crystal variant does not count as weapon for feat based damage increase, so there goes Psionic Shot, Greater Psionic Shot and Deadly Aim. So, I’m focusing the energy variant.

This upgrade makes the base attack a ranged touch attack. However I’m not certain weather the energy projectile now counts as a ray or not. That and if there are feats the work with rays that affect damage. Nor am I certain that elemental feats that can increase damage could work for this as well. Does this also affect it range? The original crystal version had a ranged increment of 30 feet (max 300 feet at -20 to hit penalty), but the new energy version never stated if any changes in its range. So if it is a ray, do rays have range increment?

I’m taking advantage of the Opening Volley feat with this build should the answers seem favorable. I’d like deal a descent amount of ranged damage before closing in for more.

Thanks in advance for any help

Ranged Attack The aegis gains the ability to propel a non-psionic crystal, formed from the astral suit, at a target as a ranged attack that deals 1d8 points of piercing damage and has a range increment of 30 ft.

Energy Blast The ranged attack gained from the ranged attack customization becomes imbued with psionic energy. The attack is now treated as a ranged touch attack and instead deals 1d6 points of damage of your active energy type, but requires a standard action to use and cannot be used as part of a full attack. This effect can be turned on or off as a move action. The aegis must be at least 4th level and have the ranged attack customization before selecting this customization.

Improved Ranged Attack The damage of the aegis’ ranged attack ability increases by an additional 1d8 points of piercing damage for every five class levels the aegis has. If the aegis is using the energy blast customization, the additional damage is instead 1d6 points of damage of your active energy type for every five class levels. The aegis must be at least 5th level and have the ranged attack customization before selecting this customization.

Empowered Blast The aegis can spend power points to increase the damage of his energy blast attack. Once per round, before making an attack using the energy blast customization, the aegis can spend up to his class level in power points as a free action, to gain +1d6 damage for every 1 power point spent. An attack that misses is wasted. The aegis must be at least 4th level and have the energy blast and ranged attack customizations before selecting this customization.

Active Energy Type

Although the aegis is not a true manifesting class, he can still gain an active energy type (cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) just like any other psionic character when he gains psionic focus.

How does a dragon gain Challenge Rating & thereby increase their spell power?

According to the spell casting variant suggested in the Monster Manual in the True Dragon section, dragons gain a number of spells based on their charisma and their maximum level is based off of 1/3rd of their Challenge Rating. Here is a table that sums it up.

Assuming a dragon reverse extrapolated and is aware of this variant for draconic spell casting, they would seek to gain greater CR in order to cast the better spells. Take an Ancient Greens with CR 22, she needs a few more CR ‘points’ so as to gain Clone or Mighty Fortress.

Note: ALL the questions below revolve around True Dragons gaining increased Challenge Rating. If i require a separate StackExchange question for each, please let me know!

  • Does a dragon existing-residing ‘in lair’ gain CR? Does their maximum spell level ‘drop’ the moment they leave?

  • Does a leading dragon gain CR based on the number and quality of her servants, minions, slaves, toadies, &/or henchpersons (or ‘livestock-property’ in the case of Green dragons)? Would this also increase based on magic items, traps or well-defended real estate (such as castles on mountains – they have a lot of hit points and good armour class, making a dragon MUCH tougher).

  • If any True dragon becomes a Shadow dragon, how much does it gain in Challenge Rating? Why?

  • Does a vast &/or terrifying amount of knowledge equate to CR? It would mean better tactics, strategy &/or knowing weaknesses of friends and foe alike. Does a vast amount of intelligence infrastructure (i.e. ‘a powerful spy network & strike force’) equate threat and danger and thus increase CR?

  • Would gaining the spell power of an arch-mage (CR 12) add to her high-ranking CR? If so, how much?

Most dragons would want at least CR 24 for 8th level spells at the very least. Getting CR 27 would allow for the real game-changer spells like True Polymorph and Wish.

Long story short: Assuming a dragon figured out that CR = Spell power, how would such a being best gain Challenge Rating?

Can I use “chosen by the oracles” to increase damage?

I’m using L5R 4th Portuguese version (Brazilian). A player is using the Chosen by the Oracles ( You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Ring Rolls using that Ring. ) advantage to increase the damage of the The Fires from within (The spell has a DR equal to your Fire Ring) spell. He has Fire 4, so there’s 5k5 damage. Is that valid?

Thanks a lot!

(English is not my first language)

Does armor proficiency from class also give the Ability Score increase from the proficiency feat?

Old school RPer coming back after long gaming hiatus and new to D&D 5e. Liking what I see, and happy to be rid of ThAC0, lol. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to what I’m about to ask, but figure I’d ask anyways to make sure I didn’t miss something in the new system. Sorry if this is clearer to others or was addressed previously.

As I’m reading it seems feats are a little different now and fewer and further between when leveling, so I’m guessing they’re more valuable than they used to be. Going through the feats list I noticed that a lot of the feats also give an Ability Score increase and I have a question about those increases. (Example: Moderately Armored feat gives proficiency in medium armor and also increases STR or DEX by 1.)

IRC in the old system if you were proficient in an armor type you effectively had the armor feat for it. My question is, does a class in D&D 5e that starts with proficiency in medium armor have the Moderately Armored feat and get the Ability Score increase from above example? Or is the feat totally separate and they can just wear the armor but don’t get the Ability Score increase unless they take the feat?

How to calculate the expected damage increase from Empowered Spell?

In D&D 5th Edition the Sorcerer Metamagic ability Empowered Spell states the following:

“When you roll damage for a spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to reroll a number of the damage dice up to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one). You must use the new rolls.”

How do you calculate the increase in the average damage when you use this ability? It seems to me you would use this to only reroll dice that came up 3 or less however you have less of a chance of increasing your damage when you reroll a 3 than when you reroll a 1.

I know something of probability from playing tabletops for so long but figuring this out is beyond me.

How can a small-sized martial character increase their weapon damage when we use houserules that favor larger creatures?

So in our game, there weapons have the following changes, there is no attribute change from size. Each size change increases or decreases changes ac by a factor of two and the base die for both melee and ranged weapons still change by 1 step though we skip weird shenanigans like d3 ie a large dagger does 1d6, medium dagger does 1d4, small 1d2, and tiny a flat 1, I forget how much stealth bonus is changed by but I think it scales the same way ac does, and size classes scale closer to what an IRL human would objectively be but for simplicities sake consider size class offset by 1/2 lower. Size modifiers are added smaller size classes lower by 1 for each size and higher ones add by 1 for each size. This makes larger characters objectively better than smaller ones for martial classes and smaller characters objectively better for caster classes than larger ones. Magic weapons scale off wisdom not strength and deal magic damage but otherwise act the same. If an attack does multiple types they combine, ie an ice spear does 4dg magical ice piercing and ignores a small amount of defense, instead of dealing 2d6 ice and 2d6 piercing separately.

AC is capped at 26, min age is 41, and attributes are capped at 30, and classes do not have alignment restrictions. We are level 7 and I’m willing to dip up to 4 levels.

So basically I want to know efficient ways to compensate for the lower dice on small or smaller characters such as raising base damage by a significant amount or raising the die multiple steps.

Is there a way to increase fast healing?

I recently discovered the fast healer feat, and am curious if the amount of hit points regained stacks with that provided by the fast healing ability? I’m wondering if in this case fast healing qualifies as either magical healing or resting.

Also, do multiple forms of fast healing stack? I’ve already seen on this sight that it does for Legends, but I’m wondering of it’s the same for Pathfinder.

Are there other ways to increase fast healing?