Turning columns result set into independant rows in MySQL

I am pretty new to this and have been struggling over one issue.

I have a result set which for each Opportunity in a table (id as primary key), provides a date for a first cashflow (DFCFW) as a column and the 10 following columns (CFW1, CFW2, …., CFW10) being the 10 possible cashflows for each of the 10 following years, expected as anniversary dates of the first cashflow.

I would like to create a view which displays, for all the opportunities, three columns: opportunity.id, date of the cashflow, cashflow; there should be 10 records for each opportunity.

Any suggestion how to achieve this ?

Thank you so much


Connecting two independant networks onto a swith

I have two independent ISP connections connected to two seperate routers. I am just curious what will happen If I connected the two routers to a single switch and then connected a computer to one of the switch’s port. Will this setup even work, If so Which connection will my Computer use? Can I build a backup internet system out of this?

(Router : TP-LINK TL-WR840N )

Do You Have independant dental insurance?

If so, what do you have….?

The last two companies that I have worked for had worthless
dental insurance, in fact, their dental insurance was so bad that
I would have respected them more if they had just told me that
we do not offer dental insurance….

It is pretty bad, and embarrassing giving the dental office your insurance
card, just to find that you pretty much have zero coverage….

Let me guess, it is part of the:
Obama Dental Scam

Here is your insurance card, btw,

Do You Have independant dental insurance?