Noobie question about ‘crawled currently not indexed’


First of all, sorry if my question is noobish, but I’ve really tried to research on the topic before posting. Unfortunately, couldn’t find many answers.

So I launched a new website. It’s in adult niche, but I don’t think it matters much. Domain was purchased a month ago, and I launched the site and submitted sitemap to Google Search Console about 2 weeks ago.

In search console I can see that it’s being crawled, I don’t see any errors, warnings, nothing like that. Site is fast, I update regularly, etc. However, in console, when I go to "coverage", I see that all my pages are excluded from index. Those pages, who are not excluded because of nofollow or robots.txt, all have status of "Crawled – currently not indexed". I can see my site on google is I type "". Also, if I search for some unique text in quotes, it shows up also. However, only longer phrases show up when I search for them in quotes. For example, if I search "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit." (in quotes) it shows up, but if I would search for "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" it wouldn’t. Google says that no results found for search query in quotes and offers to search without quotes. Obviously, I get zero traffic because of that. In my opinion, it’s a sign of sandbox, if I understand correctly. Am I right?

So my question is, what should I do? Is it simply just too early? Should I just wait and keep posting content? Or something is seriously wrong here and I should consider changing domain or something?

I would really appreciate any input here. Thank you in advance.

my website has not been indexed since two years ago

hello everyone ,

i set up my website with domain : 2 years ago and it was indexed well by google but bing did not index it and reached to 140000 rank of alexa but google punished me due to multiple copyright claims and had to switch to second domain : i am still working with this domain and have 12000 pages indexed in google but zero in bing.

1-i set up another copy of my website on this domain : but now all of my domains are…

my website has not been indexed since two years ago

Add granularity year expose filter to a Search API indexed result

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