What are the indications of an investigation?

I’m playing Crime Network: Cosa Nostra. I like to follow the guidelines in the manual pretty closely, to keep things organized. I’m unclear on how to handle the investigators though and the book doesn’t seem to help. When committing a crime, what are the indications of investigation? Does the bureau just send in teams to investigate, directly enter the crime scene, or what?

Reporting trident token or other indications of a user in compatibility mode within Google Analytics

I have noticed that the number of users reporting to be using Internet Explorer 9 is high (2%) within browser & OS in Google Analytics. Reviewing the user agent it’s clear a higher number of these are running Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility Mode. It appears google analytics would represent the following user as IE9. However, the trident value of 7 indicates they are using Internet Explorer 11. What’s my browser example

DeviceType Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+MSIE+9.0;+Windows+NT+10.0;+Win64;+x64;+Trident/7.0;+Touch) 

I’ve seen older threads stating that it’s not possible to report browser by the trident token or if the the user is in compatibility mode.

Is this still the case? Are there other tools within google analytics that could give an accurate represent of the IE 9 usage?

Is It Acceptable To Use Custom Focus Indications As Art Direction?

As part of a redesign of my personal site, I have a hero image with an animated flying blimp. When hovered, the blimp toggles to a different animation. I would like a keyboard user to be able to focus this element and trigger the animation, so I provided it a tab-index. This works, but the animation looks strange with the focus outline surrounding the blimp.

My question is is it ever acceptable to use a custom focus indication as art direction? Normally I would be loathe to fiddle with the focus outline a user expects to see, as it is important for keyboard accessibility. However, it looks strange and out of place here, and I could probably swap it out with a lighting/drop-shadow effect of some kind that would still indicate that the element’s state had changed to “focused” that would better match the content.