How do I introduce an inexperienced player to the FATE combat system?

One of the things that I love about the FATE system is how flexible it is; even given the less than crunchy nature of the system, you have options galore. That’s given one of my players analysis paralysis: in combat, she can’t really function all that effectively and it’s not satisfying to her coming from a very limited gaming background and all of that being DnD 4e where her options are laid out before her.

I’m looking for ways to give a player more structured options during play; sort of a cheat-sheet or combat strategy-guide for the narrative paradigm FATE inhabits. Narrative ideas for storytelling combat are good, but some sort of cheat sheet of structured fight options would go very far in helping her to get her mind around the combat concepts and options.

Any ideas on how I might be able to help her rectify this? She’s playing a Red Court Infected in my Dresden Files game.


I took Mxyzplk’s suggestion below, and created the Action Cards for the combat options that she had, and it worked perfectly!

If anyone else wants to do this for their FATE game, I’ve made the Word Templates available, with instructions included.

How can an inexperienced GM keep a game fun for experienced players?

Along the same lines as this question from a players perspective, I am interested in possibly running a game for some friends and co-workers, where they have much more experience in gaming than I do in modern systems, especially mechanics based systems such as the proposed 5e campaign (Most likely one of the published adventure paths).

As experienced gamers, they are going to expect a certain level of knowledge and pace of play from the other people at the table, including the GM. However, until that base level of knowledge can be obtained, there will be rule interpretations, table/mechanic lookups, and similar that will slow down the pace, and basically be players sitting around waiting for the GM which is not really optimal for anyone.

What are the things that I can do beforehand and in game to mitigate the inexperience and keep things fun and interesting for the players?