Woocommerce – Order info is empty on frontend?

I’m trying to create a page similar to the checkout page with all the customer, billing, and order information. As a last resort, I tried to retrieve the unique order link, but I had trouble with even that.

This is my current code, and the array shows up with empty fields.

<?php $  order = new WC_Order( $  order_id ); $  items = $  order->get_items(); foreach ( $  items as $  item ) {     $  product_name = $  item['name'];     $  product_id = $  item['product_id'];     $  product_variation_id = $  item['variation_id']; }  print_r($  order) ?> 

Empty array

JavaScript / Jquery me tira error en ajax al querer traer info de base de datos

tengo mi codigo que llama a una funcion en .net que me trae unos datos de mi base de datos, mi funcion en .net funciona perfecto porque lo corroboro por postman!

Mi problema esta en frontend, cuando yo quiero llamar a esa funcion mediante un ajax, que le paso los parametros que necesita, esperando que me devuelva algo. No se cual es mi error, porque me parece que invoco bien a la funcion. Simplemente quiero mostrar los resultados en consola, para saber por lo menos si me esta llegando a lo que quiero, pero no da resultado..

gracias por sus respuestas les paso mi codigo.

$  (document).on("pagebeforeshow", "#mostrar_articulos", function() {     // una vez dentro de #mostrar_articulos   //Quiero que al apretar el boton! me tome los datos que tengo en mis h3, y que me ejecute el metodo    // ObtengoDato(); que hace la llamada a la base de datos     $  ("#btnEjecutar").click(function() {         var valorHSeccion = $  ("#hSecc").text();         var valorHCategoria = $  ("#hCat").text();         var valorHEstilo = $  ("#hEst").text();         var valorHMarca = $  ("#hMarc").text();         var valorHTall = $  ("#hTall").text();         ObtengoDato(valorHSeccion, valorHCategoria, valorHEstilo, valorHMarca, valorHTall);     });  });    function ObtengoDato(NombreSeccion, NombreCategoria, NombreEstilo, NombreMarca, NumeroTalle) {     var dir = "ObtengoCandCla";     //trim para quitar los espacios que vienen con los parametros     NombreSeccion = $  .trim(NombreSeccion);     NombreCategoria = $  .trim(NombreCategoria);     NombreEstilo = $  .trim(NombreEstilo);     NombreMarca = $  .trim(NombreMarca);     NumeroTalle = $  .trim(NumeroTalle);     $  .ajax({         type: 'get',         url: api + dir + "?NombreSeccion=" + NombreSeccion + "&NombreCategoria=" + NombreCategoria + "&NombreEstilo=" + NombreEstilo + "&NombreMarca=" + NombreMarca + "&NumeroTalle=" + NumeroTalle,         success: function(datos) {             var data = datos;             for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {                 console.log("Funciona");                 console.log("Fabricante: " + data[i].Fabricante + ", Articulo: " + data[i].articulo + ", Descripcion: " + data[i].Descripcion + ", Color: " + data[i].color);             }         },         error: function(xhr, textStatus, errorThrown) {             console.log(xhr);             console.log(textStatus);             console.log(errorThrown);         }     });  }
 <div data-role="page" data-theme="a" id="mostrar_articulos">        <div id="div_Articulos">                 <div class="div_res">                     <h3 id="hSecc"></h3>                 </div>                 <div class="div_res">                     <h3 id="hCat"></h3>                 </div>                 <div class="div_res">                     <h3 id="hEst"></h3>                 </div>                 <div class="div_res">                     <h3 id="hMarc"></h3>                 </div>                 <div class="div_res">                     <h3 id="hTall"></h3>                 </div>        </div>             <div>                 <input type="button" id="btnEjecutar" value="Ejecutar">             </div> </div>

Magento 2.3: How to get tracking info from an order in observer

We use ShipStation to send tracking information to Magento and I’m trying to retrieve the order shipping / tracking information once this is saved to the order.

If I use sales_order_shipment_track_save_after for my event / observer, I can get the tracking information, however, it doesn’t seem like this event is called when updated via ShipStation api.

If I change the event to sales_order_shipment_save_after, this gets triggered by ShipStation but it doesn’t appear that I can get tracking information from this event.

Any ideas how I can get tracking information when it’s updated via api from ShipStation?

Feedback on new digital signage / info signage web service interface and use ability

My company has just created a new web service that allows you to create customized “screens” from your Google calendar events, tasks, news, photos, IP cameras, and many others. You can then display these screens on any Android, Android TV, or Fire OS device (Shields, Fire Stick, Android tablets, etc) with full remote control, scheduling, or control via Alexa or IFTTT.

Obviously there are already similar products out there in the wild, but ours is geared more towards Cloud based automation and people who use a lot of Android devices in their homes or businesses.

The service has both Free and Pro (paid) tiers. In terms of the product features, both tiers are identical. The Free tier adds an advertising bar at the top of your screens, where the Pro has no ads. Free also requires periodic Recaptcha verification to combat the bots.

I am posting here in the hope of getting some feedback from this most excellent tech crowd 🙂

Specifically, here are some areas we could use your help on:

  1. Freemium structure: Do you prefer full features with ads or an ad free only basic features (for free accounts)?
  2. Do you find our screen design simple to use? If not, why?
  3. We have many remote control options. Is there a particular method we are missing?
  4. We support PIP display on most devices. Do you ever use PIP on your Android streaming devices?
  5. What do you like and dislike about the service in general?

The service is called SplashTiles and you can test it at https://splash-tiles.com. There are also demo videos there you that show how it works without needing to create an account.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide!!

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