Call center recording my credit card info

I just made a new contract over the phone with my mobile phone provider and I needed to pay the activation fee. The lady told me that they could accept only credit cards and asked me for the full details (number, expiry date, and security code, the usual stuff) over the phone.

However, she took the details personally (to input them in whatever database they use) and the calls are recorded.

I am now concerned about the security of my information: not only she has full access to my credit card, but also whoever listens to the recording. It’s a big and well-known provider, so I don’t think they could do something shady, but it still bothers me. Is it really acceptable? Should I have refused?

(Note: I live in Switzerland and I don’t know exactly what are the data protection regulations here)

Mobile phone Number Listings – An Easy Way to Obtain Detailed Info on Any Phone

It is safe to say that you are feeling suspicious that your adoration accomplice might be undermining you? Is your accomplice showing indications of unfaithfulness? Is it true that you are getting irritating phone number list calls regular or night and when you answer, they hang up the telephone? On account of the web, you would now be able to stop your doubts by counseling mobile phone number postings. 

In the event that your doubts are excessively solid and your accomplice denies doing anything incorrectly, you can attempt to access their phone and search for any numbers that are more than once dialed to or accepting calls from. Don’t simply remember them. Record them and afterward do a versatile number inquiry on the web. 

Maybe your need to do a cell number hunt isn’t as radical as an unfaithful accomplice. Perhaps you simply need to refresh your mailing list since you are arranging a wedding or a major occasion and you need to ensure everybody will get their solicitations. 

Despite what your purposes behind doing this are, you can discover a ton of data on the web and in particular, feel consoled that this information will be extremely precise and forward-thinking. 

Among the data that you will get is name and address, kind of telephone they use and transporter they are in contract with. Work status and other foundation data. 

The entirety of this you can do at home or your office and all you need is a PC and access to the web. From that point, it is going great and you will should simply include the telephone number that you have into the site and you will gain admittance to PDA number postings for all intents and purposes in a split second.

Feature Update Richer Info

Hi Sven,
I know you’re likely still recovering from being ill, so I’m not trying to bother you.
I was just wondering if you might find it useful to begin adding a date to the version history ( updates ) for each software package.
I know this has its benefits as well as its negatives…but you might be able to keep track better…assuming you don’t already keep track well, but at the very least we users can have a better idea when changes and new features were implemented.

How to add an extra button on woocommerce shop page and use to to send the product info with image in mail?

I am using a WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin and with it, I hid the “add to cart” button and add “enquiry” button. I want an extra button beside it which will share product name, image, info with branding and backlink to the webpage in a proper format.

Info about gpg setup on MacOS

On Mac OS Mojave:

▶ gpg --list-keys Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_NUMERIC to en_GR. Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_TIME to en_GR. Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_COLLATE to en_GR. Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_MONETARY to en_GR. Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_MESSAGES to en_GR. /Users/pkaramol/.gnupg/pubring.kbx ---------------------------------------------- pub   rsa2048 2019-07-04 [SC] [expires: 2021-07-03]       1DA2A2434A38D1192A3EA4523FEF5E3944A2F025 uid           [ultimate] pkaramol <> sub   rsa2048 2019-07-04 [E] [expires: 2021-07-03]   ~/Desktop ▶ ls ~/.gnupg openpgp-revocs.d  private-keys-v1.d pubring.kbx       pubring.kbx~      trustdb.gpg  

From what I understand, the public key is : /Users/pkaramol/.gnupg/pubring.kbx

How can I find out what is the corresponding private key?

Where to put an “Activity Log” affordance on a page with fairly high info density?

Rule Builder page


I’m designing a rule builder tool and trying to figure out where to put an “Activity Log” affordance – basically a place where the user can click and see a complete list of the edits that have been made to a specific rule, as well as their timestamps.

Right now it’s located in the “Queue” button (see screenshot), which, when clicked, displays a modal list of all the changes to the rule. However, this doesn’t seem right, because the rest of those CTA’s on the top right are reserved for explicit actions, not necessarily “locations” where the user will be taken.

So I’m wondering where else this affordance can be on the page where it makes sense in terms of UI best practices + principles? It doesn’t really matter if it opens up in a modal or another page.

Also, making it a third tab next to “Live” and “Draft” is not workable because, prior to making a draft, there’s a little “+ Create Draft” button next to the “Live” tab, which creates the Draft tab – so squeezing the Activity Log in there with that interaction happening is kinda tricky.

Anyways, I hope that all makes sense. Thanks for taking a look! Looking forward to your input 🙂

Is it confusing to link to another section of a site for more info?

I want to create a portfolio site for my team. I have two goals: 1. Create a section to showcase our projects 2. Have a blog where we can provide updates and talk about the “behind the scenes” of our projects.

Here is my question:
If someone lands in the project section and sees a project, would it be confusing to also have articles in the blog talking about the same project? Is that redundant? Would a user expect to see ALL information for a project in one place?

Or…am I doing too much with the blog? Should blogs on sites like this be reserved for updates only?