Version 15.20 has stopped making PHP Info Exploit Links

It seems that version 15.20 no longer makes PHP info exploit links. I have an install still running 15.19 and 15.17 and both are still working for these sites and makes over 500 links.
Version 15.20 literally makes zero links now. In the logs it shows the following:
Those same urls are all successful on previous versions. Hope you can fix it.

Where can I find info on World Axis (4e) Sorrowsworn and Nightwalkers?

To the best of my knowledge, in 4th edition, Sorrowsworn were defined as powerful psychopomps who maintain the preservation of the cycle of death and rebirth, and/or as Exarches of the Raven Queen, and Nightwalkers were powerful "shadowy" undead (which I think wasn’t that big a departure from their previous lore) but I cannot recall what books specifically talk about these entities or what they specifically say.

More info on spell slots [closed]

Please forgive the ignorance of this question. I’m new to DND and am DM with a group of lower level players. We are playing DnD 5e.

Please explain spell slots for a druid and/or sorcerer… am I correct to say:

Each day players "prepare" list of spells for that day, and place one in each spell slot to use later….

  • is this correct?

  • can each spell be used only once per day?

  • do spells come from ALL spells for that level or only known spells?

  • if it comes from known spells, how does a druid or sorcerer add to list of known spells?

For instance, I have a level 2 sorcerer who wants to use the same spell every round. We’ve played with the understanding that he can use that spell every time, but only as many times as spell slots he has. But, I think we are understanding this wrong.

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