Remove Infopath form from external list?

The InfoPath form has broken for the external list. How to remove all GUI InfoPath form from the external list? I want to rebuild the InfoPath again for the external list without having to recreate a new List & Form for a BCS – external list.

I have tried to remove the three form two InfoPath forms (displayif.aspx) and (editfs.aspx), but I was unable to recreate and publish the form.

InfoPath 2013 form works in Preview and fails when uploaded to server

We are migrating an application from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013.
As part of this, I am migrating Code based InfoPath Form 2007 to InfoPath 2013. I updated all the data connections, web service connections and when I clicked on Preview, everything works fine.

When I published this InfoPath to Server I am receiving – ‘Cannot connect to remote server error’.
Web services are on remote server. I cannot connect to the Web Service on server.

I see these in ULS logs
1. Cannot find site lookup info for request Uri ‘WEBSERVICE URL’
2. Internal web service routing is NOT enabled.

As the form works fine on Preview, can i assume that the infopath form code is all good and there must be some with connections?

Is there any way to store InfoPath form’s data in SQL server tables without code?

Is there any way to store Infopath form data in SQL server tables without code?

I am using InfoPath 2010 (with repeating tables) and saving .xml form in SharePoint forms library.

I am using SharePoint 2010.I want to save form’s data in SQL to generate reports in future.

Please suggest possible solutions.I can not go for the coding approach.

Any solution with SSIS, BCS or web service is fine for me.

Thanks in advance.

Unknown error has occurred. The form template has been published to the server but it can only be opened in InfoPath Filler

I have gotten this error before and to fix it, I created a new external list and new form. But when going back in and editing the new form, it doesn’t even publish and keeps giving me this error. I tried creating a new external list and form again, but it still keeps giving me the same error. I also tried the recommended sharepoint solution to add the Desktop feature, but my computer already has it installed. I am not locked out of my account either.

enter image description here

Infopath Subform/Link to Another Form within a Form

I am trying replicate a database I have in Access with InfoPath and SharePoint lists.

Currently I have two lists which are related to each other. List one is Suppliers (Parent) and list two is Factories (Child). The relationship between suppliers and factories is one to many, so each supplier can have a list of different factory locations.

I have created a new content type for suppliers from Infopath, however I’m struggling to get the form to display as I would like.

The way I want it structured is when a new Supplier is created and all the relevant information is being filled in at supplier level on the form there is an option to add a factory to that supplier which will bring up a new form to fill in the factory information, allow the user to submit it and go back to the supplier form. The supplier form would then have a table with a summary of the factory (or factories), the user can then have the option of clicking into the factory to view/edit further information or add another factory.

Basically the same functionality you would have within Access with a sub-form.

Is this possible and if so does anybody have some rough guidelines on how to go about it?


Infopath 2013 validation error message about a missing field

Currently testing a Sharepoint list form customized in Infopath.

Once I’ve been through the whole – long- form in Sharepoint, and click on ‘submit’ the form returns a message error that reads:


The form cannot be submitted because it contains validation errors. Errors are marked with either a red asterisk (required fields) or a red, dashed border (invalid values). Field or group: my:CoI Error: Cannot be blank
Click OK to resume filling out the form. You may want to check your form data for errors. An error occurred while using the form. For more information, contact the site administrator.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.

Log ID:5567

Correlation ID:84bbac9d-903a-3000-a1e2-23725f992595

The issue is, when I check for the control ‘CoI‘ in Infopath Designer, I cannot find it in the list of fields, either in basic or advanced view.

How is it possible to solve that validation error?

I have a vague feeling this question was already asked, but cannot get hold of it.

Apologies if that’s already been asked, and happy to pull the question if the answer is already available here.

Infopath Form – Edit Mode – Error related to list view threshold in SharePoint Online

I have an Infopath 2007 Form. When I open the edit form(already saved form) , I am getting the below error:

The query cannot be run for the following DataObject: MyFormGetInfo InfoPath cannot run the specified query. The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the server: Exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown. The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.0x80070024  

I dont get this error when I open a new form , make some updates and save it for first time.

Once a form is saved, when I open the Edit Form only then I see this error. Inspite of this error, I still can make updates to the form and data is saved.

Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this?

Since this is SharePoint Online, we cannot change the listview threshold. Please suggest! Thanks in advance!

Attachments to infopath list form

i created a list, then in the ribbon went to customize in infopath. There i created a form. The form will go through a few different steps where different people will review then add an attachment. However infopath only lets me put one unique attachment field. If i pit another, it is bound. This makes the form look bad because in the three different sections that have attachments, it shows all attachments. How can i have it so the first person attaches a form. Then the second person can attach a form but not have a list of the previous users attachments showing?