Adding a “Delete Row” Button to Infopath form on SharePoint Online asking for Admin Approval

Been looking for a solution to add a “delete row button” for each row on a repeated table form. Migrated over to SharePoint Online but since InfoPath is being depreciated by 2026 some of the InfoPath toggles that was in Central Admin (as is Central Admin) is gone from SP Online.

I get this error Error when publishing from InfoPart when I tried to publish a form where I used the edit code button (for a button element) and added this code:


It works perfectly sand-boxed but since sand-boxed solutions have also been depreciated I suppose I am getting this error. Is there a way around this or another solution to make a ‘Delete Row” button in a Repeated Table Form? Yes I have Farm/Admin rights. SP Online, InfoPath 2013.

Web Service Call InfoPath 2010

I am literally fighting infopath right now. I am trying to populate MySites information into infopath via web call.

Here are my steps:

Data (Get External Data) > From Web Service > SOAP Web Service > Entered the location of the SOAP Web service > Selected GetuserprofilebyName > Home > Calculated Value (Controls) > fx > Insert Field or Group > Change to new data source > value > filter value > name = FirstName and ok.

When I hit Preview thats when it all goes wrong. I get error messages from Infopath saying I “Some external data was not retrieved. The form will load without the requested data” Show Detials >> “The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the srver. Operation Failure —> Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation”

Then in the SharePoint list I get the error:

An error occurred while trying to connect to a Web service.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.

Log ID:5566

Correlation ID:04d6d068-dc49-41c7-8404-4400d9a20fcb

InfoPath design checker says Unsupported HTML, Information will not be shown to user…arg!

How to update a SharePoint 2010 list via an InfoPath 2010 client form using code?

I tried to follow in Sharepoint Server 2010 and Infopath 2010 the article:

  • How to update a SharePoint list via an InfoPath browser form using the SharePoint Object Model

which is for Sharepoint/Infopath 2007 adjusting it for 2010

Upon completing step 7:

  • “7. On the Button Properties dialog box, select Update Form from the Action drop-down, and click OK

I observe the warning:

  • The button control will only be visible when the form is edited in a Web browser

enter image description here

Pressing F5 (or Preview) button (which, as I believe, corresponds to running a form in “Infopath Filler 2010”?) confirms it and shows the form without this button.

How should I interpret the msdn’s comparative table of differences between Infopath 2010 List and Form Library templates from which one can understand that:

  • custom code support is available only for Infopath 2010 Form Library Template but not for List Template while I have a custom code in List template?

Should I understand that it is impossible to update a list form from client form through SharePoint Object Model?

How one should proceed in order to update a Sharepoint 2010 list from an Infopath 2010 client form (i.e. in Infopath Filler 2010 or other clients like Outlook) through code?

Print out list item display form (InfoPath)

I have a SharePoint site used for tracking despatches in a warehouse. I think I’m going to use InfoPath to design the form to make it look nice, rather than CSS or JS, and from what I’ve seen elsewhere, different solutions exist for standard and InfoPath forms(?).

I just want to be able to select an item from the list and have the option to print the form.

I’d like the solution to be as simple as possible if anyone has any suggestions.

InfoPath: Drop down choice shows incorrect data

I’ve just published an InfoPath Form, however, when I open up the form in SharePoint my drop downs are displaying the incorrect choices. ie. for choice 1 SharePoint displaying the choices from drop down 3.

enter image description here

I’ve continued to publish and wonder how to sort my fields again so that the choices show up in the correct places. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is urgent. Thank you