Infopath form – multiple reports

I am trying to create a form where people can report incidents. They should be able to report multiple incidents on one form however this is proving difficult.

The form has a drop-down list linked to a SharePoint list which has the different types of incident. There are a bunch of additional questions that get asked depending on the incident type.

I’d like to be able to repeat the entire form so if the first incident is “slip” the individual can report all the details and if they also need to report a “near miss” they can select that from the drop down and the related questions will appear.

At the moment, if I try to make the entire form a repeating section, when you “add a new incident” the drop down is populated with the details of the “slip” (first entry).

Please help!

Infopath: How to set a default value based on view

I have created a Leave Request site within my organization. I have a list which hosts the 3 following leave types: Annual, Special and Sickness. I have a choice field in the list named “Leave Type” which has a dropdown of all 3 types.

I have 3 different New Request views and I am linking to these from promoted links on my homepage. I want the Leave Type to change for each view so that it is correct for each list entry.

Rather than a Form Load rule, I need some kind of View Load rule.

Can anyone advise?

SharePoint Migration – InfoPath with modern and classic SharePoint Online sites – please clarify

We are migrating a large site collection from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365 SharePoint Online, starting with a single site (for testing purposes).

The site collection uses InfoPath forms quite heavily. We will eventually move all these InfoPath forms to PowerApps/Flow but for now, considering the goal is to first get off SharePoint 2010 entirely, we’d like to be able to do that part at a later stage.

  1. Is it true that InfoPath forms are not supported by the Modern Site experience and thus must use the Classic site experience? (or is this an assumption I have made?)

  2. If I create sites in the Classic experience initially, what effort will it take to modernise them at a later stage?

Alternatives for InfoPath forms?

I’ve made some InfoPath forms, but have run into a number of problems when trying to put them on SharePoint, getting an error saying they are not “editable in browsers” despite being “browser enabled.” If I can’t fix this problem, I’m looking for alternatives (recognizing it would take more work to transfer all the stuff to the alternative). Essentially I just want something that can be filled out for free, but has good functionality in building the form. I’m willing to pay, just don’t want my users to pay. Any tips?

How to call a SOAP GetListItems service on SharePoint InfoPath form?

I want to sort column alphabetically from the SharePoint list’s column on InfoPath form drop-down, on the basis of two fields on form load. I am trying to call the SOAP web service on InfoPath form data connection by

On list name I have applied the list name, on the view name I have added the lists correlation id. What should be the other remaining parameter(query, viewFields, rowLimit, queryOptions, and Web Id) and How I can pass the parameter in sample column in this? enter image description here