Validate Infopath form by another SharePoint list

I have 1 Requirement list and 1 Tasks list with InfoPath 2010 forms.

  • Tasks list having Lookup column as of Requirement Title field.
  • Both lists having Status field.

When user save Requirement (InfoPath form) with Status=Completed I want to check whether there is any corresponding tasks exist in tasks list with Status != Completed.

if so I want to show a message (or form validation) to the user saying

“Corresponding Task is open for this requirement.Please complete the open task in order to complete the requirement.”

Is it possible?

Update InfoPath form field value in SharePoint Online document library?

I have saved InfoPath Form in a Form Library & also saved field values in separate columns, now I have retrieved one record in InfoPath Form 2013. I’m trying to update Status columns value from New to old but unable to update that value.

Instead of updating it adds new record in Form Library.

I have tried to filter the record on button click, but not found any filter on button click.

My InfoPath Form Fields are-

Name :   <People Picker> Control Status:  <textbox>  

How to edit existing item library with Infopath form SP 2013

I have a SP Library and I publish an Infopath form, when I create a new item, everything works perfect but if I want to edit the item it does not open the same form with the info populated to edit, it opens a default SP form with some fields but the whole form. I’m including the form it opens when editing.

Any idea?

enter image description here

How to set InfoPath form fields values in task list without using workflow?

I have 5x action items fields on the InfoPath form. This form have more than 500 fields so get touching the boundary limits in terms text box fields datatype. Is there any way that we can set the form’s fields values in task list on form submit without workflow? Can we do this using InfoPath rules?

Get Infopath Xml Form Views using Rest Api

I am basically trying to retrieve all the views configured inside an Info path XML form .

For example , I have created 2 views for an Info path form . One is basically the Default View and One is a Read Only view .

What I want to achieve here is to use rest api to retrieve the XML form from the Forms library and the views the retrieved Form holds .

Not sure if this is possible but if someone can point me to the right direction ?

SharePoint Online – Infopath 2010 filler form – not opening in IE browser

I have an Infopath 2013 form, compatibility form type is “infopath 2010 filler form”.

In my library(SharePoint Online), in Library Settings —> Adv Settings—> I have the setting

“Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents: Open in the browser “

In a page, I have a CEWP with an anchor tag , link to open the template :


At admin centre, the infopath form services settings is to allow browser enabled.

But still, when clicked on the button, Form does not open in browser.

I have made all possible settings for this by searing over the internet.

I am getting below error:

This form cannot be opened in a Web browser. To open this form, use Microsoft InfoPath.  

Please suggest!!

Creating a Sharepoint 2013 List with multiple rows under one column header using InfoPath 2013

I want to create an order form with 14 columns and as many rows as possible that will kick off a workflow. my challenge is creating a single List at one go to contain an X amount of rows with a single row of column headings(14) to be saved as a single list and can be editted later.

i am very new on infopath and still finding my way around sharepoint. please asisst.