What’s the best infrastructure to set permissions to user roles that controls who can see which Nodes and which Views?

I’m building a Drupal 8 website that needs pretty stringent permissions. I have already created the (4) user roles for the site, but not sure the best way to handle viewing permissions. I see that when creating Views it is pretty simple to assign which roles have permission to view, but what about for my content that is straight up page/nodes?

E-commerce Infrastructure for Vendor/Manufacturer

Hi – new here to the forum, so please let me know if I am posted in the wrong area.

I work for a fine jewelry wholesaling and manufacturing company in the US. Over the past 2 years, we've been growing out our e-commerce business, as its been proving to be a viable sales channel for us.

What we do is simple. We have thousands of SKUs that we stock in our office. We also manufacture new products overseas. These products are then listed on a variety of sites. We sell through Amazon, Amazon…

E-commerce Infrastructure for Vendor/Manufacturer

‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Business-Facing Application’ are types of …?

In my web ui design, I need to have options for selecting various types of IT resources.

I have options like…

  • ‘Operational Scope’ – cloud vs on-premise.
  • ‘Development Style’ – agile vs waterfall.

Does a general taxonomy for this type of thing exist?

I got stumped on one requirement where the user has to determine whether a certain resource is “Infrastructure” vs a “Business-Facing Application”. What concept encompasses both of these options?