Lubuntu, 19.04 …I need this *&$#’ing thing to stop logging out

Have spent hours applying countless things to stop it from Lubuntu 19.04 from logging out, lock screen, whatever you want to call it. Searching around, you find it all, because the history of Lubuntu in changing its desktops and window managers… and it’s driving me insane. This crap is why Linux is still an Nth class citizen on the desktop in 2019.

I use it in a VM, and it’s just awesome, I love it… right up until it has to sit and wait for a while, and it logs out. It’d be fine if the session was still in tact, but nope, just shits itself and all my work apps I have open are hosed.

So astoundingly aggravating.

…but also funny that I yell at Microsoft for making an OS that I can’t stop from auto updating, but then Linux, the bastion of all that is configurable, shits the bed multiple times a day and ALL the things you can see in the desktop manager to configure it don’t work, and neither the stuff you can find on the web because it’s out of date because X months ago they changed it all.