How To Insert Video On Landing Page


I am using a website development tool called elementor which i used to create:
> the 1st landing page that makes the offer to get the free training then if they do the call to action and click on watch the video button it takes them

> to a 2nd landing page that is the the optin form page where they gave to give me their email/name to get the video after they type in their information now they click on submit button to get the free…

How To Insert Video On Landing Page

PostgreSQL: Crear un trigger para capturar valores de una Insert

Estoy trabajando con una base de datos PostgreSQL.

Tengo una tabla llamada valores_controladores a la que automáticamente le llegan valores de unos controladores.

A parte de esa tabla, tengo otra tabla llamada alarmas_saltadas.

Lo que quiero hacer es que cada vez que se introduzca una fila en la tabla valores_controladores, leer un campo y determinando si es superior a 100 ├│ inferior a 10 introducir valores en la tabla alarmas_saltadas.

Gracias de Antemano

How to prevent LCK_M_IX waiting/locking on the following Delete and Insert queries

Given the following table structure, records are being continuously inserted with the update_time of a very recent datetime. A separate Connection to the DB is periodically trimming old records with dates of older than 2 weeks.

Table Structure:

Table Structure

The following Insert is being run very frequently, with different values:

Insert Statement

The following delete statement is repeated until required, running a select right after to see if the process is complete

delete top(5000) from trade_options with (READPAST) where update_time < '<Two Weeks Ago>' 

Activity Monitor shows that the Delete is locking, and the Insert is waiting ( LCK_M_IX):

Image of the Activity Monitor


Suggestion for auto-anchor insert (articles)

Hey @sven,

Quick suggestion. With the auto-insert on SER, it currently will insert links inside H-tags (H2/3/4/5/etc). I’m curious if you would consider either making it not do this, or adding an option “Don’t insert links inside H-tags”. I notice this happening a good bit when an article has multiple H-tags in it.

Curious to hear your thoughts.


sed find and insert after or replace

I would like to add a word into a file like so in a bash script;

I want a line in /etc/nsswitch.conf to go from;

hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns myhostname


hosts: files wins dns mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns myhostname

I have been trying with sed but have had no luck. I can’t figure out how to search for a word and insert or replace in that file?

how to quickly insert data as select

In an Oracle DB have about 200M rows (about 20GB data) that I would like to insert into another table by

insert into foo select * from bar where some_unimportant=condition; 

How do I do that the fastest way if I can always drop the foo table and redo the insert in case of any problem? Like, I don’t need to be able to do a rollback. Since I can drop the foo table, I have complete control over its creation also, if there are some good options to use to speed up the insert.

Of course, after the inserts, I wish the table to behave as an ordinary table (support undo by using rollback, etc.)

Why is heap insert O(logN) instead O(n) when you use an array?

I am studying about the arrays vs heap for make a priority queue

For check the heap implementation I am reviewing this code: Heap

, but I have the following question.

Heap is based on array, and for creating an array you need O(n), for inserting into a heap you need O(logN), so if you have a unordered list of task and you want to create a heap, you need O(NLogN).

If you use an array, you need O(n), to create the array, and O(NlogN) to sort the array, so you need O(NLogN).

So if you need implement some similar to this:

function priorityQueue(listOfTask l) 

There isn’t a diference betwen use an Array or an Heap right? So, why I should use a heap instead an array for solve this function?


Insert data in multiple tables

I have three tables and I want to insert data into that three tables as per their respective data.


with acupressure_point_data as (     insert into acupressure_point(id, url)     values('LL909', 'ww/33/11')     returning id as acupressure_point_id ), acupressure_sub_type as (     insert into acupressure_point_region_sub_type(acupressure_point_id, region_sub_type_id)     values(acupressure_point_id , '9898')     returning id as acupressure_sub_type_id ); 

But it gives the error as:

“ERROR: syntax error at end of input Position”

I can not understood this. Please help me. Thanks