How to use the move command on Windows, to move all files inside a folder when using quotation symbol?

I currently have these two folders:

  • oldFolder

    • news
      • info.json
  • newFolder

    • news
      • info.json

I want to use the move command, to move all files in the oldFolder to the new Folder. I have tried this: move "G:\Program Files (x86)\oldFolder\" "G:\Program Files (x86)\newFolder\", but this actually move the entire oldFolder inside newFolder.

So, I have tried this: move "G:\Program Files (x86)\oldFolder\*.*" "G:\Program Files (x86)\newFolder\", but this gave me this error: The syntax of the file, directory, or volume name is incorrect.

An idea?


Proving the linearity of $df$: How to place the limit inside the argument of $\psi \circ f \circ \phi^{-1}$?

In the book of Chillingworth, the author defines the tangent space of a point $ p$ in the smooth manifold $ M$ as the set of all conjugacy classes of smooth paths with $ \alpha (o) = p$ s.t $ \alpha \sim \beta$ iff $ $ \lim_{t\to 0} \frac{\phi \circ \alpha(t) – \phi \circ \beta (t)}{t } = 0,$ $ where $ \phi$ is a local coordinate chart around $ p\in M$ .

Now, given a smooth map from $ f : M \to N$ , I’m trying to show that $ df: T_p M \to T_{f(p)} N$ given by $ [\alpha] \mapsto [f\circ \alpha]$ is a linear map.

However, to show that, I need to show that $ $ \lim_{t\to 0} \frac{\psi \circ f \circ \alpha(t) – \psi \circ f \circ \beta (t)}{t } = 0,$ $ where $ \psi$ is a local coordinate chart around $ f(p)$ .

In $ \mathbb{R}^n$ , I’m aware of this property, but even if I modify the limit as $ $ \lim_{t\to 0} \frac{\psi \circ f \circ \phi^{-1} \circ [\phi \circ \alpha(t) – \phi \circ \beta (t)]}{t } = 0,$ $ how to put the factor $ t$ in the denominator inside the argument of $ \psi \circ f \circ \phi^{-1}$ ?

Applescript – opening file inside app bundle

I have used Automator to create an app bundle that activates an app (“Fuse”) within the Resources directory of the bundle, which then opens the file “Exolon.tzx” (also located in Resources).

However, I can only get this to work when pointing to the full location of “Exolon.tzx” while the app is on my Desktop. Obviously, when I move the app it no longer works.

What do I need to change in this script to have it point to and open “Exolon.tzx” regardless of where I keep the app (in particular, I want it to work when I transfer the app to another Mac).

My script:

tell application "Fuse"         open POSIX file "/Users/almeath/Desktop/"     end tell     tell application "System Events"         set frontmost of process "Fuse" to true     end tell     tell application "System Events"         keystroke "f" using command down     end tell 

Browser inside a browser

import webview from flask import FLask webview.create_window("google", "",width=800, height=600, resizable=True, fullscreen=False) 

This opens a gui window that fetches I want that instead of the gui opening I can redirect the output page into flask app that renders in on the browser.

Similar to a small web browser inside a flask app.

Can you reduce yourself, crawl into the Tarrasque’s airway, and try to collapse its lung by enlarging inside of it?

A player tried to use the spell enlarge/reduce on his PC while in the mouth of the Tarrasque to shrink himself, then go deeper into its airway and to try to collapse its lung by enlarging himself inside of it. I imagine there’s no real rule for this but I felt silly just denying it, because it seemed like a cool idea that you could only probably do with a creature as large as the Tarrasque.

Can you crawl into a gargantuan creature’s mouth or into its airway via reduce/enlarge and attack its brain or internal organs?

If we are allowing anonymous users to register inside our web site, how we can prevent hackers from occupying others’ email address

I am planning to start a new core MVC web application. One of the features we are having is that anonymous users can register inside our web application by entering their email addresses. then our system will send them a confirmation email, to activate their accounts.

Now by default the system will show error message, in-case a user try to register using existing email address, even if the existing email address was not confirmed. now this will pose a major problem in our system, is that hackers can use others’ email addressees, and prevent them from registering inside our web application. Our web application is a CRM-like for real estate companies, and hackers can try to add as many email addresses has they want, they can get these email addresses from the companies’ web sites such as info@.., contact@..., admin@.. , etc. So is there any problem if I do the following modifications:-

  1. If the user did not confirm the email address in 1 hour, then the system will automatically remove his email address?
  2. When I want to check if an email address is unique to check only the approved email addresses.

What kind of numbers are inside a generating open interval of the Borel $\sigma$-algebra?

If it is enough to have all open intervals (a,b) with end points $ a$ and $ b$ belonging to the rational numbers, a < b, in order to generate a Borel $ \sigma$ -algebra on $ \mathbb{R}$ . Asked here: About the open intervals generating a Borel $ \sigma$ -algebra on $ \mathbb{R}$

What kind of numbers do you need to have between $ a$ and $ b$ ? Only rational numbers or real numbers? And why?

Replace media inside word / powerpoint file as zip container

I received several Powerpoint presentations with (unnecessarily) very large movies embedded, resulting in files even over 1Gb.

I mean to reduce the file size. I tried the File -> Reduce media size (or the like, my Office is in Spanish) way, and it barely changed file size.

Since newer Office files are simply zip containers with a different extension, I:

  1. Changed that to .zip,
  2. Extracted file media1.mp4,
  3. Copied it into media2.mp4,
  4. Replaced file media2.mp4 inside the .zip with this alternative file (simply click and drag),
  5. Checked that the movie was effectively replaced in the animation.

Is it expected that this works generally, even when replacing original media with reduced versions?