Estimating worst case complexity for route inspection problem on a fixed number of edges

If for any strong digraph $ H$ we let $ \lambda(H)$ to be the length of any shortest closed walk traveling over every arc in $ H$ then what is the maximum value of $ \lambda(D)$ for any strong digraph $ D$ with $ n$ arcs?

I.e. for any $ n\in\mathbb{N}$ how well can we approximate $ M_n=\max(\lambda(D):{\small D\text{ is strong and }|E(D)|=n})$ ?

I can prove $ \frac{1}{4}n^2-17n^{3/2}\leq M_n\leq 2n^2$ so I’m curious if there exists $ c\in\mathbb{R}$ for which $ M_n\sim cn^2$ .

Is it possible to request hand inspection of photographic film in Indian airports?

Per What is the best way to carry photographic film when travelling?, when traveling with photographic film, it’s best to pack it in hand luggage and request hand inspection of undeveloped film.

In the United States, there’s an explicit TSA rule that allows you to request hand inspection of undeveloped film, and in all cases, the security officers will respect that. However, from what I’ve read online, security checkpoints in some countries often insist that one put undeveloped film through the scanners. (While this often results in not much visible effect for lower-speed films, it can be a problem if it’s scanned multiple times, especially when transiting through different countries, and higher-speed films shouldn’t be scanned at all.)

I’ve searched online, but I’ve not been able to find any information on the security rules for India, unlike the U.S. TSA which fully documents its rules online.

Is it possible or easy to request that photographic film be hand inspected at airport security checkpoints in India? Will Indian security officers usually honor the request?

Google Index in Url Inspection is incorrect

The Google Index tab in URL Inspection in Search google console shows incorrect info (, while the Live Test tab shows there correct info ( From my understanding the results should be the same, though maybe with some delay of next indexation, but the results remain different for a long time. As a result google search shows me the incorrect version (