Is it possible to extract an Instagram password hash? [closed]

I have lost access to my instagram account, it might’ve been hacked and I am trying to regain access. The problem is that I don’t have access to the email I used to create an account and neither have I linked it to the Facebook. Support also wasn’t helpful. Therefore I decided I’d give it a go.

I’ve launched a dictionary attack against it but considering its limitations, I would also like to explore other options.

I thought that I might have more luck deciphering the hash. Is it possible to extract instagram’s password hash associated with my account and if yes, how to do so? Are there any other things I can try?


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Instagram Phishing: “Look – I Made This Just For You – Click Here”

I manage a somewhat popular Instagram page with ~5000 followers.

Recently I’ve been getting a ton of the exact same direct message from various followers:


I Made This Just For You – Click Here

This took me about 2 hours to make. They came out really nice. I hope you love them.

I just made this for you, I hope u like it.

instagram phishing

They’re all people who have legitimately messaged us in the past. In some cases the usernames have been recently changed and/or the account’s pictures have been deleted.

The link contained in the message is:

The url also has a &ure= parameter that maps to a resource. This seems to be how they bring up the account’s profile page on the fake login screen.

How are these Instagram accounts being hacked?

What is the goal in sending our account these direct messages? What happens if you are unfortunate enough to click the link?

We’re being careful with DM links and two-factor authentication is enabled for this account.

How can we prevent these spam messages?

Is there anything we can do to safeguard or report our hacked followers?

Is it possible to get a list of an Instagram accounts followers using Scrape Box ?

Is it possible to use Scrape Box to get a full list of all followers of a 3rd party Instagram user (eg not an account i control) through the instagram website ?

I know i can click followers, but it only loads around 100 followers then you have to keep scrolling to load the rest, for a large account this could takes ages.

I note that if you inspect the followers number at the top of the page it shows a URL like this 


but clicking that just loads the modal window where you get the 100 followers+ that you have to scroll through, if you try to navigate direct to the URL it redirects to