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Accshub accounts are legit?

Our accounts are legit. we have been dealing with these accounts for years.
We have clients across multiple countries and they are all satisfied with us.
Accshub accounts are PVA?
Yes. we sell none PVA and also PVA (Phone verified accounts.)
I am not satisfied with the accounts that I purchased, can I get refund or a replacement?
Yes. You can get a full refund/replacement as long as you didn’t pass the 48 hours warranty.

Can I make a custom order with Accshub ?
Yes. we provide custom orders for an extra fee.
What is the payment methods to purchase from Accshub ?
We support Litecoin / Bitcoin / Ethereum / Paypal / Perfect money / Web Money

Can I change the password after I logged in to accounts?
Yes. you can change anything as this account belong to you once you purchased it.
Can I use any IP to login Accshub accounts?
Yes, you can use any dedicated (Proxy, NOT VPN.) IP to login to our accounts, depends on account description on our site.
What is your turn around time until I will get my accounts after purchase?
24 – 48 Hours max. Only in rare cases (weekend/holidays) it could take up to 72 hours. Usually, we deliver within 12 Hours
Replacement / Refund Policy
A refund or replacement is offered only if accounts were not used and the request was created within 48 hours after initial purchase. you have to approve our TOS & FAQ  before you purchase products from us. if you refuse to follow our TOS & FAQ please do not work with us.

Cookie consent instagram embed

I use the wordpress eombed function to integrate instagram, twitter and youtube video posts.

To be in compliance with the RGPD, I need the instagram javascript call to block cookies based on your choice.

Currently i have:

<script async src="//"></script> 

I would like to have:

<script async data-cmp-src="//"></script> 

You will find an example on this article:

how to do ?

thanks a lot for your help

Instagram group for engagement

Hi folks, I came across a wonderful group on Facebook, which has amazing people who would love to connect with you on Instagram.

If you have an Instagram you would want to increase the engagement. To get started with meeting new & amazing people, kindly click here:…

Instagram group for engagement

VERY strange issue with Instagram

There's a strange bug I've been hitting lately on Instagram.
Certain mutual followers not showing up, or very far down the list.

Say there is an account @x that is followed by a close friend of mine (@y). I follow @y and @y follows me back. It doesn't matter if I follow @x or not.

Before, when I would open @x's page, I would see "Followed by @y, @z + 42 more". But that no longer happens. For some reason @y is not in this short list of mutual followers. Also, when I open the full list of…

VERY strange issue with Instagram

How to bring follers from my Facebook page to Instagram?

Hello everybody,
let me explain better, not being familiar with instagram.
I have a facebook page of about 10,000 followers and I would have decided to open the same page on Instagram as well.
Since from the beginning it is difficult to create a niche of followers on Insta, I connected my Facebook account to the new Instagram profile I just created.
I thought that in the recommended people I could find the followers I already had on Facebook, but instead I only found the friends I have on my…

How to bring follers from my Facebook page to Instagram?

Hashtag Strategy – How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Grow Your Business 2021 (SECRET STRATEGY)

Hashtag Strategy – How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Grow Your Business 2021 (SECRET STRATEGY) In this video I’ll walk you through each step of my own Instagram hashtag strategy which will let you be found as soon as you post something and keep getting found for months even years later…

So if you're looking for an overlooked and secret method to get ranked on high performing Instagram hashtags and to grow your Instagram organically – this hashtag strategy is the best tip out there for…

Hashtag Strategy – How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Grow Your Business 2021 (SECRET STRATEGY)