How can I download all Instagram videos in a set? (that I stumbled on at Reddit lets you download a post with one video, or the first video out of many.

But how can you download subsequent videos starting from the second one, directly and unproductively without recording your screen?

Can anyone find an Instagram post with multiple videos recently? I can link to it to make this question more intelligible.

Can Instagram use whatsapp information?

My friend forwarded me some information about a homestay location via whatsapp. I did some Google search on that location.

And I’ve deactivated my Facebook account for almost a year already.

Almost immediately after I did the Google search on the location, my Instagram feed showed the said homestay location as an advertisement.

I’m pretty sure that they are not coincidence.

But the issue is, does anywhere in the Instagram/whatsapp ToS that grants facebook the right to use my whatsapp message for Instagram advertisement? How can Instagram know my Whatsapp/Google activities?

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Embed instagram feed on website

Is there a way to embed my instagram feed on my website without using a third party plugin?

It looks like Instagram only supports embedding a single post and I’d like to embed my entire feed.

My site is not WordPress so I was just wondering if anybody knew of a way to do this without having to pay some third party tool.


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Instagram Account’s Marketplace

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There's a very small follower base Instagram account that will be included.

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Instagram Account's Marketplace

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