SCCM Software Update Installation Issue

I’ve deployed a group of Windows updates to a collection which has no maintenance window and it’s works correcty and all devices are comliant excep one who do not getting the updates and showing “Client check passed/Active” state.

I’ve tried to stop wuauserv service and delete “SoftwareDistribution” floder but it isn’t works for me.

below details about my environment.

Client Device : windows Server 2012 R2 whitch hosts the McAfee antivirus solution.

FYI: I’ve tried to stop McAfee services but it restart automaticaly when the process of updates begin.

SCCM Management Server: SCCM 2012 R2 SP1, WSUS 4.0 (6.3.9600.18694) Logs :

  • WUAHandler.log : Successfully completed scan
  • UpdatesDeployment.log : EnumerateUpdates for action (UpdateActionInstall) – Total actionable updates = 0
  • LocationServices.log : ALL its correct
  • WindowsUpdate.log : 4 Warning

WARNING: IsSessionRemote: WinStationQueryInformationW(WTSIsRemoteSession) failed for session 9, GetLastError=2250 WARNING: Failed to get Wu Exemption info from NLM, assuming not exempt, error = 0x80240037 WARNING: Failed to initialize event uploader for new server {9482F4B4-E343-43B6-B170-9A65BC822C77} with hr = 8024043d. WARNING: Network Cost is assumed to be not supported as something failed with trying to get handles to wcmapi.dll

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hadjer YAHIAOUI Infra Admin

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused Upon Drupal 7 Installation

I have already installed LAMP in my Ubuntu 18.10 server. I have also downloaded Drupal 7 files. But after I navigate to in my browser. The error below occurs:

Error The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.   PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /var/www/html/drupal-7.65/includes/ 

Below are the configuration settings I edited in my settings.php file :

$  databases = array (              'default' => array (                           'default' => array (                                        'database' => 'pizzago',                                        'username' => 'root',                                        'password' => '1234',                                        'host' => '',                                        'port' => '',                                        'driver' => 'mysql',                                        'prefix' => '',                                        ),                           ),               ); 

Do I have to put something on the port? I have make sure that MySQL is running. Actually I have log in on it using:

 MySQL -u root -p 

I have also created an empty database named pizzago. Where am I missing?


The password above is not true. 


When I tried changing database host to localhost, since my database is just within the server. Another error occurs:

 PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1698] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /var/www/html/drupal-7.65/includes/ 

Web3.js dist folder missing after installation

i am following a tutorial to learn how to create smart contract with ethereum and solidity. Now i have to install the web3.js package using npm and that’s the syntax command i used:

[quote] npm install ethereum/web3.js –save [/quote]

But when i look at the dir structure inside the node_modules/web3 i have the following folders but i haven’t the dist folder:

  • assets
  • docs
  • packages

I tried googling before posting here but I haven’t found a solution and instead I found lots of people have same problem..

the version npm installed was:

  • web3@1.0.0
  • web3@1.0.0-beta.49

Any hint or suggestion is really appreciated

Cuda Installation on ubuntu 18.04 on nvidia-340 driver

I want to install CUDA on Ubuntu 18.04 having nvidia-340 driver (Geforce 820 graphics card). I tried following but didn’t have any success.

  1. I tried to install CUDA 6.5 which is supported by the nvidia-340 driver but it is not compatible with Ubuntu 18.04
  2. I tried to install CUDA 9 which is supported on Ubuntu 18.04 but not compatible with the nvidia-340 driver

Difficult to solve the inter dependency.

How to fix Wine Staging installation problem? Ubuntu 18.10

I’ve looked at every possible forum and still can’t figure out why this is happening:

The following packages have unmet dependencies: winehq-staging : Depends: wine-staging (= 4.4~cosmic) E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

I’ve uninstalled wine multiple times and reinstalled it multiple times to combat this issue, but nothing has helped. Can anyone please help me fix this so I can rip some Overwatch.

Prloliant DL380 G6 GPU installation

I have a Proliant DL380 G6 and I want to build a Graphics card into it. To be specific, it is a GTX 960 from Asus. The card When I now want to build it in, I am pretty shure I need a pcie slot riser, which one would you recommend? And also, can I just plug the card in on the SAS Connector A or B on the motherboard? If no, how would I get power to the card? I post a picture of my server below.the server

Ubuntu installation stuck after first reboot on encryption password screen

Ubuntu installation stuck at the encryption password screen

I’ve just installed Ubuntu without any problem using normal installation.

My GPU is Nvidia and Ubuntu is installed on SSD. (I’ve another HDD)

Then I decided to try the encryption feature as shown below.

enter image description here

Unfortunately, right after the first reboot, it just stuck at the encryption password screen. (this is not my actual screenshot, the image was taken from

The actual message on my screen after I entered the password is cryptsetup (nvme0n1p3_crypt):set up successfully and it just stuck there like forever.

enter image description here

If you need more info to solve this issue, please let me know.