Error while installing package: installed python3 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status4 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

(Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) Unable to install “Time Table calculator”: Error while installing package: installed python3 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status4 ScreenShot of Error Message

Please help me to fix this issue.

Windows section of hard drive gone after installing ubuntu. Only have 114g out of 500g

I attempted to install ubuntu alongside of windows. I installed it on a partition around 114 gig, to leave the rest of my 500gb hard drive to Windows. After installing it, the entire windows partition is missing. I can only boot into Ubuntu, and cannot see the windows partition in any application I’ve tried. Including gparted, and tusks. The entire windows partition is missing even if I only load ubuntu through my USB drive and select “try ubuntu”. How can I get back the missing space on my hard drive?

ubuntu not updating neither installing anything (Package system is broken)

Check if you are using third party repositories. If so disable them, since they are a common source of problems. Furthermore run the following command in a Terminal: apt-get install -f Transaction failed: The package system is broken The following packages have unmet dependencies:

gdm3: Depends: libaudit1 (>= 1:2.2.1) but 1:2.8.2-1ubuntu1 is installed       Depends: libgdm1 (= 3.28.3-0ubuntu18.04.4) but 3.28.3-0ubuntu18.04.4 is installed       Depends: libwrap0 (>= 7.6-4~) but 7.6.q-27 is installed       Depends: gir1.2-gdm-1.0 (= 3.28.3-0ubuntu18.04.4) but 3.28.3-0ubuntu18.04.3 is installed       Depends: bash (>= 4.3) but 4.4.18-2ubuntu1.2 is installed       Depends: x-terminal-emulator but it is a virtual package       Depends: x11-common (>= 1:7.6+11) but 1:7.7+19ubuntu7.1 is installed gir1.2-mutter-2: Depends: libmutter-2-0 (= 3.28.4-0ubuntu18.04.1) but 3.28.3-2~ubuntu18.04.2 is installed gnome-shell: Depends: libgjs0-libmozjs-52-0 but it is a virtual package              Depends: gir1.2-mutter-2 (>= 3.28.4-0ubuntu18.04.1) but 3.28.4-0ubuntu18.04.1 is installed              Depends: gnome-shell-common (= 3.28.4-0ubuntu18.04.1) but 3.28.3-0ubuntu0.18.04.4 is installed              Depends: mutter (>= 3.28.4-0ubuntu18.04.1) but 3.28.3-2~ubuntu18.04.2 is installed libgl1: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14) but 2.27-3ubuntu1 is installed         Depends: libglvnd0 (= 1.0.0-2ubuntu2.3) but 1.0.0-2ubuntu2.2 is installed         Depends: libglx0 (= 1.0.0-2ubuntu2.3) but 1.0.0-2ubuntu2.2 is installed policykit-1: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.7) but 2.27-3ubuntu1 is installed              Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.37.3) but 2.56.4-0ubuntu0.18.04.4 is installed              Depends: libpolkit-agent-1-0 (= 0.105-20ubuntu0.18.04.5) but 0.105-20ubuntu0.18.04.4 is installed              Depends: libpolkit-backend-1-0 (= 0.105-20ubuntu0.18.04.5) but 0.105-20ubuntu0.18.04.4 is installed              Depends: libpolkit-gobject-1-0 (= 0.105-20ubuntu0.18.04.5) but 0.105-20ubuntu0.18.04.4 is installed 

Installing MAAS on GCP

Working through the process of setting up MAAS in GCP and realizing that there are some missing steps in the process. The GCP instance of 18.04LTS does not come with Nginx installed, and the MAAS installation does not create the expected var/www files.

Ubuntu always hangs while installing in dual boot HP laptop

I recently bought an HP 14s laptop with Windows 10, and want to dual boot with Ubuntu (16 or 18). Ubuntu 16.04 did got install (with touchpad and WiFi driver issue, which I can still try to fix later on). But the main problem is that whenever I boot into Ubuntu, it works fine for a few seconds, and then suddenly hangs. There is no option left other than force shutdown. If instead, I try to replace it with Ubuntu 18.04, then it also starts hanging, and that too during the installation phase.

(UEFI mode here BTW)

I have tried everything that I can think of. Tried turning off the secure boot access, tried booting in Legacy mode instead, but nothing works.

Can anyone shed some light as to what could be causing such erratic behaviour and what could I do to fix this? Would be highly grateful as I look forward to installing Ubuntu on my new laptop.

FYI: Windows 10 works perfectly, without any problem at all.

How to Install Grub after Installing Windows

Yes i know this Question maybe has asked often i searched a lot everywhere and really tryed to fix it without annoying you, but i couldn’t fix it with boot repair with entering in Ubuntu with a test Version.

So I installed Ubuntu after i had Windows already everything was fine. I set up Ubuntu really nice i was happy then it happen Windows got full of Bugs and i had to reinstall it and so it destroyed GRUB i cant enter Ubuntu no more… the extra Thing i have done i used Gparted and Formated the Partition on wich Grub was installed. So i need help how do i install only the GRUB the thing that lets me choose what to boot and to choose Ubuntu. When i try boot Repair it says i have to deactivate Secure Boot i deactivated it still didn’t worked..

best would be if someone would help me get a finish GRUB Copy and Paste and formate the partition into the right format to then select it from Windows with something like this

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi


only have 6gb of storage of 500gb after installing with unetbootin

So basically I was trying to switch from windows 10 to Ubuntu, setup unetbootin , got into the trail version of Ubuntu. Then I started the install process when I got to the part where you partition the disk I think I messed up because now windows won’t boot even fr recovery and in Ubuntu it says I only have 6 gb of local storage with the rest used up, which is no way possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Dell Inspiron 5482

I am new to Ubuntu and trying to install it on my laptop.
I get through the stages fine until the “installation type” stage where the partition is empty.
I get three buttons, +, -, and change.... When I press the + or change... it terminates the installation and when I press the -, it prompts a message No root file system is defined, please correct this from partition menu.

Do you have an idea what should I do?