Can I put Google Adsense and Analytics at the end of the page instead of the beginning?

I wrote a very fast website that scored 99% on GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights.

Then I added Google Analytics and Google Adsense to the site, adding the scripts to the head section, as advised by Google.

Subsequently PageSpeed Insights has reduced my score to 61, blaming slow and unused javascript.

It is saying things like "Third-party code blocked the main thread for 1,080 ms". (Why is it even blocking? It is marked as async..)

It’s really absurd, and my website ranking has also tanked.

Can I fix this by putting the relevant code at the bottom instead of the top?

Google shows IP instead of domain

I’ve tried breaking my problem down into some smaller stuff that I asked here but I couldn’t figure it out so I am looking for a complete solution now. Google is showing my website’s IP address instead of my domain. Since it is https, I can’t redirect to my domain because the certificate check fails before a redirect can be made. I have already redirected http ip address to my domain. How do I make my domain show up instead of IP address?

From google search console everything seems to be ok for my domain: the last crawl was a day ago, indexing and crawling is allowed, and it is the google selected canonical.

If I search, it shows up on google but not bing. I only care about google though, but I am a little worried about why it doesn’t show up on bing.

There is a pretty similar-title question but the issue was due to redirecting to the IP from domain, which I am not doing.

I can provide my IP and domain if you want but I’m scared this will be deleted for being self promotional.

Are there any drawbacks in crafting a Spellwrought instead of a Spell Scroll?

In Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 135 it’s presented a magic item called Spellwrought Tattoo, which allows the bearer of the tattoo to cast the spell contained in the tattoo without providing material components.

According to the spellwrought rarity table, a 3rd level spell tattoo would be an uncommom magic item. If we follow the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything rules for crafting magic items, it would be necessary 2 workweeks and 200gp to craft a spellwrought tattoo with a 3rd spell level contained in it. It’s important to note that, as far as I know, even if the spell needs an material component, nowhere states that you need to provide it when crafting this magic item.

If we were to scribe a spell scroll of the same level, it would be required 1 workweek and 500gp to scribe it, plus any material component needed by the spell.

So for Revivify you would spend 2 workweeks + 200gp to create a spellwrought tattoo with it, while to scribe an scroll with the same spell it would be 1 workweek + 800gp (500gp for the scroll and 300gp for the material component)

Unless you are really short on time, it seems to me far more interesting to craft an spellwrought tattoo instead of scribing an scroll with the same spell.

Am I missing something? Is there any other drawback besides time in crafting this magic item instead of scribing the spell scroll?

What are the consequences of giving an ASI or feat every 4 character levels instead of every 4 class levels?

I’m trying to figure out why Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition designers decided that ASI or feats would be given every 4 class levels and not every 4 character levels.

If I allowed my players to get an ASI or feat at character levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 19, how would the game balance be concretely impacted? How could the players abuse this?

The peculiarities of some classes such as the fighter and the rogue would be kept: a rogue would still gain an ASI at rogue level 10 and a fighter at fighter levels 6 and 14.

Using wp_send_json_success instead of $result[‘message’], die, etc

My usual ajax function looks like this:

function get_modal_playlist_classplan( $  odv_video_id ) {     check_ajax_referer($  _REQUEST['nonce'], "my_cool_nonce", false);      $  result['type'] = "success";      $  result['message'] = "Booooo";      if ( $  some_test === true ) {         $  result['message'] = "Yay";     }      if (!empty($  _SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH']) && strtolower($  _SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH']) == 'xmlhttprequest') {         $  result = json_encode($  result);         echo $  result;     } else {         header("Location: " . $  _SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]);     }      die(); } 

How do I replace my approach with the use of wp_send_json_success (and wp_send_json_error)?

I tried replacing $ result['message'] = "yay" with:

$  return = array(     'message' => 'yay',     'some_other_data' => $  _REQUEST['hello'] . ' world' );  wp_send_json_success( $  return ); 

But the ajax request fails.

I would like to show the short month instead of full month in wordpress?

I would like to show short name of month instead of full month. March>Mar Like this.

is there any way to do in WordPress? I am using Yoast plugin and Genesis Framework as theme.

Already changed the default format to custom "j M. Y" in WordPress setting>general.

PS: I am using Yoast premium version and support didn’t helped me in this.

Can we say that CA produces the hash of TBSCertificate and then encrypt it instead of signing it? [duplicate]

CA signs the TBSCertificate, this is a pretty known fact.

Signing m means producing the hash value of m then encrypting m. For example:

Does this apply to signing certificates?

Here the answerer says:

The most important is that both your encrypt boxes are wrong, they should say sign.

Common Client instead Many of them [closed]

I didn’t find any Appropriate place in stackexchange to ask my question. so sorry if my question is not exactly for this place. I use windows 10 and for gaming I have to use a lot of clients like Steam, origin, Epic ,… . Is any way for centalizing this clients? for eaxmple one common client instead of all of this or some apps to help? working and finding games in many clients are not easy work for me. thanks in advance

Made a mistake with mysql restore on the production site instead of the staging one. Can I use mysql general log to restore?

Made a mistake with mysql restore on the production site instead of the staging one. Can I use mysql general log to restore? It seems general log is all I have. I dont seem to have a binlog with MariaDB’s Aria storage engine.

What should I do now? Anyone has any experience using general log to recover the database?

Would it be unbalanced for Dex-based Fighters to choose proficiency in Dex saving throws instead of Str saving throws?

Whilst building a Dex-based Fighter (an Arcane Archer), I decided to pick the Resilient feat at level 4 so that I could have proficiency in Dexterity saving throws, which makes sense given that they are a Dex-based character. Then I thought about how odd it was that they had proficiency in Strength saving throws just because they’re a Fighter even though they’re not a Str-based character. Sure, it makes sense for a lot of Fighters, but not all of them.

Therefore, I’m considering introducing a new homebrew rule for whenever I’m running a game and a player of mine wants to make a Dex-based Fighter:

Saving Throws: Strength or Dexterity (your choice), Constitution

The “choice” would be made at level 1 (I don’t plan on allowing them to switch it back and forth).

Given that this class is the only one listed under the Multiclassing section in the PHB (pg. 163) has having an “or” in their requirements (“Strength 13 or Dexterity 13″), this seems to fit the intent that Fighters aren’t tied to Strength.

The Battlemaster archetype (PHB, pg. 73) also allows either for the saving throw for some maneuvers, again implying that Fighters are supposed to be flexible regarding using Strength or Dexterity:

Maneuver save DC: 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice)”

Would there be any problems with this? They would still be outclassed in Dexterity saving throws by Rogues and Monks once they get Evasion, so I don’t see this stepping on their toes too much (at least not at higher levels), but on the other hand no class RAW allows a choice in saving throw proficiency like this, so would there be any other problems I’m overlooking?