Why does user’s sent messages appear on the right side instead of left? Why doesn’t it appear one below the other?

I did notice in many websites like messenger, WhatsApp, sending SMS on iphone, google hangouts, etc. The user’s sent messages appear on the right side. I’m wondering why don’t place it one below the other just like slack.

Is there any specific reason why do they follow this pattern?

For reference enter image description here

log files with .log extension is getting downloaded instead of opening in the browser with nginx server

I have created a web server using nginx and using it to store log files. When I access any of the .log file, it downloads the file instead of opening it in the browser.

is there any special setting to get the log file open in the browser instead of downloading ?

How to gray out options in dropdown when certain variation is choosen instead of dissappearing

I am looking for a way to gray out the options in the dropdown of a woocommerce product page. Currently i have 520 variations for a product. Example below.

Here is the link to the product page: https://blueribbonmillwork.ca/product/shaker/

So essentially it works as needed, however i wanted to know if there is a way to still show all the options for each dropdown, which would be grayed out, and the available options for a particular variation would still show as is now.

Like if i were to choose “Appliance Bases” under the “Cabinet Categories” drop-down, all the options for “Description” and “Dimensions” would still show, but be grayed out and not available to click, instead of just disappearing when it is filtered.

Any help would be appreciated:)


[ Financial Aid ] Open Question : If you do not accept college loans can your parents pay instead?

I am going to be a freshman in college this year. My cost of going to school is 8,300 dollars. My school offered me three different loans at various amounts. my parents only want me to take the 3,500 loan but not take out the other two loans. They instead want to pay out of pocket for the remainder of the cost.Can they do this?

Instruction manual for each feature (page by page) on my web app? (instead of tooltip)


I’m designing a web app that has features that people are not familiar with (learned this through user testing).
I need to guide users through, like hand-hold them, telling them what this page is for, what this term means.

For example, there will be a page called “Goal setting.” Users can write goals and key initiatives that contribute to each goal. users don’t know the difference between goals & key initiatives.

Some possible solutions:

1. Tooltip
but I’m opposed to it since it won’t be a quick tip)

2. Chatbot
– e.g. Intercom
– it is non-intrusive
– but it might get expensive

3. Standard side sheet Google Material’s example
– it can contain some long-form information as I intend to
– but I don’t have the top app bar in my app to anchor this side sheet onto

I’m leaning towards #3. If anyone has any decent examples of this or other ideas, I’d love to know!

Thank you so much 🙂

How to change volume by just pressing down instead of clicking multiple times?

I’ve recently installed Linux (currently Mint 19.2, Cinnamon)…

I have a keyboard shortcut for volume increase/decrease, but I want to just hold them down to increase them to max. However, that doesn’t work and I have to resort to clicking the volume key multiple times…

Googled, searched through this forum but seems like there aren’t a lot of answers to the questions…

Can i set the defualt view for my Document library inside modern experience to Tiles instead of List

I have added a new document library to my sharepoint online team site. and when i access the document library on Modern Experience, i will get this :-

enter image description here

which will render the documents using the List view. and i can change the List view to Tiles as follow:-

enter image description here

but my question is how i can set the defualt view for my document library to be Tiles instead of List? and if this can be achieved, then if i add this document library inside a modern page using the modern document library(preview) web part, will the document library get rendered in Tiles view inside the modern page?