How to keep specific players interested in an 8 person party?

I would like to avoid any “they should just leave” answers, as we all know that is obviously a possibility.

We have an 8 person campaign for 5e, and it has been going on for a about a year now. When we first started it was just a big group of friends wanting to hang out and play a game together. But as we progress, everyone is maybe overly eager to the point that we are stepping on a lot of toes to pretty much get anything done. Any time we are faced with a decision, we ALL have our own idea of what to do, and it becomes a long discussion about whether or not we should save the goblins, or dispose of them, and we’re almost pleading our cases to the other group members to get on our side. Too many voices. It’s hard to have input in the group, AND even if you do, for it to have a big enough impact to matter.

All this being said, there is someone in our group that is having an issue with the party size. He is pretty adamant that it’s not any of us as players or our PC’s, but solely because the party size is so large that we don’t all get to play the game how we want. He enjoyed a campaign where we were split, because both groups were smaller in their own campaigns essentially, and everyone had a say.

For my question, I am wanting to figure out ways to alleviate this problem WITHOUT splitting the party up again. There was an ordeal we had where it seemed like we’d be split for good, and the point was made “why are we even sitting at the same table then if we can’t play together?”

With all that in mind: What are some ways we can make party members feel involved enough, and to make quick less argumentative decisions in order to overcome the large group?

I have read other questions of how to manage large parties, but those are from the DM perspective and don’t address this specific type of situation. If there is another question asked about this, I would love to know!

Late to becoming interested in career in information security. How much disadvantaged am I against those talented people since young? [on hold]

relatively new to stack exchange and I was about 1 year in my career as a Network Security Engineer before I am needed now by the same company as a Special Projects Engineer to help a department set-up a software they procured which rely on SQL database architecture to work. The project basically give me multidisciplinary exposure to many aspects of IT and Computer Science, but it is fun. I am the kind who just cannot be bored or be deterred by pretty much any aspect of tech except electronics and circuitry because my Physics dept. high school just simply couldn’t teach well.

I graduated with Computer Sciecnce Degree with Computer Graphics specialization, was (and still am) an avid gamer, taught Video Games Development as a Teaching Assistant before I decided to give up going into the industry right before graduation (except if I will be going Autodesk or Nvidia, you know, non-end-user product kinda industry like games) because … well if you know about the state of the industry and the business model many AAA publishers are using. I just got disappointed to go in.

Anyways, I raised this question because especially after having been reading and hearing many stories about young teenage hackers (I think one of them included the founder of Symantec who was a black hat before turning white and started Symantec) likely having more skills at that age than where I am now, perhaps selling video game cheats, hacks, or even now, dabble in dark web stuffs far longer than I ever do, and that I am now taking up such a career, I sometimes worry how much, how hard and how long I should catch up before I can match against those who already built up talent since young in cybersecurity … or even cyber-criminal activities.

I also worry if I only get certified as a ethical hacker, I might lose out knowing the skills those black hats are capable of.

Lastly, in one conference in my country, I have a prominent CISO who, when I asked the same question, he told me not to worry too much because “those who are used to attacking are actually poor at defending.” I could not believe what I hear because, I think like in military, surely you should be under wraps while you are out there stealing data or something.

These sometimes makes me wonder, as I strengthen my organisation’s infrastructure, whether I have totally missed out something I have never known that could have been an attack vector for the hackers.

But hey, I still try to spare my free time watching BlackHat conferences online, taking courses, talking to big players in the industry, etc.

Hope somebody can share some insights on this one. Thanks.

Hi I’m Axe Colver, Interested in SEO

Hi I am Axe Colver from the US, I'm new here and looking forward to share and ask for great idea especially in SEO Internet marketing. I do love SEO work with latest updates today! Hope I can find here useful tips and share my strategy as well, Bdw I also love to play the piano, watch movies, visit museums, travel with friends, go hiking, and make chain mail and other wire or beaded jewelry. Looking forward to knowing you all and exchange idea.

Interested in visiting Uzbekistan

I am an American citizen interested in visiting Uzbekistan this summer. I have several questions.

1) If I am visiting for just a short period of time (3 days) for the exclusive purpose of visiting a friend, do I need a visa? If so, is a tourist visa sufficient or do I need a private visitor visa?

2) If I go for a longer period of time and cross the land border to visit Afghanistan, what visa do I need?


I frequently tweet on 2 topics. How can I not annoy followers only interested in one?

I am an activist/keyboard warrior. I tweet about two somewhat related topics – certainly related to each other for me, but not necessarily to my followers.

So I don’t want to create two accounts for this, as I’m actually aiming for followers primarily interested in both topics, but I need follower numbers from the people that are only interested in one.

I know if I don’t like someone else’s tweet I can choose an option: Show Less Often > This tweet is not relevant. Will this enable users to hide one of my two topics? And how would I make sure it knows what tweets are on what topic?

Edit: note: this is not a duplicate of Tweeting without annoying others

What techniques should I use to get my players more interested in my campaign? [on hold]

I am a veteran DM in a campaign that I made myself for D&D5e and my players want to replace me for someone else because they say that my campaign “sucks”. The players say that my campaign is bad because I can not describe what going on in battles and that my settings go from one place to another which they don’t like. The players might not like my description skills but with them messing around I never get a chance to finish the descriptions because they are messing around. I want to know some description and good techniques to get my players interested in my campaign so that maybe I can save my campaign from being replaced. I would also like ways to persuade the players to actually pay attention so that they might realize that my campaign is really fun or so they have real reasons for why it is bad.