Internal use of application

I’m developing an application over a intranet and is used only by internal employee. There wouldn’t be any external parties involved here and no external communication would be used by the application.

Question: Does it need secure software design in this case? If so, will it be enough to follow the guideline of OWASP?

What use would a privacy browser, such as Firefox Focus for iPhone, have for an internal web server?

The Mozilla Foundation has a “privacy browser” called Firefox Focus that is available for example iPhone (here). This browser has an always-on ad blocking function.

I was checking the third-party licenses used by this iPhone version (image shown below) and noticed that it includes the use of GCDWebServer.

[3rd-party licenses used by Firefox Focus]

The GitHub page for GCDWebServer says that:

GCDWebServer is a modern and lightweight GCD based HTTP 1.1 server designed to be embedded in iOS, macOS & tvOS apps.

There is a support information for this browser here but the documentation does not mention the use of an internal web server.

This issue has relevance in evaluating the risks from possible open ports in connection with determining whether to allow this browser in corporate bring-your-own-device configuration.

Question: What use would a mobile device web browser have for running an embedded web server?

Is using different colors for internal and external links OK or what?

I’d like to use different colors for internal and external text links. Please tell me if you think this is a good or bad idea.

I’m considering CSS choices on a new site/web app which will contain article pages that have a lot of internal (same site) and external (another website) linking. By providing a colour identifier the visitor will then know if the link keeps them on site or about to head off to another site.

I’ve considered box arrow icons but they look unsightly when an article has a lot of external links.

Please if you have any examples of sites/studies which demonstrate this working or failing, it would be great to hear.

Thank you


How Does the companies authenticate internal users in internal systems?

assuming that a company has an AD/LDAP server with all employees and has many internal systems that must authenticate those users. How would be a good solutions in terms of security best practices to allow these systems to access LDAP server?

I think it’s bad allowing many different systems accessing the company users base. What would be a good solution? Do you know any references/guidelines to this type of problem?

Internal microphone not detected and hence not working

I recently installed Ubuntu 19.10, wiping Windows 10, and my internal microphone isn’t working. I tried installing Pulse Audio, alsamixer and there there is no internal mic being detected.

Input settings screenshot

However, when I connect a headphone with mic, it works fine. I also tried to add few combinations under /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file, following few blogs, unsuccessfully.

alias snd-card-0 snd-hda-intel  options snd-hda-intel model=auto 

I tried things from the below link as well but unfortunately didn’t work

Under alsamixer the card is HDA Intel PCH and Chip is Realtek ALC3204

Note: My Laptop config is like this

Laptop config

Any and all kind of help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I am a newbie, who has just started to learn and my first step was to install the OS.

How to model internal queues shared between services in queueing networks

I am trying to model a load balancer as a queueing network.

The load balancer has a number $ n$ of internal threads. There is a central queue of requests from which the threads are fed. Each thread can handle one request at a time: It parses it, forwards it to one of 3 servers, and waits for the response, then sends the response back.

The servers themselves process requests sequentially. Therefore, I think the servers should be modelled as something similar to a M/M/3 queue.

On the other hand, the internal threads should be modelled as a M/M/n queue.

The central issue is that the threads are blocking while they wait for the response from the servers. Therefore we cannot simply model the server queue to be sequentially connected to the thread queue.

What I would need is some kind of way to model a queue M/M/3 inside and shared between the service providers of a M/M/n queue.

Is there a way to do this in queueing networks, and if no, how would you work around this issue?

Sharepoint Internal names of Person or group column gets changed on taking list template

I have created a person or group column in list. When I take list template and use it in other site the internal name of the person or group column gets changed. I have used the internal names of this column in my code. Now due to this mismatch of internal names the code is failing.