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Make US International keyboard not put accents in all characters

I have Ubuntu 19.04 and I’m using the English US International keyboard layout because I want to use accented letters like á, ö, ã, etc. Everything works well, but maybe a little too well.

When I type ' + a, I get the character á, which is the expected behaviour. But when I type ' + s or ' + m then I get ś and ḿ respectively and I don’t want these characters.

If I type ' + s then I expect the layout to output 's instead of ś, or if I type ' + m then I expect the layout to output 'm instead of ḿ.

Before somebody says that I’m asking for something crazy because I want the keyboard layout to selectively put accents in some letters, but ignores the accent on other letters, I also use US International keyboard layout on macOS and on Windows computers and they both behave in the way that I expect: ' + a outputs á but ' + s outputs 's instead of ś.

Is it possible to have the same behaviour on Linux?

Tips to the Best International SEO!

I have a unique domain for a big purpose international…

In the same domain, I want create one blog in English and other blog only in Spanish… Both with only 4 articles very fantastic in SEO.

My goal:

In the two blog's to be indexed in first page of Google, to attract organic traffic of people who talks English in Blog 1, and people who talks Spanish in Blog 2.

In main domain, I will add 2 flags to choice the language to enter in Blog…

My big question is…

What better domain…

Tips to the Best International SEO!

Webvõrk – international goods affiliate network with exclusive certified European offers

Webvõrk – international goods affiliate network with exclusive certified European offers.

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We guarantee a high quality of work and the most favorable terms of cooperation. In our call-center only highly qualified operators work in the languages of the countries in which we sell our products. This fact provides a stable approve of all applications and instant payouts.

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Webvõrk – international goods affiliate network with exclusive certified European offers

international documentation services

There are many forms of identification techniques used in different parts of the world each with there own unique style and pattern in order to achieve the task at hand. But the most common and international documentation services authentic type form of identification that is being used in almost all of the countries is physical documents that are used or shown at the required place or the department in order to verify the authenticity of the person using that ID.

Does A Non-US Resident Need A visa for an International Connection Through USA

I have purchased a ticket a friend to come and visit me in Australia.

She is a Venezuelan passport holder, but lives in Panama. We already sorted her Australian tourist visa.

However, there are concerns raised that she needs a DS160 to make that connecting flight through the USA.

The flight:

  • Panama -> IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport)
  • IAH -> Sydney

I called United, and they said their system doesn’t show any requirements are needed.

I also tried calling immigration numbers, airport numbers, just automated voice message hell.

However, the internet says any flight that goes THROUGH the USA, is counted as a visit there, and therefore you need a visa.

Does she need some visa for this or not?

Conflicting answers about Transiting Zurich International Airport

I am living & residing legally in the UAE for 10 years.
For return trip Dubai – Zurich – Djerba, Tunisia with a transit of 10 hours in inbound and outbound flights, here is what may happen:
VERSION 1: Swiss embassy “to know whether you are allowed to stay in the transit area consult the link”. I did so I learned that I am a passport holder of a country that is exempted from a compulsory transit visa. Great I meet all the requirements.
VERSION 2 : Consulting Swiss airline check-in officers in Dubai Airport they said “After contacting police authorities in Zurich, we are assured that you and your family don’t have the right to land on the airport”. Transiting not allowed.
VERSION 3 : I mailed the passengers and immigration authorities at Zurich Airport and the answer was that I have the right to transit the airport as I meet all the requirements.