Give you an International Importer Agreement for Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler for $50

Are you a manufacturer and/or Importer, Wholesaler and you needing an International Importer Agreement? This contract which is my own was created by a world-renowned business consultant (New York-based) with lawyers and had a value of several thousand dollars This contract includes 27 points as follows with numerous sub points : § 1. Object § 2. Term § 3. Territory § 4. Duties of the Supplier § 5. Duties of the Importer § 6. Resellers § 7. Identification § 8. Minimum quantities § 9. Pricing § 10. Products § 11. Early Termination § 12. Consequences of the Termination § 13. Default Interest § 14. Set-off and Retention § 15. Warranty and Liability § 16. Penalty § 17. Indexation § 18. Assignment § 19. Form and Time-imits § 20. Appendices and Examples § 21. Entirety § 22. Waiver § 23. Waiver of Rescission § 24. Legal counsel § 25. Governing Law § 26. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction § 27. Severability The Contract can be used immediately by adding your personal details and data.Let me know if you´ve any question before you give the order. Please read my FAQ !! Please note: Strictly NO refund Save yourself a lot of time and money right now!!! ORDER NOW !! Frequently Asked Questions In which language is the contract written ? In English. You can also have the Contract in English and German in one. Please ask for price inquiry What exactly do I get ? You´ll get the agreement which is blank and has 16 pages and come in Word format and is written in English Do i need fill up the agreement ? Yes you´ll get the agreement blank, it´s mean you´ve to adding/fill up your personal details/data. If you need help to adding/fill up, please ask for price inquiry. Do i have entitled to a refund ? Strictly NO refund !

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Are Belavia flights out of Kaliningrad considered domestic or international

Since 2017 flights between Russia and Belarus are no longer considered domestic ones, i.e. there is passport control.

As of 2019, does this apply to all Russian airports?

I am planning to fly from Kaliningrad to Minsk on Belavia in June and wanted to confirm whether I will go through immigration to get a Russian exit stamp when doing so.

Driving with International Driving Permit in Taiwan

I have a UK driving licence and am planning to hire a car in Taiwan for a few days but am finding conflicting information about International Driving Permit.

According to the AA website in Taiwan IDP is valid for 30 days; over 30 days IDP and UK licence must be endorsed locally at a motor vehicle office (photo and passport required)

Information on the Foreign Travel Advice: To drive in Taiwan you need an International Driving Permit (IDP). Once in Taiwan, you will need to take your passport, IDP and a passport photograph to the nearest Vehicle Registration Department and apply for a driver’s licence visa, which will then be secured in your IDP.

If the latter is correct, would that mean that renting a car straight from the airport is rather impossible and one has to visit a Vehicle Registration Department first? Or this information only applies to visits over 30 days long?